Sophomores Emily Kerber, Abigail Wheeler, Andrew Martin and Annalise Schriber play Jenga on the last day of school. Between flying twislers and giggling friends, Kerber tried to ignore the distractions around her while pulling a block from the tower. “[My favorite part of being back to school] was being able to see everyone. In class, we where able to have fun but also be productive,” Kerber said. “I have mixed feelings about the school year ending.”

Photo of the Week – June 4

Elle Rotter, Awards Coordinator
June 4, 2021
Making their way through the senior parade, seniors Zoe Rutledge, Tori Fischer and Talie Ziegler smile at the crowd. Fischer has not committed to a college yet but plans on attending the University of Kentucky to study computer science and dance.

Photo of the week – May 21

Mira Nalbandian, Managing Editor-in-Chief
May 21, 2021
After a pick-off attempt, sophomore Gannon Snyder throws the ball back to the pitcher. Snyder has been leading the team in hitting with a batting average of .464. “The team has been playing really well however that’s how we should be playing all the time,” Snyder said. “The energy has been high lately and I don’t see any sign of this stopping anytime soon.”

Photo of the week – May 7

Tre Bell, Staff Writer
May 6, 2021
Reaching her hand up the wall in the cafeteria, senior Bella Allgeyer places her handprint among the others. The senior hand wall is a long-standing Parkway West tradition.

Photo of the week – April 26

Maddy Truka, Social Media Manager + Video Section Editor
April 30, 2021
Hiking and laughing, juniors Claire LeDuc, Elly Clardy and Triniti Cook explore a new trail in Eureka as a part of their Adventure Pursuits class. The three used the app Strava to track their route and distance, but eventually turned it off when they discovered something peculiar. “We were walking and we saw this treehouse up the hill. We were like ‘oh my God, we need to climb this right now.’ So we were literally on our hands and knees crawling up this hill trying to get to this treehouse when we realized we were in the backyard of a house. There was this huge bird sitting on the treehouse too, it was crazy,” LeDuc said. “It brought back memories of quarantine last year. It was nice and relaxing and we don’t really get to do this stuff anymore because now we’re all so busy.”

Photo of the Week– April 19

Arden Dickson, Staff Writer
April 23, 2021
Receiving her first injection of the Pfizer vaccine, junior Mira Nalbandian sits at St. Louis Community College. Nalbandian was able to secure the vaccine prior to other people her age because she works in the field of education as a tutor at Kumon. “I had to wait a long time outside to get the vaccine. Once I actually was ready to get the shot I was a little nervous because I don’t like needles, but my nurse was super nice and it all went smoothly,” Nalbandian said. “Even with any inconvenience, it was completely worth it. I hope everyone who has the opportunity to get the vaccine takes it because that’s the only way we can move forward.”

Photo of the Week– April 12

Sara Albarcha, staff writer
April 16, 2021
Carrying the ball forward, left defender and junior Ella Mercer dribbles away from Parkway Central seniors Kaylee Canoy and Brooke Taeckens. Mercer has played soccer since she was five years old and is a three-year member of the varsity team. “Soccer has always been a huge part of my life. I love using it as a way to de-stress and get exercise. No matter what I have going on outside of soccer, as soon as I’m on the field it disappears and I forget about it for an hour and a half,” Mercer said. “Soccer is both a mental and physical sport, you always have to be thinking about the next play, and where you need to be and where the next ball needs to go. I love getting to incorporate both the mental and physical aspect on the field.”

Photo of the Week – April 5

Kathryn McAuliffe, Managing Editor-in-Chief
April 9, 2021
In the library with her Honors English II class, sophomore Alexandra Toombs constructs a board game, Othello Clue. A Shakespearean twist on the original game, the objective is to try to guess who, where and with what item someone is trying to woo your (Othello's) wife, Desdemona.

Photo of the Week– March 29

Fatema Rehmani, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief
April 6, 2021
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