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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Gearing up to take a shot on the goal, Zoran Todorovic prepares to score a goal for the Parkway West Varsity Soccer team against Marquette. “The most challenging part of the game was that it was the first game of the season. We are still getting used to each other’s style of play and building on the chemistry,” Todorovic said. “I had friends on the opposing team that I play club soccer with, so playing against them was my favorite part.”

Photo of the Week — Sept. 8

Dana Zafarani, Photographer
September 8, 2023
Crouching back and preparing to lunge, freshman Matt Lancia points his faux sword toward his opponent. Lancia, as part of his English 1 class, reenacted a scene from “Romeo and Juliet” to better understand the story. “It showed me how people fought very long ago,” Lancia said. “[My favorite part of the unit] is probably all the activities we do. I’m a very energetic person and I don’t sit still.”

Photo of the Week — May 19

Serena Liu, Editor-in-Chief
May 19, 2023
At the Teacher Appreciation game, junior Maddie Jennings cradles the lacrosse ball and runs up the court against the O’Fallon Panthers. The team won 8 to 5. “[As the season closes] things got real. It was not about your record anymore. It was about staying in [the game] and surviving as long as possible,” Jennings said. “It was fun because things were starting to come together and we worked well together as a team.”

Photo of the Week – May 5

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief
May 5, 2023
Standing in front of a crowd, senior Molly Glisson performs one of her five solos in the Jazz Choir concert April 25. Glisson performed in the Jazz Choir all four years and enjoyed hanging out with her team members outside of school. “Jazz is such a special genre to sing, and I enjoy[ed] doing it a lot. Being able to sing such a fun style with such fun people [was] my favorite part of being in this group,” Glisson said. “[Being a senior brought] a sentimental feeling [to the show] just because I have been singing so long, and it’s coming to an end so fast. I’m sad but also thankful for the opportunities I have gained from being in this group and the people I have met.”

Photo of the Week – April 28

Elle Rotter, Staff Writer
April 28, 2023
Freshman Evelyn Fitzpatrick and sophomores Risa Cidoni and Hanna Wentzel work together in Honors Biology 2 to dissect owl pellets. Due to the nature of this hands-on experiment, Cidoni found herself weary at first but was still interested in learning how to dissect the pellets. “You had to literally touch the pellet and do stuff with it, and it was not as bad as you would think it would be. I think the lab was supposed to teach that you don’t have to be scared of dissecting something,” Cidoni said. “This lab was fun. It seemed scary, but it wasn’t as bad [as I imagined]. It was more hands-on than other labs, and that made it more enjoyable.”

Photo of the Week – April 21

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief
April 21, 2023
In Fashion Merchandising on Tuesday, students worked on designing unique dresses for Barbie. After taking the Fashion and Apparel class, junior Alia Hammad found herself deeply interested in learning more about fashion and wanted to continue expanding her knowledge and practice. “It is a huge hobby for me,” Hammad said. “I designed this dress in pink because it was for a Barbie, and Barbie’s are always pink for me. [I wanted to make] a fancy design, so I added a bit of sparkle and made it off the shoulder.”

Photo of the Week – April 14

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief
April 14, 2023
Wednesday and Thursday seniors gathered in the cafeteria to create the hand wall for 2023. Senior Joseph Britt removes his hand from the wall, leaving his mark amongst the other handprints of peers. “There’s that knowledge that we are passing down with our legacy. The hand wall is a visual representation of [our legacy] to show that we were here,” Britt said. “I remember voting [for the design] a while back and I liked the Monopoly board a lot. Seeing some of the other hand walls that are up there I like ours [the most].”

Photo of the Week – April 6

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief
April 6, 2023
After three months of preparation for the first annual blood drive, National Honor Society (NHS) President and senior Nikita Bhaskar lays in one of the stretchers holding senior Jame Wild’s hand as she donates blood. The blood drive gathered 61 bags of blood to donate to ImpactLife. “I loved seeing the NHS volunteers shine. Katie Jauss, Jame Wild and [senior] Adam Lancia choreographed dances to perform in front of the donors to distract them, and it genuinely brightened the event. They let their personalities shine to help others, and I felt thats what NHS is all about. It was inspiring to see,” Bhaskar said. “Knowing that I could save three lives by donating a pint of my blood made it a no-brainer; donating was an easy choice.

Photo of the Week – March 31

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief
March 31, 2023
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