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Posing at the end of a Poms routine, sophomore Emma Roth dances with girls the Poms team worked with during the annual Little Girls Clinic. Each year, the Poms team teaches younger girls a dance, and they get to perform it at a high school basketball game. “I really loved teaching them because they were having a lot of fun, and they wanted to be there to learn what we were doing. When they complete the routine, they get really excited; you can see it in their faces,” Roth said. “One of the parts the girls got to do was learn a trick for the routine. Each girl picked a trick, and every time they did it in the dance, they got super excited because it was their part that they made up.”

Photo of the week – Feb. 10

Sabrina Bohn, Managing Editor-in-Chief
February 13, 2020
Knives Out, starring Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig, was released Nov. 27.

These movies are ‘snow’ joke

Sabrina Bohn, Managing Editor-in-Chief
December 16, 2019
Rallying for the point, junior Lindsey Anstrom plays during girls tennis senior night Oct. 1. Both JV and varsity defeated Eureka while honoring their seniors. “The season went by really quickly. This was the best season for me because I had my best friend, Gabrielle Oliver, as my partner, and we would just have fun on the court,” Anstrom said. “We would worry about the score, but we wouldn’t stress if we were losing. We did this handshake after each play, no matter if we won or lost the point; it was just a sign of sportsmanship and that we trusted each other.”

Photo of the week – Sept. 30

Sabrina Bohn, Managing Editor-in-Chief
October 4, 2019
Senior Emma Caplinger studies a to-do list of summer assignments at the Town and Country Crossing Starbucks. Students have the entire summer to complete their homework, although most wait until the end of summer break. Having other people working around me makes me feel better about doing my homework during the summer, Caplinger said. Usually though, I just scroll through Instagram for a few hours and do it all the night before school starts.

[Photo] Best ways to avoid summer homework

Emma Caplinger, Arts and Entertainment Editor
August 1, 2019

[Video] Students attend Women’s March 2019

Sabrina Bohn, Deputy Managing EiC
February 28, 2019
5:11 p.m.
In midair, junior Claire Lynn completes a one and a half twist dive at a home meet Thurs., Jan. 10. With swim and dive conference and state coming up, Lynn used this meet to practice higher level dives. “I’ve been working on some new dives to work up to conference and state, and I did them all, so I was happy about that. Right now, I’m just trying to improve them to get a state cut,” Lynn said. “I went to state last year, but I was one of the last people to get accepted, so I’m really looking forward to going back, improving my place and being more competitive with the other divers.”

[Photo] 5:11 p.m.

February 4, 2019
Friends, family and teachers shared that Chris’ smile was one of their favorite things about him. “He had the best smile in the world,” 2017 senior class principal Beth Middendorf said. “I actually told his mom that the other day, that his smile is what I’m going to miss most about him. He definitely brightened my day with his smile.”

Remembering alumnus Chris Hanson

Sabrina Bohn, Deputy Managing EIC
October 5, 2018

Hearts Beat Loud review

Sabrina Bohn, Deputy Managing EIC
August 14, 2018

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again review

Sabrina Bohn, Deputy Managing EIC
August 13, 2018

[Photo] Emma Caplinger

November 20, 2017

Upcoming Concerts in St. Louis

Sabrina Bohn, Features Editor
November 2, 2017

Half-Light album review

Sabrina Bohn, Features Editor
October 26, 2017
Reading a book to the audience, Kathryn Harter leads a scene in “The Three Musketeers” as Sabine in June 2017.

Kathryn Harter acts on her dreams

Sabrina Bohn, Features Editor
October 13, 2017
Students hold up feminist posters that say ‘#GIRLPOWER’ and ‘#FEMINISM’.

Feminists speak out for equality

Sabrina Bohn, Features Editor
September 28, 2017

[Video] Loufest 2017

September 20, 2017
Sharing grapes in cross country coach Charles Cutelli’s room before practice, junior Sophie Pellegrino and sophomore Emma Caplinger chat about their day.

Parkway’s food policy benefits athletes

Sabrina Bohn, Features Editor
September 14, 2017
Alumna Mary Matus poses with family.

Alumna Mary Matus flies through life

Sabrina Bohn, Features Editor
September 1, 2017
Sitting on hay stacks, the Best Buddies club poses for a picture at Match of the Patch.

Best Buddies club goes to Prom

Sabrina Bohn, Staff Writer
April 28, 2017
Swimming freestyle, senior Evie Pfeifer competes in Olympic Trials in the summer of 2016.

Pfeifer sisters make a splash

Sabrina Bohn, Staff Writer
March 9, 2017
Protesting the Muslim ban, citizens rally in front of the Federal Court House in downtown St. Louis.

Take action in politics now

Sabrina Bohn, Staff Writer
February 10, 2017

Music that saved 2016

Sabrina Bohn, Staff Writer
January 24, 2017
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