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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Smiling with Parkway North seniors Sarah Ham and Alison Lam (second and third from right), eight West state qualifiers hold up the iconic DECA symbol. The program has connected over 7,000 high schoolers, giving students the opportunity to network and expand their social circle. “Getting along with people that might be different from you is the most important part of DECA. You learn things about people that you originally wouldnt talk to, and its nice to know how to work with other people [as well as] make new friends in a different area,” junior Laya Krishnakumar said. Courtesy of Laya Krishnakumar
Entrepreneurial endeavors
Triya Gudipati, News Editor • April 8, 2024

From March 3-5, 13 students traveled to Kansas City, Mo. to compete in the DECA State Conference. Throughout the days, competitors participated...

On March 2, West High’s Robotics team competed in the state competition, in which the B team placed ninth and the A team qualified for the world championship. Senior Lillian Dwyer is a notebooker and strategist in robotics. “Robotics is one of the many STEM opportunities offered at West High that is an enjoyable experience for anyone looking to go into engineering or science. I highly recommend joining it, because outside of school, it is fun to talk and hang out with people who are also excited about STEM and willing to dedicate time and energy to work on engineering projects,” Dwyer said. (Photos are courtesy of Mikalah Owens)
STEM mayhem
March 25, 2024
Senior Yena Ahn (back row, ninth from the left) smiles with her fellow recipients and class principal Mario Pupillo after receiving their awards and before visiting the Whispering Gallery. The process of receiving the certificate began with Plocher reading the definition of each virtue, then the student taking the stage and snapping a picture with him. “It was a wholesome moment because were all seniors, so we all know each other, weve grown up with each other for the past eight years. When each of us got called up, we knew that they deserved that award because the description matched that person,” Ahn said.
Inscribed legacy
March 21, 2024
Members of concert band work to play the soaring melodies of Crowns of Glory by Jack Wilds during their winter concert. Because of the pieces difficulty, the band had to work together extra diligently to make it sound concert-ready. [Band has] helped me [with] teamwork because its not just an individual thing. The whole group has to be put together to make something amazing, Concert Band member and sophomore Ella Bruner said.
A symphony of sounds
March 13, 2024

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English teacher Leslie Lindsey smiles for a photo behind her desk. Growing up, Lindsey participated in many things outdoors, learning life skills that she still uses today. “I loved fishing and was never grossed out by it. I could get my hands dirty and spend time outside; even when it was cold, I didnt care. Fishing takes a lot of patience, and that is [now] a virtue of mine because I have great patience that translates into my classroom,” Lindsey said.
Flashback Friday: English teacher Leslie Lindsey
Sakenah Lajkem, Staff writer • 4 days ago

  What school did you go to? [Parkway] Central for middle and high school. For elementary school, [I went to] Highcroft. How...

Delivering an alto saxophone solo, junior Dominic Perez performs at the Jazz Concert on Dec. 4, 2023. Perez is surrounded by his peers in West’s Jazz Band. “I try to make it a priority to not let other people change who I am,” Perez said. “I try to just be myself and not worry about what other people think of me, Perez said.
A lifelong journey
February 27, 2024
As students approach adulthood, it is essential for them to learn about the status quo from all perspectives possible. While in school, students have opportunities to engage in activities, discussions and lessons to enhance their knowledge. “People will be afraid to speak out on their political views if they know that those around them disagree with them, but we definitely talk about political issues around school. We encourage people to share different political views and make sure that no one is excluded,” sophomore Ryan Shabani said.
Drivers of change: Society’s role in the generational influence of politics
Pathfinder Editorial Board February 29, 2024

Make America Great Again. Finish the Job. Everyone’s Invited. Make America Normal Again. Declare Your Independence.  With the 2024 presidential...

The celebration of Women’s History Month, originating in 1987, marks an annual acknowledgement of women’s contributions to various fields of work. However, many female revolutionaries remain underrepresented in our history books, oftentimes overshadowed by male counterparts who could reach a greater audience because of their status. “Back then, women didnt have the voice that we do now, [but] their actions gave us the voice we have today to be able to speak up. Now, we share information to show how far we came from,” Black Student Union member and sophomore Jariyah McCalister said.
Hidden figures of history: Stories of sensational women left behind in the shadows of time
Risa Cidoni, Features Editor • March 31, 2024

Behind every great man is a great woman.  The saying is one we’ve heard countless times before. Rephrased and redefined repeatedly, the...

January 2024 marks over seven decades since the publishing of “The Bell Jar.” In those seven decades, the novel has opened the eyes of countless women to the unfair treatment they’ve faced, particularly being percieved as nothing more than mothers and the consequences that arise from that. “To my knowledge, [“The Bell Jar” was] one of the earliest novels that explores a womans mental health and inner journey and allows her to go through struggles and make mistakes without vilifying [her]. Shes ambitious yet flawed and unsure how to proceed, like [many] women at the beginning of the 1960s. My mom was born in 1950 and grew up hearing that if she wanted to work, she had three choices: nurse, secretary and teacher. It was a brave new world when she found out there were more options. But that also comes with fear and anxiety and the judgment of others. Sylvia represents that journey,” French teacher Blair Hopkins said.
Lifting the bell jar
January 15, 2024
Running through a tunnel of players, juniors Ja’Hyghness Ward and Sophia Licavoli celebrate their team’s district win. Each player utilized their skills on the court — shooting, passing and dribbling  — to create the best outcome. “Winning felt like a big accomplishment, especially because I also won volleyball districts earlier this year. We came together as a team, so it was fun to see my teammates succeed. We celebrated the win with dinner at Texas Roadhouse afterward,” Licavoli said.
Ballin’ Out
Ruthvi Tadakamalla, Social Media Manager • March 25, 2024

Dribbling through defenders at Parkway Central High School, varsity girls basketball captain and junior Josie Grunzinger gears up for a shot....

Looking for an open teammate, freshman Patrick May passes the ball across the court at the Nov. 28 game against Parkway Central. May started in the game against the Colts. ”Growing up, [my parents] always gave me a basketball, [and] we had a basketball hoop outside. I grew up playing [all the time], playing on the [driveway] and shooting hoops with my dad.” May said.
Fresh court
February 26, 2024
Debate diaries: A vlog journey
Debate diaries: A vlog journey
Sravya Reddy Guda and Triya Gudipati March 20, 2024

Follow the Speech and Debate team’s journey to Rock Bridge High School in Columbia, Missouri. They compete at their first overnight tournament...

Before there was Apple Music or Spotify, there was the Sony Walkman. Now reduced to only the latter word, a Walkman was just a portable cassette player, but in the ‘90s, they were a vital accessory. The Sony Walkman was the first piece of music media to allow people to travel with their music.
30 years later: The albums of 1994
Mikalah Owens, Staff Writer • 5 days ago

The music industry was forever altered in 1994 by a series of groundbreaking albums that emerged from various genres. It was a year marked by...

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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High
The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High