The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


At the Bangalore International Airport, senior Dyuti Peddada comes back from camp with her best friend. Peddada photographed moments that she could look back on to remember. “During camp, we couldn’t use our phones, so coming back from the camp and going to our dormitories, we were all excited. I took photos during the entire trip,” Peddada said.

Senior Dyuti Peddada’s experience at an Indian boarding school

Samari Sanders, Staff Writer May 18, 2022

With hopes of introducing her to her heritage, senior Dyuti Peddada’s father enrolled her in a boarding school in Bengaluru, India, at the age of 15. Peddada traveled 14,141 kilometers to Indus International...

Junior Cecilia “Sisi” Olmedilla takes the stage at the Poetry Out Loud competition. Olmedilla selected “I am Offering This Poem” by Jimmy Santiago Baca from the website and related it to her grandfather. “This poem was about offering your honest and humble love. So I decided to think about him and dedicate the words to him,” Olmedilla said.

Junior and foreign exchange student Cecilia Olmedilla finds her voice

Lily West, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

After seeing a poster for the Poetry Out Loud competition in her English teacher’s classroom, junior and foreign exchange student Cecilia Olmedilla entered and won the schoolwide competition last December....

Freshman Ava Gerth stands with her barrel racing horse, Peppy. Gerth shared a dream of competing in the National Finals for the rodeo with Peppy, and she has her eyes set on that target. “I love riding horses because it gives me self-confidence, and I feel like I can do anything. It makes me feel strong and able to overcome any sort of tragedy. I want to pursue this because of how it makes me feel and how happy it makes me. In everything relating to being on a horse, I love it, and it is my passion,” Gerth said.

Hold your horses!

Dee Tummala, Staff Writer May 13, 2022

Cheering and shouting, freshman Ava Gerth rides a light brown horse onto the racing track. She races around barrels on her horse with speed and agility, adrenaline pumping through her veins.  Gerth...

At the Springfield Expo Center, freshmen Shirah Ramaji and Samir Shaik pose with State medals. Ramaji and Shaik were partners in the Intro to Social Media Strategies category and were the only members of their club to make it to State. “It was a cool experience, and I got to share it with my good friend. I had a good time when I was there,” Shaik said.

Accidental Ac Lab encounter leads FBLA accolades

Brooke Hoenecke, CJ1 Writer May 11, 2022

Hoping to get help from business teacher Laura Strickland during AcLab, freshman Shirah Ramaji unknowingly walked into a Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club meeting. FBLA is a program that helps...

Senior Sahana Gujja and her mom proudly hold up a diploma at her mother’s graduation. Gujja’s mom graduated from the University of Illinois Springfield under a student visa, where she completed her second master’s degree. “I remember feeling excited and happy for her when they called her name, and she walked up towards the stage,” Gujja said. “I saw her study hard for the past two years before that while taking care of me simultaneously, and I was just really proud that she was a good mother. She is a great mother, and she accomplished everything she hoped for at the same time.”

Silent Struggles of Immigrant Children

Tanvi Kulkarni, Features Editor May 3, 2022

Anyone who has taken an American history course has heard of the melting pot analogy. Immigration has always been central to American history, and even today, America welcomes people from around the globe....

Sophomore Inaya Chishti shows her cow, Rosie, at last year’s Washington Town & Country Fair, where she won first place. After having a great season with Rosie, Chishti has looked forward to showing Rosie and her baby, a cow-calf pair, because she has never shown the same animal twice in a row. “It’s just a lot of work that you pour into this one animal, and then you dont get to show them again because its a lot on the animal. And so we normally just let them go into the field, but Rosie was a really good show animal. She showed herself, [and] I didnt need to be there. I could let go of the halter and just scratch her, and she would just stand there,” Chishti said. “Im excited [to show her] because I love her, and shes actually named after me. My middle name is Rose.”

Here for the Herefords

Cindy Phung, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

As the sun blares and the air grows thick and sticky, the attention of the overwhelming crowd focuses on sophomore Inaya Chishti. Despite the sweat running along the side of her face and the oppressive...

Dancing under the spotlight, sophomore Renata Olmos Walz (second from left) performs with American Dance Troupe for the first time on Jan. 22. She performed three shows in one day at the Chaminade Preparatory High School theater, spending 11 hours at the theater on show day. “[After a performance,] I felt tired, but I want to do it all over again because [I felt] so much adrenaline and [performing makes me] happy,” Olmos Walz said.

Forming family through dance

Emma Herrmann, Staff Writer March 17, 2022

Sophomore Renata Olmos Walz was born in Madrid, Spain, surrounded by the city's beautiful architecture and grew up enjoying many savory Spanish cuisines, such as empanadillas and cocido, with her father...

Freshman Mackenzie Silva (blue dress), Dennis Silva and their extended family pose for a group photo.

Freshman Mackenzie Silva struggles with terminal brain disease in the family

Tanvi Kulkarni, Features Editor March 11, 2022

Visiting her grandparents’ home today is a much different experience for freshman Mackenzie Silva than it was just a couple of years ago. Medical equipment has slowly migrated into the various rooms,...

Senior Maxim Rinke (middle right) stands with his transfer family, the Harms, at a St. Louis Blues hockey game. As the months roll by, the Harms’ have found that he fits into their family naturally. “I think it was a little bit awkward at first but as time goes by, he is fitting in really well, and now he feels just like my real brother,” junior Mitchell Harms said.

Senior Maxim Rinke contemplates life in the States

Achyuta Ambal, Staff Writer March 10, 2022

As the darkness of the early morning in Germany gives way to bright sunlight, senior Maxim Rinke prepares to go to the airport. The sun shines pale tendrils of light onto Rinke as he steps out of his house...

Junior Campbell Murawski prepares for her second meet of the new year. Murawski brought in her stuffed animal good luck charm, Good-Luck Chicken, for the meet against Nerinx Hall High School. “Since it was finals week, and the team was down nine swimmers, I thought it would be a good idea to bring in Good-Luck Chicken to lift the teams spirit. But, most importantly, remind everyone to have fun and take advantage of a home meet,” Murawski said.

An unusual good luck charm

Ava McLeod, CJ1 Writer March 7, 2022

The smell of chlorine filled the air as the announcer declared it was time for swimmers to approach their blocks. Junior Campbell Murawski steps on the platform and bends over—grasping the edge. Little...

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