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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Our water fountains have personalities! Some are strong and used a lot; some seem sick and need replacement, while others are just very, very old. It’s almost like they have personalities . . . Well, what if they do?

The water fountains are alive!

Ashlyn Gillespie, Deputy Managing Editor in Chief February 3, 2023

First Floor   Cafeteria: The “Hot Stuff” Some people like this water fountain, and some don’t. I think the water is warm and weird, but if you’re thirsty during lunch, it’ll do...

Senior Madeline Cohen and junior Audrey Ghosh sit at their desks in French class. Of the 12 students in the class, only four could attend, with many students reportedly attending appointments or suffering from a mysterious ailment. However, Cohen suggested an alternative theory to explain the absences.  “Senior skip day is a fun tradition thats been going on for years; I also think that its hard for some students to skip because of their schedules or because of when the skip day is, including today. To my classmates who were actually sick, I would tell them they were lucky they were gone, and hopefully, they didnt miss too much school work,” Cohen said.

A sudden surge in senior class absences

Serena Liu, News Editor November 2, 2022
This November, a hush falls over campus. Just days ago, classes were teeming with students dressed in Halloween costumes and exuding school spirit. Now, the same classes are silent and empty.
The 2022-2023 school year started on the right foot, up the same three stairwells. Now that we’re back to five, our flight to unity is descending back to the boring, spacious halls. Parkway conceptualizes what their next new project will be.

The stairs are back

Makinsey Drake, Multimedia Editor September 29, 2022

Students returned to school with the highest new staff percentage in history, witnessing many renovations. The most-discussed revamp was the staircase limitation. Faculty and staff believe their decision...

History teacher Melvin Trotier gazes longingly out his window towards where his beloved duck pond used to be. Trotier says that the disappearance of the pond has taken a toll on him. At this point, I did the sad, depressive [stage] this morning, and now I am at anger. I am working through my stages [of grief], Trotier said.

Disastrous disappearance of the duck pond

Katie Wallace, Features editor September 19, 2022

As of 7:38 a.m, Monday morning, history teacher Melvin Trotier’s life was drastically changed. What changed, you may ask? His emotional support duck pond has up and waddled away.  “The duck pond...

Sophomore Elizabeth Franklin stands outside of a door that is blocked off with caution tape due to nesting geese. Franklin planned on taking photos outside, but the number of students attacked by the geese has led to the outdoors being off-limits. “The geese have completely blocked us off from the outside world, and it’s interfering with our work as journalists. It’s unacceptable, and there needs to be a change,” Franklin said.

The geese take over

Achyuta Ambal, Staff Writer May 9, 2022
Disclaimer: The work of the Broken Compass is entirely satirical
The fly problem in the cafeteria has become out of control, and the Pathfinder is taking matters into our own hands.

To the flies in the cafeteria: buzz off

Addie Gleason, Staff Writer October 20, 2021

Over the course of the new school year, a threat has been looming in the cafeteria of our beloved school. A faint, evil buzzing lurks underneath the lighthearted conversations of students. Screams of shock...

Junior Ima Dropout tries to escape as senior Betsy Class tries to put her into a locker. Since joining the school last year, Dropout has faced adversity with honors students bullying. “When I first came here I was hoping it would be a little different from [Parkway] South. Turns out I was so unbelievably wrong,” Dropout said. “Everyone at this school is way bigger, stronger and smarter than back at my old school, and it honestly scares me.”

BREAKING: Parkway announces decision to abolish the honors track after this school year

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer February 11, 2020

“What honors classes are you in?” We’ve all heard this question before, and to most of us, it still hurts a little, even to read it. Well this question has been asked for the last time as Parkway...

Whatever your resolution happens to be, the Pathfinder has you covered.

Everything you need to be the boss of your New Year’s resolution in just seven steps

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer January 9, 2020

Are you struggling to keep your New Year’s resolution? Never fear, try again next year. These hot tips will leave you with no choice but to give up on your goals.  Don’t commit to measurable...

A student models purple pants, a groutfit and dressing like an evergreen tree.

Fashion for the fatigued

Fatema Rehmani, Awards Coordinator December 17, 2019

“I’m so fancy,” said no sleep-deprived person ever. Dressing up takes motivation, time and energy, unfamiliar concepts to the procrastinators among us. However, now that we have learned how to deal...

Clearing her nasal passages, sickly senior Susie Seidel expels mucus in hopes of relieving her symptoms. Seidel is currently suffering from the ongoing plague, suspected to be Senioritis, impacting the senior class. “I had a quiz this morning so I came to school thinking I could muster enough strength to make it through the day,” Seidel said. “After I finished my quiz, I realized I was no match for the deadly disease and quickly left school so I wouldn’t infect others. I guess you could say I was caring, I removed myself from school to ensure the safety of others.

2. BREAKING: Rampant plague ravages senior class

Tyler Kinzy and Kathryn McAuliffe November 1, 2019

In what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns may be the worst outbreak since the bubonic plague, a sudden pandemic has emerged, inflicting widespread illness among the senior class. “It’s...

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