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Since its introduction and subsequent explosion on the world stage, social media has proven to be a detriment to the fight against misinformation and fake news in the media because of its targeted marketed tactics and abuse of unified communities. This being said, taking responsibility over what you consume online and deciding whether or not it’s true is crucial. “It’s important to notice that [the spread of misinformation through social media] is happening, and as a teacher, media literacy is so important to teach,” journalism teacher Lindsey Katz said.

Untangling the web

From accidentally misprinted dates on invitations to wrongly heard rumors, we are all constantly in a battle searching for the truth. In our current world of hyper-interactivity and our acute obsession...

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, in the United States, 90% of teenagers have used social media. In an increasingly digitized world, it can be difficult to figure out where to draw the line between your personal life and what you post. “The most influential people, your parents or your principal, would they be alright with what you were doing if they [were] sitting right next to you?” physical education and health teacher Jessica Wheeler said.

To post or not to post: Online lives have offline consequences

Pathfinder Editorial Board October 31, 2023

In St. Clair, MO, high school English teacher Brianna Coppage was put on academic leave when her personal OnlyFans account was anonymously leaked to school administrators in September. Less than a month...

Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, Parkway discontinued study halls throughout the district. Concerned over the consequences it may have on their academic success, several students and teachers have spoken out against the elimination of a necessary tool. “Kids arent abusing study halls to sit there on their phones or something. They might need [more support]. Just because youre not taking this amount of AP classes doesnt mean youre not being challenged, and just because youre not having ‘X’ amount of hours every night doesnt mean you have enough time to get homework done,” chemistry teacher Chloe Gallaher said.

Study Hall: Setting up students for success or stress?

Pathfinder Editorial Board September 29, 2023

Kicking off the 2023-24 school year, students were forced to say goodbye to study hall as the district removed it as an option for students. The decision wasn’t well received by students, parents, teachers...

A collage of images from throughout the year, including: editors at our end of the year party, moments from our canned food drive and pictures from working in class.

2023-24 Editorial Board reflects on goals for next year

Pathfinder Editorial Board May 31, 2023

As the 2022-23 school year ends, the Pathfinder Editorial Board begins to reflect on the past and look onto the incoming school year. Together, we have curated a list of goals we hope to accomplish for...

On March 27, five Parkway high schools received phone calls about active shooters in the buildings. After bringing panic to families and friends, these calls were discovered false, another swatting incident in the “trend” sweeping the nation. However, these threats have posed serious questions about keeping our schools safe in the modern age.

Swatting Speculation: how can we protect our schools from threats?

Pathfinder Editorial Board April 28, 2023

They say it will never happen to us. Our fears are silenced; worries reassured. But they have scared us from turning our backs in an open room. A loud pop echoes through the halls but is never addressed....

Missouri residents gather to protest the signing of an anti-trans bill proposed by the Republican Senate. The proposed bill would ban transgender girls from participating in youth sports on girls teams. “At least in the past, laws have only tried to prevent transgender [students] from participating in certain activities, which is already scary,” senior Quinn Gilles said. “Transgender minors barely have any rights, [but] when you thought it couldn’t get worse, now laws are preventing us from being ourselves.”

Protect our transgender youth

Pathfinder Editorial Board March 31, 2023

Living one's truth is a fundamental right, but for many transgender youths in our community, this prerogative is becoming a privilege. Stigma, unsupportive families and hate crimes are already significant...

Diet culture can have catastrophic effects on physical and mental well-being. A person’s life can often become overwhelmed with constant measurements and nutrition tracking. Teens involved in diet culture are at a higher risk of developing eating disorders and unhealthy habits.

Deadly dieting

Pathfinder Editorial Board February 27, 2023

Disclaimer: This article mentions diet culture, mental illness and eating disorders. It is as simple as “normal” actions: a teen finishing their plate when they are already full, encouraging a child...

A pile of Advanced Placement (AP) study books sit on a library desk. When taking AP classes, many students sacrifice other areas of their lives to keep their grades up. “Its not the fact that I am taking an AP class. I am spending more time doing the work for school than I would spend time with friends and family,” senior Noah Schell said. “It is a sacrifice I made and realized after signing up for the classes. Over the years, I have devised a system of managing my time, which sometimes means I don’t get all of the work done.”

Balancing brain power: the need to prioritize mental health over AP classes

Pathfinder Editorial Board January 19, 2023

In 2022, 424 Parkway West students took 801 Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, meaning that most took two or more tests, and over a third of the student population enrolled in an AP class. Because course...

School should be a safe space for all students regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality. However, bullying and exclusion can turn productive learning environments into places of fear and distress. Finding a solution to this discrimination is imperative in ensuring every student has a positive learning environment and equal opportunity to succeed.

Capable, curious, caring, corrupted

Pathfinder Editorial Board December 31, 2022

Disclaimer: To protect student identity, certain sources have been given different names. We see the happy-go-lucky attitude daily in our classrooms: brightly colored posters plastered across the walls...

As environmentally friendly practices — as well as the ways that companies shortcut them — become more prevalent in many areas of consumerism, student consumers need to inform themselves of these two “sus”-tainable practices to reduce their contribution to the impending effects of climate change.

“Sus”-tainable fashion

Pathfinder Editorial Board November 28, 2022

In the modern global market, environmentally-friendly products are rising to the top of fashion trends. Whether it’s a hunter-green backpack or the trend of ‘thrifting,’ many teens find it fashionable...

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