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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Since the Supreme Court’s repeal of the federal law protecting a women’s fundamental right to abortion, many states have begun to restrict access to or even ban abortion. On June 24th, 2022, Missouri was one of many states to move to ban abortion. “Missouri is giving fetuses more rights than humans who’ve been on this world for many years. If someone [wants] to have an abortion because of whatever [reason], it should be their choice. You dont know why theyre in that position and you dont know why they need an abortion,” senior Mars Allendorph said.
Revoked: The life-or-death nature of abortion rights
Lauren Holcomb, Staff Writer • 3 days ago

Disclaimer: This article mentions abortion, sexual assault, incest and abuse On Feb. 7, Missouri senators voted against an amendment that...

Company marketing for gifts and cards during Mother’s Day and Father’s Day depicts the differences associated with the holidays. In order to capitalize on profit, large companies often include stereotype-reinforcing marketing behind parental celebration products: Mother’s Day sales typically prioritize jewelry and clothing, complete with heartfelt messages about childcare, while Father’s Day gifts tend to illustrate the father in a less serious, paternal light. “In terms of emails around those holidays, I typically get more Mothers Day [marketing] from florists or from whatever places Ive shopped at online. I tend to see more in terms of advertising and marketing,” English teacher Casey Holland said.
One month apart, 60 years behind
Risa Cidoni, Editor-in-Chief • 4 days ago

On the second Sunday in May of every year, families gather to celebrate the strong women who brought children into the world and tended to the...

Frequent school shootings across the United States and subsequent lack of action have led to a chronic state of fear for many students. Recent mass shootings in schools created a new risk for students. “I’m constantly anxious about school shootings. The idea that it could happen and the prevalence of [school shootings in America] is scary. Whenever alarms go off in the school, I fear that [a shooting] might happen,” senior Carlee Priem said.
Columbine: The smoking gun of our government's incompetence
Lauren Holcomb, Staff Writer • May 2, 2024

The first school shooting in America of 2024 took place in Iowa on January 4, totaling one death and seven injuries. I was in journalism class...

Senior Thalea Afentoullis backs her car into the senior parking lot. Though Afentoullis has two years of driving experience under her belt, she often feels concerned about her safety in the school zone. “From my experience, whenever I try to get down to the pit, [the junior parking lot], after school, I have to be very conscious. [Students] whip [their cars] out of their spots. The school could do a much better job by separating the timings at which students can leave because most [car crashes] happen after school when everyone’s rushing to get out of the line,” Afentoullis said.
Driving towards safety
Ruthvi Tadakamalla, Social Media Manager • April 26, 2024

Hundreds of cars and students bustle out of the school as the day ends. Cars are bumper to bumper as each driver rushes to leave. Suddenly, there’s...

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In the 1950s, the first recorded spikes in global temperatures were recorded, and ever since, Earth has been in the midst of a disastrous climate crisis, as rising temperatures wreak havoc on susceptible regions and destroy animal habitats worldwide. Junior Nidhi Pejathaya helped found West’s Sustainability Council to create a space where students can educate themselves about climate change and do their part to preserve the environment. “When youre going out of your way to recycle [or] reuse your clothes to save water, youre saving people. Youre saving adults, youre saving families, youre saving children. Youre saving a whole generation. Just because we dont see it doesnt mean its not happening,” Pejathaya said.
The green generation
Pathfinder Editorial Board April 22, 2024

April 22. Earth Day. A celebration of our planet and its incredible biodiversity. But take a peek at recent news headlines, and the only thing...

Across the United States, state Congresses have seen an uptick in bills aiming to further particular political ideologies in the classrooms, which raises concerns about the place of political battles within classrooms. In Dec. 2023, Francis Howell School District’s School Board in St. Charles County voted to pull two elective courses centered around Black history from the curriculum, later stating that the courses could possibly return if they adhered to the board’s definition of “politically neutral.” The case of Francis Howell School District and their rescinding of legitimate classes centered around topics of political interest is just another example of thinly-veiled censorship that has become increasingly popular throughout the country within the past half-decade.
Classrooms should not be political battlefields
Pathfinder Editorial Board March 31, 2024

Parkway was recently placed in the hot seat when Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey sent a cease and desist accusing the district of religious...

As students approach adulthood, it is essential for them to learn about the status quo from all perspectives possible. While in school, students have opportunities to engage in activities, discussions and lessons to enhance their knowledge. “People will be afraid to speak out on their political views if they know that those around them disagree with them, but we definitely talk about political issues around school. We encourage people to share different political views and make sure that no one is excluded,” sophomore Ryan Shabani said.
Drivers of change: Society’s role in the generational influence of politics
Pathfinder Editorial Board February 29, 2024

Make America Great Again. Finish the Job. Everyone’s Invited. Make America Normal Again. Declare Your Independence.  With the 2024 presidential...

Three trophies in the colors pink, gold and blue are centered in the image. A yellow background is covered in text highlighting key moments from Jo Koys Golden Globes monologue.
And the award goes to… patriarchy, again
Pathfinder Editorial Board January 31, 2024

It’s award season. From the paparazzi clamoring for celebrity photos to internet debacles over the best-dressed attendees or the works that...

For the past three years, Parkway has administered high school finals after winter break, a practice that proves to be detrimental to the success as well as the mental health of students. With finals after break appearing to do more harm than good, the question of what changes can be made arises time and time again. “The pressure for finals is difficult, and to have that [pressure for] a few weeks because youre on [a] break can make you generally sad. Its a bummer in general. I wish [finals] were before break, so we [could] have a break to sleep, celebrate and not study. Everyone Ive talked to about it is like yeah, finals sucks, and I wish that wasnt a thing,” junior Meadow Kostial said.
Post-break panic
Zoya Hasan, Keira Lang, and Pathfinder Editorial Board January 5, 2024

The problem Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, a new schedule — pushing back the academic year and shifting finals to after winter break...

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