Writing on a chalkboard, members of the Blue Brew staff and juniors Katie Evans and Julia Ligoure prepare for Blue Brew to reopen. Prior to reopening, the staff was trained in preparing coffee and taking payments. “My favorite thing about Blue Brew reopening is getting to work with friends and [being able to] see [and] help customers every morning,” Ligoure said. “I hope to gain some work and customer service skills [from working at Blue Brew].”
News Brief: Business is brewing
Sarah Boland, Staff Writer • 6 days ago

Dragging their feet into school in the early morning, students set their sights on one thing: a caffeinated beverage. After being closed for 18 months due to COVID-19, Blue Brew reopened Oct. 4 and plans on starting the season with the introduction of an Iced French Vanilla Latte to their menu.  Students...

Our school showed a lot of longhorn pride at homecoming week. Here are some of the highlights.
Life of a longhorn
September 27, 2021
As Homecoming draws near, a timeline of the week gets created.
Countdown to Homecoming
September 17, 2021
Overlooking the iconic Pinehurst golf course, Kylie and Jamie Secrest pose for a picture in the fairway of the 2020 World Teen Championship. This tournament was strictly invite-only and Kylie excelled, achieving 37th in her age group, her dad right by her side. “This was one of the last times my dad was able to caddie for me before he was unable to do so due to his ALS,” Kylie said. “I loved him caddying for me. He always knew what to say [to me] when I got upset and he was able to see me grow throughout my golf career.”
Growth, gratitude and grappling with loss
Katie Wallace, Staff Writer • October 12, 2021

Wheelchair scuffs and dents line the walls, adapted chairs and assistive devices remain scattered around the house, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) awareness bracelets and tokens pool in random dishes. Jamie Secrest is everywhere, but the only thing that’s truly missing is him. It has been 26...

Freshman Triya Gudipati types on a computer while sophomore Samari Sanders and freshman Cindy Phung write on paper. Gudipati found that typing became second nature as using pencil and paper became an infrequent occurrence. “We can submit something and get feedback much quicker,” Gudipati said. “There’s a lot more things we can do online that we can’t do on paper.”
Digital divide
October 5, 2021
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray winds up to make a pass down field. Photo by Joe Glorioso (All Pro Reels) Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). Photo used under Creative Commons Licenses.
Start or sit: Fantasy football week seven
Michael Lolley and Tre Bell 4 days ago

We’re almost midway through the season now and it seems like the NFL is lacking the big name stars it usually includes. Many players have unpredictably struggled this season...

Tips for a successful school year

Madi Michajliczenko, Staff Writer
October 11, 2021

Test, after test, after test. This has been the reality for students over the last few weeks. Two months into school, students are still struggling to get into the groove...

Nalbandian Nosh: Summer Edition

Mira Nalbandian, Managing Editor-in-Chief
September 7, 2021

Photo of the Week- Oct. 8
Photo of the Week- Oct. 1
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This is episode two of the mini-series, Carieal Doss, Forever 18. Carieal passed just weeks before her high school graduation with the rest of Parkway Wests class of 2020. This episode details the medias response to Carieals murder, its impact on the Doss family and more.
Episode Two: Carieal Doss, Forever 18
Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer • April 30, 2021

Link to audio version [a beat comes in] Before we begin, a quick disclaimer. This episode will focus solely on facts and personal stories,...

It’s time to update homecoming
2020-2021: A Year in Review

2020-2021: A Year in Review

Unraveling the myth of the model minority

Unraveling the myth of the model minority

The truth about Acting School applications

The truth about Acting School applications

Critical race theory has evolved into a threat for many, when it is really a tool we can all use to better understand our world.
Debunking Critical Race Theory
Mira Nalbandian, Managing Editor-in-Chief • October 13, 2021

Any St. Louisan who has been paying even a meager amount of attention to local news this past year is familiar with many ignorant residents’ new education buzzword. Last year around this time, it was...

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