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Running towards the goal on her 8-meter shot, senior Amy Rein focuses on getting around her defenders. The varsity girls lacrosse team played against Westminster Christian Academy on April 4 and lost 4-9. “The most challenging part of the game for me was getting the ball back when we were playing defense. I am a midfielder so I play both attack and defense. When we were playing defense, we had some trouble getting the ball down the field without turning it over,” Rein said. “We overcame this by being persistent and trusting in each other. Even though we still made a lot of mistakes and it was kind of a frustrating game to lose, it gave us a lot of lessons to learn from. Now, for the rest of the season, we know what it takes and we are hungry to win our next games.”

Photo of the Week – April 5

Dana Zafarani, Photo of the Week Editor
April 5, 2024
Center stage, junior Nidhi Pejathaya participates in the Winter Guard performance in the Mar. 8 Pep Assembly. Winter Guard held the student body’s attention with flags, dancing and a story throughout the performance. “This is my first year in guard. At tryouts, I preferred dance because I personally didn’t think I could do a flag, but Nicole, the [Parkway] South guard coach, noticed my work at practices and told our coach that I should be in the front. That was the biggest part for me in the show,” Pejathaya said. “I absolutely adore the team. I’ve played multiple sports and I don’t think a single one has compared to the guard team. Traditionally, we do compliment circles, you cross your right hand over your left, and say a compliment. I’ve only known these girls for three months [and] these girls are the most genuine and kind people I have ever met. You don’t need to act differently, you don’t even have to like what they like, you just have to be you.”

Photo of the Week – March 8

Dana Zafarani, Photo of the Week Editor
March 8, 2024
Plucking the cello, freshman Myra Peters performs at the orchestra concert on Feb. 27. The concert consisted of a variety of performances, from group ensembles to one united group. “This performance was different because I was first chair in concert orchestra for the first time,” Peters said. “I practiced in the orchestra room for a bit and made sure that I had my music down. I also helped a friend with his music to help him get prepared.”

Photo of the Week – March 1

Dana Zafarani, Photo of the Week Editor
March 1, 2024
Clapping to the beat, junior Maddy Tarter smiles while volunteering with Special Olympics in the gymnasium on Feb. 21. Special Olympics is an annual event in which high schoolers spend a day with athletes as they participate in activities such as basketball, face painting and hockey. “While we were walking around Victory Village, we went towards the DJ and made a dance circle. Eventually, all the students wanted to dance with each other,” Tarter said. “I definitely liked having the freedom to walk around and see everyone having fun, and also being able to interact with the athletes and buddies.”

Photo of the Week – February 23

Dana Zafarani, Photo of the Week Editor
February 23, 2024
Under the hoop, senior Chloe Kallaos and the cheer team line up before they begin their cheer routine on Feb. 10. The seniors celebrated by wearing t-shirts that each underclassmen made for them. “My shirt was made by one of my teammates, [sophomore] Elizabeth Knott. It’s a tradition for the underclassmen to make t-shirts for the seniors to wear on their senior night. In my sophomore year, I made one for Madi Nuernberger and Sami Milholland,” Kallaos said. “My favorite part was seeing my fellow seniors fly when some of them dont normally get the chance to fly. It was fun to see my friends try new skills,” Kallaos said.

Photo of the Week – February 16

Dana Zafarani, Photo of the Week Editor
February 16, 2024
Gazing at a tube of DNA, sophomores Matthew Barry, Tawqir Farooq and Colby Yates participate in an experiment in Honors Biology. Students were exploring their DNA by analyzing a soy and alcohol mix. “[My favorite part] was getting to do the experiment with my friends. It was just a lot of fun. [I like] getting to explore what life is made of [in biology class],” Barry said.

Photo of the Week – February 2

Ruthvi Tadakamalla, Social Media Manager
February 2, 2024
Driving with basketball in hand, freshman Ella McNeal dodges her defender. The girls basketball team defeated Visitation Academy 51-36 on Jan. 25. “We did good at the beginning of the game, but then we got better as we understood their plays,” McNeal said. “I was definitely ready for the game. I just knew I had to come to play,” McNeal said.

Photo of the Week – January 26

Dana Zafarani, Photo of the Week Editor
January 26, 2024
Powering through a tunnel of kickboards, senior Abbi VanValkenburgh celebrates the girls swim and dive team senior night. The tradition highlights each senior’s journey through their high school career. “The sophomores and freshmen line up and they smack us in the back. After we run through the tunnel, we wait for our coach to announce our advice to the team along with our thank yous,” VanValkenburgh said. “My advice for the team was not to take the team for granted. We need to make sure we appreciate every moment because our team is so unique and special.”

Photo of the Week – January 19

Dana Zafarani, Photo of the Week Editor
January 19, 2024
Dedicating his full attention, senior Brandon Paul competes his way to become the first place winner of the Ceramics Olympics using mini hands. Every year, the advanced ceramics class holds this competition in place of the final as a fun activity. “This year, [ceramics teacher Ashley] Drissel got two of these mini potters wheels and decided to make this years events challenging. We used a mini hand on the mini wheel, which meant you didn’t actually have much of any control over what youre doing,” Paul said. “The best technique would have to be trying to pull back some of the individual rubber fingers to have more control over the clay as you form it into something that it doesn’t want to be. It was a very strange experience, but I won, so I think I pulled through in the end.”

Photo of the Week – January 12

Dana Zafarani, Photo of the Week Editor
January 12, 2024
During the Sip and Study event after school on Jan. 4, senior Lizzie Duenez enjoys a cup of hot chocolate while on a break. The Sip and Study event provided an opportunity for freshman students to get help from Link Crew leaders, like Duenez, while preparing for their finals. “My role was to help out with Spanish and other classes if the students needed it,” Duenez said. “I connected with the freshmen because I knew their struggles. I was once a freshman myself and I didn’t know anything. It was a chill and relaxing time, especially with hot chocolate.

Photo of the Week – January 5

Dana Zafarani, Photo of the Week Editor
January 5, 2024
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