Upcoming Concerts in St. Louis


Kevin Winter

Singing at Coachella this year, Lady Gaga performs songs from her latest album, Joanne. She was the headliner for the music festival in Southern California on Saturday, April 15 and 22.

Sabrina Bohn, Features Editor

Concerts create some of the best memories—hearing songs you love live along with hundreds of other people who feel the same way is an inexplicable emotion. The problem is, I can’t count how many times I’ve missed a concert because I didn’t know it was happening. So you don’t run into the same problem, I compiled a list of concerts in the next few weeks that you should look out for.

HoopsThursday, Nov. 9 – Off Broadway

Song to listen to: “On Top” 

Hoops is a four-piece, alternative rock band from Bloomington, IN. The dreamy guitar riffs and lead singer Drew Auscherman’s effortless vocals are what drive their cool, lo-fi sound. Their debut album, Routines, which came out in May, solidified their indie rock sound. In every song, the bass, drums, vocals and guitar intertwine to create a laidback and cohesive feel that transfers to their live performances. Not only is the band musically exceptional, but lyrically enjoyable as well. The optimistic lyrics in “On Top” are especially noteworthy: “Keep your head up, you’re doing fine / I know it’s hard, but you’ll be alright / Don’t think twice when it all goes wrong / Put in your time, you’ll come out on top.” If you’re looking for a chill yet upbeat concert atmosphere, Hoops is the band to see.    

Tyler, The CreatorSaturday, Nov. 11 – The Pageant

Song to listen to: “Who Dat Boy” 

Tyler, the Creator, having first stated in rap group Odd Future and with four solo albums under his belt, is an experienced performer and musician. His latest album, Flower Boy, is at times a departure from his past works, with a lighter, poppier vibe in songs. This is especially apparent in his song “See You Again,” where he ditches his deep, rough rapping voice at times for a floaty, melodic voice that intertwines with Kali Uchis’. Along with songs like “See You Again,” Tyler, the Creator stays closer to his alternative rap roots in songs like “Who Dat Boy,” showcasing the variety of sounds and ideas present in the album. The variety of his music is also what make his live shows so good—anyone who appreciates music would enjoy seeing Tyler, the Creator live.

Lady GagaThursday, Nov. 16 – Scottrade Center

Song to listen to: “Perfect Illusion” 

When most people think of Lady Gaga, they think of either her dance music or one of her many crazy outfits, but her latest album, Joanne, introduces her sleeker aesthetic and more stripped-down music. Her collaborations with more alternative artists, like Kevin Parker from Tame Impala and Father John Misty, on the album show, with more instrument based, diverse songs. However, the musician’s strong vocals are what make her music so good; whether it’s her folky crooning in “Million Reasons” or smooth, powerful voice in “Perfect Illusion.” Her vocals, paired with the lights, visuals, interesting outfits and backup dancers she uses create a memorable, exciting live show. Since tickets for Gaga tend to sell out fast, make sure to buy your tickets as soon as you can!   

St. VincentMonday, Nov. 20 – The Pageant

Song to listen to: “Los Ageless” 

Although some describe St. Vincent as indie rock, it’s hard to fit her or her music into any category. With her distinct, polish vocals and unique guitar style, she creates a progressive and otherworldly sound. Her music videos and live performances only enhance the complex and striking music; she is always wearing bright, futuristic outfits and often has eye-catching choreography. If you want to be transported to the future or travel to another galaxy, St. Vincent is a show you don’t want to miss.

BRONCHOThursday, Nov. 30 – Off Broadway

Song to listen to: “Get in My Car” 

BRONCHO is an alternative rock band, but what makes them stand out among other bands is the vocals; lead singer Ryan Lindsey’s gravelly, unique voice leads the fuzzy guitar sound and steady drums. In their latest single “Get in My Car,” a dreamy guitar riff in the chorus intertwines with the vocals to create a catchy melody. Their minimalistic set-up on stage lets the music take the forefront and gives the audience the chance to really experience the music. For a laid back and gritty indie vibe, both live and on the record, BRONCHO is an easy go-to.

So, if you’re looking for a reprieve from school or a fun way to spend a night with friends, go to a concert! No matter what genres you’re into, if you love music, any of these artists would be exciting to see live.