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Juniors Dossan Bell and Brayden Gilmore participate in a mock trial. The trial took place as part of the final exam in Nancy Sachtlebens seventh hour Crime and Law class. My favorite thing about Mock trials was finding the little cracks in the defendant or prosecutor’s statements, Dossan said. I like this because I was able to totally unwind the opposite sides statement and by doing this I made a statement have no value and disproved it.
Photo of the Week - Jan. 14
Sarah Boland, Staff Writer • 3 days ago

Shaping a bowl with her feet, junior Gabi Badami competes in the Clay Olympics. The class spent the hour participating in clay challenges. I was excited because it was something Ill never get to do again, Badami said. Plus it was just fun to be the center of attention.
Photo of the Week – Jan. 7
Michael Lolley, Staff Writer • January 7, 2022

Phones are a major problem between students and teachers, but why?
Obstruction of learning or a beneficial tool?
Ashlyn Gillespie, Sports and News Section Editor • 3 days ago

Are you a teacher who relates to this broken record situation: “Hm? What did you say?” as the student slips the Airpod out of their hood,...

Digging their sandy toes into the ground, seniors Areeb Hasan and Uzair Mohsin prepare to block senior Nathan Meek’s spike, set up by seniors Manoah Inje and Gordon Yu. The boys took time to hype each other up after plays. “Theres a lot of boosting each other up. As you play, you have like five people telling you how great you are and that feels great. When we get off [the pit], people always comment like Oh, so-and-so has gotten so good at this.’ I love that we’re learning and having a good time,” Meek said.
A net gain: senior boys spend quality time in the sand volleyball pits
Brinda Ambal, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief • 4 days ago

In an age where students have become increasingly focused on grades, extracurriculars and college applications, a group of boys have taken to...

Media plays a significant role in creating, shaping and reflecting societys prejudices.
Prejudice in the media
Sarah Boland, Staff Writer • December 17, 2021

The United States, along with various other countries, has seen an uptick in hate crimes in recent years. The most recent data published by the...

Mental illnesses used casually as adjectives create negative stigmas about mental health.
Not your adjective
December 14, 2021
Meet the Staff
Sarah Boland
Sarah Boland
Staff Writer

Pronouns: she/her I am a senior, and this will be my second year on staff. The Pathfinder has helped me grow as a writer and push myself outside of my comfort zone. In school, I play field hockey, and...

Tiffany Ung
Tiffany Ung
Staff Writer

Pronouns: she/her I am a senior, and this is my first year on staff. Through the Pathfinder, I hope to gain confidence in my writing ability and better establish my voice. One of the most distinct parts...

After hearing about our winter sports teams let’s wish them the best of luck as this season is getting ready to start. If you want to follow a specific team, the team schedules are below.
Meet our winter warriors
Tre Bell , Staff Writer • November 22, 2021

After experiencing a season played in the midst of a pandemic, the winter sports teams are ready to play with some normalcy. Here is what you...

Junior Zachary Schade sits in front of his family christmas tree while studying for finals. Schade thought that having finals after winter break caused unnecessary stress which makes it harder to enjoy the holidays. “I think finals after break forces students to study instead of enjoying what should be time with their family [away] from school,” Schade said. “It places an unpleasant cloud over the holiday experience and doesn’t allow a break before the start of a new semester.”
Final-ly Winter Break
Parkway Editorial Board December 31, 2021

The doors of the school swing open and students pour out, sprinting to their respective cars and overjoyed about the beginning of break. After...

From Novice to Pro in Chess
Raj Jaladi, Multimedia Editor • 5 days ago

People gather to see the exhibit at “Beyond Van Gogh: The immersive experience.”
Beyond Van Gogh review: An exhibit worth ‘Gogh-ing’ to
Emily Early and Anna Claywell 4 days ago

Pulling up to the parking lot of the St. Louis Galleria, most would not expect to see an exhibit of Vincent van Gogh’s life stationed there...

Junior Khalid Abdi, is currently reading the last arc of “Bleach”. He started “Bleach” a couple months ago, and he loved the amount of diversity and speed the manga/anime displayed. “[Bleach] has really good character development and the way the story put more focus on female characters unlike other anime. They have unique personalities and play a role in the story,” Abdi said.
Part three: "Bleach"
January 7, 2022
Junior Kylon Davis recommends “Naruto” to new anime watchers. Of all the anime Kylon has seen, he puts “Naruto” at the top of the list of his favorites. “The journey that you watch Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, all the kids grow from kids to teens to adults. Its like its an amazing experience,” Davis said.
Part two: "Naruto"
January 5, 2022
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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High
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