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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


“At the beginning of the year, I didnt really know a lot of [the] kids in my class [so] I tried to fit in [get to] know [them better]. Then, I started having a [friend] group I [now] stay with. [Now,] if I need to ask a question to understand the material better, Ill just ask. [Having more friends and being able to connect with people] makes me feel great. It makes me feel like Im not alone in [my] classes, and if anybody  needs help, [we] always have [each other] to turn to. [I’m most proud of] meeting all the people throughout the years, growing and overcoming my injury. I feel like Im usually more kind to others and prefer their opinion over mine. I [am] always [open] trying what the group wants. When Im by myself, I [can] do something for [only] so long, but when Im with other people, I [can] do anything for as long as whoever Im with wants to. [As] I go through life, I want to make sure that everything I do is fun, [but] sometimes I cant help it because [I] need to have hard [moments in life;] moments being sad, mad or upset. Whatever you [choose to] do, always have fun and make sure it’s what you want.” - Ikhana Hildebolt, 9

Ikhana Hildebolt

Sage Kelly, Staff Writer May 29, 2024

“Ive always been into [doodling] with pencils and ink. I used to watch YouTube drawing tutorials and [tried] to copy them. I had so much fun with that, but I felt like I was never [that] good [at art]; it made me lose motivation to draw. If I dont feel motivated to draw, I dont force myself to. I want drawing to be fun for me. I feel like every time I start again Im better than when I left. People can [create] art really fast but Ill sit there for hours and not be [finished] with the smallest [detail.] I learned to have patience [and] take my time. I used to try to get [fancy] materials. I was so stuck in the mindset that I needed [more supplies] to get better. I would get it and then feel discouraged because [my art quality] would be the same. Be patient with yourself. You dont need fancy materials to [make astounding] art. You can just use a wooden pencil and draw an amazing piece. I enjoy making beautiful [pieces] that have a message [behind it.] Its rewarding to see hours of work pay off as the final piece comes together.” - Morgan Summa, 10

Morgan Summa

Yusra Khan, CJ1 Writer May 22, 2024

“I have been playing football for a long time and have enjoyed it. This year especially, I had so much fun. I was very happy when I made varsity because freshmen dont usually make the team [their first year of high school.] I love being around the guys [on the team] and I am going to miss the senior [mentors] next year. I will never forget the impact the seniors and Coach Duncan had on me. It was not only a team, it was a family. I felt like I belonged.” - Ethan Bain, 9

Ethan Baine

Noor Hacking, CJ1 Writer May 21, 2024

“This is my 10th year [teaching] at West. I started teaching because I struggled a lot in school, [but I decided to teach English because] I really like writing. I had a really hard time in high school and learning did not come easy to me in middle school. I would study for tests and still [did] not do well, or [I would] work really hard to write an essay and it just wouldnt come together. Once I got a grip on how to learn at the end of high school and in college, I really wanted to help students who were struggling to break down the learning process and make it easier because school is not easy for everyone. Math might not be your [specialty,] but maybe youre really good at theater, English or something else. So I’ve been helping students find what they are really good at, and [I have strived to] give them the confidence to continue.” - Diana Uffman, English

Diana Uffman, English

Isaiah Meese, CJ1 Writer May 16, 2024

“One thing that motivates me to write is being understood. A lot of my writing is about myself, my experiences, emotions and problems [that] I’ve had to deal with. Writing about it makes it easier for people to understand. [My work] might not [directly] say what the problem is in the story, but I love creating these fears, experiences and weird realities to reflect the issue. [A word I’d use to describe my writing is] probably ‘odd’. My writing style is [definitely] ‘out there’. I write a lot about death and forgetting people. [But] there’s also been a lot about just being alive, and [in the moment]. I struggle a lot with derealization, which is when nothing feels real to me. I write a lot about that, and it helps me feel more [grounded]. [Writing allows me to connect to others so] that people can relate to the characters in a story [which] helps them feel more comfortable with their own emotions. Every writer implements a piece of themselves, one way or another. Just putting [oneself] in a story [allows for both a deeper level of introspection and creativity]. ” – Onyx Coleman, 9

