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Raj Jaladi

Raj Jaladi, Newsletter Editor/Data Analyst

Pronouns: he/him

Grade: 12

Years on staff: 4

What is your favorite piece of literature? "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

Who is your hero? Ghandi.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mac & cheese.

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Senior Chris Gray and senior Max Brophy get ready to face off in their debate on gun control in America. Both of them have been discussing political issues since middle school history class. “I think it’s important to have these difficult conversations so that we can all learn from each other on important issues,” Gray said.

Pathfinder Debates: Gun control

Raj Jaladi, Newsletter Editor
November 6, 2023
Loading the hands and getting ready to swing it, Senior Grant Meert is taking his place to face the pitch in the last game of the season against Marquette High School. Meert has been playing baseball since age three.“I love baseball and like with anything else in life, youre gonna have your ups and downs,” Meert said.


Raj Jaladi, Newsletter Editor
June 1, 2023
2023 National Merit Finalists: Starting from top left, Bennett Christofferson, Jacob Rushing, Alan Song, Ethan DeLuca, Nathan Zhou, Joseph Britt, Katherine Evans, Nikita Bhaskar, Rohan Dagubatti, Noah Schell, Owen Arneson, Mitchell Harms, Allie Byergo, Shiv Sharma, Wilson Gao

Meet the 2023 National Merit Finalists

Raj Jaladi, Newsletter Editor
April 11, 2023
Now presenting, Athletes of West, a podcast featuring Longhorn athletes each session.​​ We bring you stories from the players, both on the ground and behind the scenes, covering individual accomplishments, records they set and break, endurance and fitness, sports leadership and many more. Stay tuned!!

Athletes of West: Episode 4

Raj Jaladi, Newsletter Editor
January 26, 2023
While students use social media to connect virtually to others and access information, social media platforms use algorithms to personalize the information presented to users. “I like that recommendations make it a lot easier to find content that interests me,” junior Michael Emerson said. “But it also frightens me because sometimes it makes it hard to get off the scrolling and clicking cycle and makes me feel like I‘m glued to my phone.”

Algorithms of students’ digital world

Raj Jaladi, Newsletter Editor
January 10, 2023
Five Week Fantasy Football Recap

Five Week Fantasy Football Recap

Raj Jaladi, Newsletter Editor
October 24, 2022

From Novice to Pro in Chess

Raj Jaladi, Multimedia Editor
January 12, 2022

“Run It” by DJ Snake

Raj Jaladi, Staff Writer
January 5, 2022
Focusing in, sophomore Brian Wright looks through the eyepiece of his microscope to observe a species of microorganisms. During Biology lab, Wright used a microscope to study the structure of a fungal cell and its similarities with plant cells which provides hints to evolution. ”It was amazing making connections about how we may have evolved from tiny single-cell organisms,” Wright said. “I found microscopes interesting because you can observe things that you can’t regularly see, and dive into the depths of our nature.”

Photo of the week – Oct. 15

Raj Jaladi, Video Editor
October 15, 2021
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