These movies are ‘snow’ joke


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“Knives Out,” starring Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig, was released Nov. 27.

As the temperatures drop, people may think that it’s the holiday season or finals season, but really, it’s Oscars season. The end of the year brings tons of anticipated films to local theaters, making up for all of the boring summer blockbusters (is that just my pretentious opinion?). No matter what you’re into, there’s bound to be a film this season that you’ll love, so here are a few to keep an eye out for. 

“Little Women” – Out Dec. 25

Here’s the truth: it’s Saorise and Timothée’s world, we’re just living in it. These two reunite under the direction of Greta Gerwig once again to take on the classic book and film, “Little Women.” Add in Laura Dern and Meryl Streep and you’ve got a *chef’s kiss* cast. The warmth, love and beauty of the book shines through in the trailer as the March sisters act out plays and frolic at extravagant balls. Coming out Dec. 25, it’s the perfect film to watch while avoiding the cold over winter break.

“Knives Out” – Out now

Similar to “Little Women,” this cast is chock full of big stars from Chris Evans to Jamie Lee Curtis, yet the star power does not overshadow this incredibly entertaining, Agatha Christie-esque mystery film. While the mystery plot is both intriguing and hilarious, commentary on the ignorance of the wealthy and immigration are integrated smoothly, leaving the viewer with a great sense of satisfaction by the end. I was surprised by how much I liked this film, but it’s irresistibly entertaining with its motley crew of quirky (and sometimes awful) characters and shocking twists. 

“Parasite” – Out now

Want to feel both unsettled AND hopeless? This is the perfect movie for you. Although it’s not uplifting, the film’s intensity and unyielding truths are what make it one of the best of the year. Set in a future version of South Korea, a poor family, the Kims, become deceitfully intertwined with a wealthy family, the Parks, through elaborate, twisted planning. However, this barely touches the surface of what this film is about with its incredible details, symbolism, twists and turns. What I love about this film is that despite the treachery of the Kims, their characterization makes you root for them the whole way through. 

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“Queen and Slim”  – Out now

“Queen and Slim,” starring Daniel Kaluuya of “Get Out,” is another film that will leave you a little depressed about the state of the world. However, films like this are just as important as the ones that allow you to escape this world. A violent situation with a police officer leads two strangers on a first date to go on a journey to escape the country, slowly becoming legends of the black resistance movement. This film perfectly captures the sickening state of racism in America and the violence it creates, both among and within races. The best part of this film is how the characters are basically unaware of their growing fame, forced to face the effect their journey has on the rest of the country.


Although I think the best time to see a movie is literally anytime, it’s even better when you’re escaping cold, wintry weather (or, in Missouri’s case, cold, rainy weather). While these films are very different, they all balance drama, comedy and social commentary with ease, letting you escape into the world on the screen. Check out any of these films–or all of them–and I promise you won’t be disappointed.