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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The prospect of getting a job in high school might sound great on paper, but in reality, the process is much more nuanced and complicated than it seems on the surface. Employment is a decision that features many variables and is personalized to each individual that makes it, depending on their availability and schedule. “I rushed into [employment] working 30 hours a week and I was extremely exhausted after my shifts. But after some time, I found a good pace to work at,” junior Gabby Black said. “I recommend working hours that are suitable for you.”

Balancing books and bills

Samir Shaik, Multimedia Editor November 13, 2023

In high school, amidst the shuffling of feet in the hallway, the resonance of basketballs bouncing on the gym floor and the scribbles of pencils on paper in a silent classroom, an echoing question incessantly...

Cultural and socioeconomic barriers prevent many Asian Americans from seeking help for mental health issues. Alumna and emeritus Mental Health Awareness Club President Rachel Bhagat, who has worked with many Asian immigrants and refugees, notices clear benefits of mental health care in daily life. “Seeking out mental health care is extremely important for everyone. Regularly seeing someone to talk to about your mental health helps prevent or makes it easier to navigate mentally stressful [or] harmful situations,” Bhagat said.

Silent pandemic

Serena Liu, Editor-in-Chief November 10, 2023

Be strong. Act perfect. Stay silent.  These are all stereotypes that Asian Americans are commonly held to. While everyone has a unique experience with mental health, studies have shown that Asian...

Climate change is a horrible problem, one that will eventually affect almost everyone and destroy the health of the planet. It’s far too nuanced of an issue to put all of the blame on one specific person, but some people are acting irresponsibly and with no regard for the environment. Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is one of these people. “I think a lot of students may not realize the negative impacts that Swift may have on things like the environment. Really, I think its about awareness. People may not be aware of how much fuel it takes to travel for tours like the Eras tour. Or, how many people travel on the tour? Still, I dont know if even being aware of those numbers would change the minds of dedicated Swift fans,” Convergence Journalism teacher Lindsey Katz said.

We can’t shake off climate change

Lauren Holcomb, Staff Writer November 2, 2023

At only 33, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is already a veteran of the music industry, and the awards she’s won for it reflect this. She claims the title of most-streamed female artist on Spotify in...

Deforestation is a horrible phenomenon, affecting all corners of the world and having extraordinarily negative effects on both humans and animals. It’s impossible to pinpoint deforestation on one specific cause, but much of it can be accredited to palm oil. In the last few years, palm oil has grown to be a big problem for animals and people alike. “Palm oil is a big issue because so much of the rainforest is being converted to palm oil plantations and a huge loss of species matters.” AP Environmental Science teacher Paul Hage said.

Worth its weight in blood: The problem with palm oil

Lauren Holcomb October 24, 2023

Deforestation. The word evokes powerful visuals of thousands of trees being cleared by shockingly industrial, murderous machinery. It’s a scary thought that a person wants to put out of their head as...

In recent years, the topic of lowering the national voting age has sparked debates across the United States. Young people have been at the forefront of the discussion, sharing their unique perspectives and opinions on voting ages. “[I want to vote because] I should be able to make decisions about myself, about my education, and about my rights,” sophomore Yein Ahn said.

Youth voices on the rise

Ruthvi Tadakamalla and Serena Liu October 17, 2023

Pro: Turning sixteen can be one of the biggest milestones for a teen. By their 16th birthday, a teen can drive a car, pay taxes, work without restrictions, become emancipated and drop out of high school....

A utopia for some can be a dystopia for others. Candidates shared their visions of each at the first two GOP debates, in Milwaukee on Aug. 21 and in California on Sept. 25. “Someone whos looking to gain power for themselves, and not to benefit the population in the United States [and around] the globe is a problem,” sophomore Nick Cook said.

Under the big tent

Will Gonsior, Staff Writer October 12, 2023

The major parties in the United States often pride themselves on being “big tent,” or inclusive to many different types of views. However, in the modern, hyper-polarized political climate, there’s...

A recent scandal has rocked the world as soccer federation president Luis Rubiales has been accused of abusing his role of power by forcibly kissing star player Jennifer Hermosa on the lips on national television. The aftermath of the event has surged the media’s criticism of a divided and repressive athletic sphere, initiating a parley on the aversion to the proper respect of female success in the sports world. “In a perfect world, everyone would respect womens sports like they would mens,” health teacher Katelyn Arenos said. “Seeing these things in the media shows that we still have some growth to do to get there.”

The kiss heard around the world

Risa Cidoni, Features Editor October 6, 2023

Moments before disaster, families watch their televisions as Spain’s women's soccer team clamors and cheers at their victory over England for the coveted Federation Internationale de Football (FIFA)...

An arrangement of fashion-related magazines is displayed, with white text reading Microtrends in the lower right corner.

Maneuvering microtrends

Emily Early, Editor-in-Chief September 6, 2023

Looking back at the history of fashion, several trends can be defined by a decade: babydoll dresses were a staple piece of the 1960s, bell-bottoms revolutionized the 1970s and leg warmers will take you...

Oftentimes, African American students face misjudgment from their peers based on age-old stereotypes surrounding their race. Because of this recurring issue, many Black students have shared a common experience of stereotypes, such as assumptions of their character based on their skin color. “Im Black [and] I live in the county. [People] automatically assume, ‘Oh, she doesnt live in the city; shes whitewashed with some color.’ I [also] have hearing aids, and [people] assume because Im a part of the Hard of Hearing group, [I’m] not aggressive or hostile. [Instead, I’m] approachable, the token character,” sophomore Mya Jenkins said.

Understanding Our Character: Why dismantling misconceptions of African Americans is crucial for Black individuals

Samari Sanders and Esta Kamau August 24, 2023

Misunderstanding someone’s character allows people to misclassify them, whether with a positive or negative outlook. In African American history, the Black community has often been unaccepted in American...

Tom Herpel uses his plan time to prepare for future Latin classes in which students learn grammar, literature, and culture. Herpel wanted to avoid jumping to conclusions about the upcoming changes to reduce teacher plan time. “I will not know the type of time crunch I will be under until Ive experienced it. I might be able to get work done while Im doing this other responsibility. I hesitate to make assumptions without having experienced it myself,” Herpel said.

Teachers speak out as Parkway School District implements a 190-minute reduction to teacher plan time

Ruthvi Tadakamalla, Social Media Manager June 2, 2023

Think of everything a teacher needs to do to prepare for class. A student might come into class and start their work immediately, but a teacher needs to spend hours planning and preparing to ensure learning...

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