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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Now presenting, Athletes of West, a podcast featuring Longhorn athletes each session.​​ We bring you stories from the players, both on the ground and behind the scenes, covering individual accomplishments, records they set and break, endurance and fitness, sports leadership and many more. Stay tuned!!

Athletes of West: Episode 4

Raj Jaladi, Newsletter Editor January 26, 2023

  In this episode, meet freshman Cameron Spangler and Hugo Ortbals who are playing on the varsity soccer team as freshmen. Listen on to learn about the secret behind their success.   Raj...

Senior Lydia Brazier pins her opponent, sophomore Savannah Robbinson, in the first minute of their match with a half-nelson, scooping Robbinson’s head while pressing down on her chest. Brazier’s seventh season pin earned her the win against Parkway Central at the Parkway Invitational. Wrestling is not as terrifying a sport as people say it is; it gets easier as you get older. The more that I do that move, the more its instinct rather than just me trying to do it, Brazier said.

Get Ready to Wrestle

Sabrina Urdaneta, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

Before beginning their college football journey, alumni Ja’Marion Wayne and Tre Bell smile after one of their final rides together. The athletes kept in contact and encouraged and inspired each other along their new paths. “I miss everything about high school football. I wish I had another year to play with [alumni] Ja’marion Wayne, Seth Young, Tyree Simms and [senior] Phillip Jordan and [junior] Trent Livingston. I miss all of my guys and playing in front of a student section where you know every kid. It isn’t something you get in college,” Bell said.

We know you miss them!

Makinsey Drake, Multimedia Editor November 22, 2022

Blinding lights, packed stadiums and screaming students, alumni Ja’Marion Wayne, Tre Bell and Seth Young enter a new era of their lives. After retiring their red, white and Columbia blue West uniforms,...

Holding her nose, senior Kennedy Whitaker peeks out of a porta-potty. Porta-potties were created to save time as temporary toilets — perfect for cross country meets. “They are very [beneficial] for my running because they allow me to feel good and not have to go to the bathroom when I run,” Whitaker said.

A cross country porta-potty perspective

Cindy Phung, Staff Writer November 10, 2022

Disclaimer: "Potty" words are mentioned. Six total toilets: >Parkway Quad >Stan Nelson Invitational >Paul Enke Invitational [Sioux Passage] >Dale Shepherd Invitational  >Patriots/Statesmen...

Supporting his team, senior and cornerback Cameron Jehling (40, second from the left) keeps his eye on a kickoff play. Jehling felt more confident about his plays compared to his performance the previous year. “Most people think that to be a good football player, you have to go to the gym, but there’s a famous quote I use for both football and baseball that shows [otherwise]. My coach first told me, ‘a sport is 90% mental, 10% physical.’ I tried this year to be better about the mental aspect of the game instead of the physical,” Jehling said.

Season wrap-up

Madi Michajliczenko, Conceptual Editor in Chief October 21, 2022

As the season ends and the post-season begins, the Longhorn varsity football team stands at a score of 5-4 in class five district two. Take a look at season photos and player reflections in our season...

Clutching the ball on a quarterback run, junior Joseph Federer hustles on the field, attempting to score a touchdown. As a child, Federer grew up watching football. “An NFL player who inspires me is [quarterback] Kyler Murray. He is a very accurate quarterback and can also make tremendous plays with his feet,” Federer said.

Drive to play

Lia Emry, Staff Writer September 27, 2022

According to junior Joseph Federer, leadership and fast thinking are two of the many traits of a successful quarterback. Since transferring from Marquette High School, the 5-foot-11 junior has thrown over...

Knees bent, freshman James Callahan lifts the ball for a fast pass during the 2021 Young Men’s National Championship in Virginia Beach. Despite his high skill level, it is difficult for Callahan to find opportunities to play with other boys. “I can’t play in any tournaments in St. Louis. To get practice with other boys, I’d have to fly out to California or Pennsylvania. You have to spend $400 to pay for the practice, and you pay for a plane ticket. We don’t even know if they’re giving us rooms, [or if] we also have to get the hotel and transportation,” Callahan said.

Sticking with it

Serena Liu, News Editor September 26, 2022

With a tight grip on his stick, freshman James Callahan skillfully carries his ball down the stadium field. He pulls past defenders, keeping his head up to look for passes and charges towards the goal. Callahan...

Checking in with the Parkway West Superfan, Activities Director Jeff Taggart talks with kids during lunch. Taggart looked forward to building connections with students and becoming a part of the school community. [I just want] to be involved, in the cafeteria, at lunchtime, at different sporting events or activities.

‘Longhorn Country, Let’s Ride!’

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief September 20, 2022

Activities Director Jeff Taggart started the school year with an unorganized office and a smile. Taggart has had many job titles, including assistant principal, basketball coach, activities director and...

At the Suburban Conference Green Pool, a track and field competition at Ladue High School, senior Micah Harris starts the first leg in his 4x200 meter relay. Harris, along with seniors Ja’marion Wayne and Tre Bell and junior Brian Cambell, ran a time of 1:30:47 and placed first overall. “In the moment, all I could think about was running my quickest, so we could have a decent lead. It felt good seeing we placed first,” Harris said.

Senior Micah Harris’ journey to Louisiana State University

Samari Sanders , Staff Writer May 27, 2022

Senior Micah Harris’ feet pound quickly on the track, a gust of wind hitting his face. Time rapidly passes as he approaches his last 50 meters. Finally, with a gush of relief, Harris crosses the finish...

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