Onyx Coleman

Devika Eluru, CJ1 Writer May 14, 2024

“Sometimes I feel like Im not good enough and that I can never get better. I’m still overcoming this [feeling]. I keep pushing myself everyday [to be a] better [runner] even when I might not be the best at it. I also see how hard the upperclassmen work and that motivates me to do better. A varsity cross country runner once told me that even when you feel pain, you can run through it. Because of that, I push myself, [and] see myself improve. After a meet, I feel accomplished and [as though] I’ve worked hard. I feel like I can do better at running if I keep practicing. [How I run] depends on how I think. If I think I cant run — I cant run. I [motivate] and tell myself that Im a fast runner and everyones going to [surpass their personal record]. My biggest accomplishment so far was improving by 10 minutes on my 5K run. [It’s when I finally realized that] I am better than I thought I was.” Mahiya Pallipat, 9

Mahiya Pallipat

Yusra Khan, CJ1 Writer April 25, 2024

“My [favorite] hobby is running. I have been [a member of the] the cross country and [the] track and field team. [I also enjoy] tinkering [and constructing] random things. Everybody on our team knows about [the complications I had because of my] back. I had [a snag from my regular hobbies after going] through a surgery back in 2022; it took a lot out of me. I couldnt run for four months, and I was really out of shape [when] getting back into cross country. It was really hard for me. I would say a lot of [my inspiration has come from] my dad to be honest. Hes the one who has pushed me to improve every day [in] every single [aspect]. Hes the one who taught me how to be responsible, manage my time well [and] be consistent. [It’s the] same with running; Im consistent and I try to work my hardest in order to get better every day. A lot of [my growth] has been tied to running because I have been so involved, but I feel like I’ve become a lot more social with people. Ive become more dedicated to the things I like. [During practice], Im starting to [run] with faster groups now. [I’m] able to keep pace with [people] who [I] didnt used to before. I [am] definitely most proud of my recovery [after] my surgery. It did take me four months to be able to run again, but after that, I really bounced back. I have improved a ton and Im really proud of that.” - Ragsy Muralidharan, 12

Ragsy Muralidharan

Sage Kelly, Staff Writer April 24, 2024

“The first memory that comes to my head is when everyone starts doing the longhorn rumble when we call [out to the audience], they stomp and clap with us along to the beat of the cheer. I [started to appreciate cheer] when I got to high school. [At first], I did it for fun in middle school just to say that I [had a hobby]. When [I got to] high school my coach appreciated me and [listened to] my opinions. It really made me fall in love with the sport again. My favorite thing about cheer is the friendships that I get from it. [I] get to see the people I’m with all the time because [we] have practice [together often]. Especially during football season [is when I get to] hang out with [my teammates] every day. The people I met through cheer and got close with this year make me [want] to continue cheer. [I also got closer with] the people on [the] varsity team and [was able to gain friendships] through that. I am happy [that I get to] cheer with [everyone] next year. It [urges me to] keep going. The cheer community is fun because everyone just understands each other. Were all very similar [and connected] in ways and its like a tight knit family.” Alyssa Gessner, 9

Alyssa Gessner

Lydia Woodall, CJ1 Writer April 23, 2024

“Im passionate about volleyball. Ive been playing for six years. I play it because I like the way that, [even though,] its a team sport, its also focused on [a person] individually; especially in my position since Im the back row defense where the ball can hit me. Its [up to] me, I can’t blame anybody else. I like how its very focused on [the] performance and how well [I] react to how the other team plays. The way I play really matters to me because it’s a team sport and I dont want to let my teammates down.” Emma Barton, 9

Emma Barton

Mahiya Pallipat, CJ1 Writer April 18, 2024

“Im very passionate about debating, [which is why] I am [a member of the] speech and debate team. I like how it offers opportunities to speak [from] viewpoints on different opinions with people outside of our group from other schools around our communities. I usually participate in public forum debates [and] the topic [we speak about] changes every month. One debate that I was most invested in  [took place in] February; which was [about whether or not] the US federal government should ban all single use plastics. I feel like I spent the most time working on this case [than any other discussion], and I was determined to make it into finals. I hold competition very dear to me. I have only gone to two tournaments so far, but Ive already made it into the finals. [Finals are important because], I think it really shows how much growth and [effort you’ve put in through the battle].” - Bethany Liao, 9

Bethany Liao

Emma Barton, CJ1 Writer April 11, 2024

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