Junior Aly Kroner and her family help arrange the flags on Forest Park’s Art Hill. More than 7,500 flags were displayed in honor of each life lost as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “When commemorating the lives of everyone who died that day I wish people paid more attention to the third plane headed towards Washington that crashed on the field. Everyone died in that plane and we need to honor those brave people just as much.”
Commemorating 9/11: 20 years of remembrances and reflection
Makinsey Drake, Staff Writer • 3 days ago

This past Saturday marked 20 years since our country experienced the deaths of 2,996 individuals. Students and staff took the weekend to reflect on the momentous events of Sept. 11, 2001. While each Academic Lab spent 40 minutes discussing the tragic event, teachers within the building shared the impact...

Alumnus Antajuan Adams stands smiling in front of a mural painted at New Roots Urban Farm.
Alumnus Antajuan Adams gardens toward food sovereignty
Ulaa Kuziez, Emeritus News and Sports Editor • June 3, 2021

2000 alumnus Antajuan Adams first became familiar with gardening when he was just seven years old. Learning simple skills from an elder in his community, he found that spending time in nature was enjoyable and valuable. His experiences as a young kid instilled in him an early love for gardening.  As...

Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb and Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt warm up prior to the game against the Kansas City Chiefs.
Week two: Fantasy football start or sit
Michael Lolley, Staff Writer • 3 days ago

Prior to week one, the anticipation for the season was high. Questions about the new year began to fill the air. How will the rookies perform? How will players debut on their...

Nalbandian Nosh: Summer Edition

Mira Nalbandian, Managing Editor-in-Chief
September 7, 2021

Welcome back to the Nalbandian Nosh. We know you’ve missed us. It’s been a long time since we brought you our last review, even though summer seemed to pass in the blink...

Nalbandian Nosh: April/May

Mira Nalbandian, Managing Editor-in-Chief
May 31, 2021

Photo of the Week – Sept. 17
Photo of the Week- Sept. 3
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This is episode two of the mini-series, "Carieal Doss, Forever 18." Carieal passed just weeks before her high school graduation with the rest of Parkway West
Episode Two: Carieal Doss, Forever 18
Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer • April 30, 2021

Link to audio version [a beat comes in] Before we begin, a quick disclaimer. This episode will focus solely on facts and personal stories,...

Senior Tyler Kinzy delivers the Class of 2021 Commencement Address.
Class of 2021 Commencement Address
Tyler Kinzy, Managing Editor-in-Chief Emeritus • June 1, 2021

Transcript During these unprecedented times, the Class of 2021 has faced challenges we never could have imagined. Every morning, we made the voyage from our bed to the desk...

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2020-2021: A Year in Review
Unraveling the myth of the model minority

Unraveling the myth of the model minority

The truth about Acting School applications

The truth about Acting School applications

We have a responsibility to get vaccinated

We have a responsibility to get vaccinated

This mural, painted in the social studies hallway by the 2019 Challenges to Democracy class, commemorates 94 journalists were killed in targeted attacks, bombings and crossfire in 2018.
Constitution Day: freedom of speech and press from local to international levels
Tanvi Kulkarni, Features Editor • 1 day ago


It would be remiss of me not to mention that I emerged victorious in the Pathfinder
Thank you.
May 3, 2021
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