BREAKING: Parkway announces decision to abolish the honors track after this school year

Junior Ima Dropout tries to escape as senior Betsy Class tries to put her into a locker. Since joining the school last year, Dropout has faced adversity with honors students bullying. “When I first came here I was hoping it would be a little different from [Parkway] South. Turns out I was so unbelievably wrong,” Dropout said. “Everyone at this school is way bigger, stronger and smarter than back at my old school, and it honestly scares me.”

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer

February 11, 2020

“What honors classes are you in?” We’ve all heard this question before, and to most of us, it still hurts a little, even to read it. Well this question has been asked for the last time as Parkway Administrators have confirmed; honors and AP classes will be abolished following this school year.  ...

Everything you need to be the boss of your New Year’s resolution in just seven steps

Whatever your resolution happens to be, the Pathfinder has you covered.

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

January 9, 2020

Are you struggling to keep your New Year’s resolution? Never fear, try again next year. These hot tips will leave you with no choice but to give up on your goals.  Don’t commit to measurable results. Choosing a specific goal will only limit your options, so it's much better to be vague about it. W...

Fashion for the fatigued

A student models purple pants, a groutfit and dressing like an evergreen tree.

Fatema Rehmani, Awards Coordinator

December 17, 2019

“I’m so fancy,” said no sleep-deprived person ever. Dressing up takes motivation, time and energy, unfamiliar concepts to the procrastinators among us. However, now that we have learned how to deal with those issues, act the part, ace our classes, use our minds to their full potential and continue our indivi...

2. BREAKING: Rampant plague ravages senior class

Clearing her nasal passages, sickly senior Susie Seidel expels mucus in hopes of relieving her symptoms. Seidel is currently suffering from the ongoing plague, suspected to be Senioritis, impacting the senior class. “I had a quiz this morning so I came to school thinking I could muster enough strength to make it through the day,” Seidel said. “After I finished my quiz, I realized I was no match for the deadly disease and quickly left school so I wouldn’t infect others. I guess you could say I was caring, I removed myself from school to ensure the safety of others.

Tyler Kinzy and Kathryn McAuliffe

November 1, 2019

In what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns may be the worst outbreak since the bubonic plague, a sudden pandemic has emerged, inflicting widespread illness among the senior class. “It’s hard to describe. One night I’m full of energy at a Halloween party, and the next thing I knew, my ...

The myths of sleep deprivation among generation z(zzz)

A student accidentally falls asleep on her book in class. She got two hours of sleep the previous night. “I always fall asleep in my classes and miss out on information, so then I have to stay up the next night trying to figure out how to do the homework,” she said. “This cycle makes everything so hard, but I refuse to sleep at night because hashtag sleep is for the weak.”

Fatema Rehmani, Awards Coordinator

October 30, 2019

Sleep is for the weak: the junior year mantra. Rise and grind, get ‘er done, do good things with your time—not because you care—solely to put on your applications. This is the time to make yourself look good on paper. Actual character development comes later in life. Burn bridges, burn yourself out...

Best ways to avoid summer homework

Senior Emma Caplinger studies a to-do list of summer assignments at the Town and Country Crossing Starbucks. Students have the entire summer to complete their homework, although most wait until the end of summer break.

Emma Caplinger, Arts and Entertainment Editor

August 1, 2019

Every year I promise myself I’ll start my summer homework earlier than the week before it is due, and every year, I disappoint myself. To all my past English teachers, I’m so sorry for the rushed essays I’ve turned in every August. However, my horrific record of reading an entire book in one d...

West High Building Awards


Andrew Li and Peyton Gaskill

May 9, 2019

As we embark on the last week of our high school journey, we reflect on the many memories formed here: countless conversations, unforgettable laughter and absurd reviews. In order to put a bow on the close of senior year, our Broken Compass group compiled numerous awards to give to some of the best spots...

Broken Compass: The Pathfinder calls it quits

The Pathfinder Editorial Board regrets to inform you of the official discontinuation of the Parkway West High School Pathfinder online student newspaper as of March 31.

Pathfinder Editorial Board

April 1, 2019

To Whom it May Concern, The Pathfinder Editorial Board regrets to inform you of the official discontinuation of the Parkway West High School Pathfinder online student newspaper as of March 31. After years of complaints, conflicts and controversial stories about what we originally believed to be unbi...

Broken Compass: Administration finally takes action on Juuling epidemic

A student mimics using a juul outside the Juuling Lounge, where a temporary sign has been hung up. “I think that even this flash drive looks cool, you know? I can almost feel the nicotine buzz,” the unnamed student said.

Maria Newton and Dani Fischer

December 6, 2018

Everyone knows this all-too-common scenario: you’re sitting in class, working on a test review, and suddenly you get the itch for nic(otine). You raise your hand to ask to go to the bathroom, but once you get there the bathroom is occupied and you can’t hit your Juul. Bathrooms have slowly ...

OpEd: The Grand Stuffing Dispute

OpEd: The Grand Stuffing Dispute

Pathfinder Editorial Board

November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving is often praised as a time for family and loved ones to unite over a grand meal, but the holiday can also serve as the breeding ground for fierce debates ranging from politics to the food itself. Arguably no dish better encapsulates this phenomenon than stuffing, a controversial side that is te...

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