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Experience a Day in My Life: A Day in Silence


Raj Jaladi 0:01
Welcome, welcome to Pathfinder podcast in our series on experience a day in my life a day in silence. We are here today with sophomore Caitlin Meyer, who is a student with the DHH program, which is a program for the deaf and hard of hearing students at Parkway. And we are joined by Sammy Wilson, who was going to interpret what I say into sign language for Kate, thank you both for joining. How are the two of you doing this morning?

Interpreter for Kate 0:27
Or good? Thanks. How are you?

Raj Jaladi 0:29
I’m doing pretty well. glad this worked out after a couple of difficulties.

Yes, me too.

So can you tell us your journey with the DHH program?

Interpreter for Kate 0:42
Yeah, sure. I started at Cid, the Central Institute for the Deaf. And then I went to Ladue, early childhood, and then to Bell reef Elementary, and then West Middle School. And here I am at West High School.

Raj Jaladi 0:59
And so can you share with us a day in your life?

Interpreter for Kate 1:04
Yeah, sure. I wake up in the morning just like everybody else and get ready, I put my implants on. And then I take the bus. When I get here to school, I go to the class, my classes and the interpreters meet me in my classes. So I work with the interpreters. And then I go through my day, just like that. And when I get home, I can communicate easily with my mom, one on one, we sign. And then I do homework, you know, and hang out with my friends and go to bed.

Raj Jaladi 1:48
Perfect. And you talked a lot about a school there, do you? How do you like the ProQuest? System? For the DHH?

Interpreter for Kate 1:58
Oh, it’s really good. It’s a great program. It’s fantastic. We have teaching support, we have people who understand sign language and deafness. It’s just a great program.

Raj Jaladi 2:11
Perfect. And can you share with us your experience in the classroom with peers and teachers?

Interpreter for Kate 2:21
Well, um, but the peers of teachers, sometimes it’s a little hard, because I don’t always understand what they’re saying. But when I have an interpreter there, then the interpreter helps me to fully understand what’s going on. So I know what to do and what’s happening.

Raj Jaladi 2:40
Perfect. And what is one thing you look forward to every day?

Interpreter for Kate 2:48
Oh, seeing my deaf friends and hanging out together and communicate because communication is so easy.

Raj Jaladi 2:57
Yeah, I can definitely relate to that. I love seeing my friends, too. And can you give us some examples of memorable and good interactions with hearing peers at school?

Interpreter for Kate 3:09
Oh, sure. Well, I have friends here. And also with the who at lunch who signed hearing friends who sign and they sit with us and they can sign easily and communicate. So that’s nice. So if I’m if they sit with a group from our program, we can all sign easily and communicate with each other. And it really helps through the day to have the interpreter there of course to interact with people.

Raj Jaladi 3:40
That’s great. And you? Well poker was offers a lot of extracurriculars, and you participate in several extracurriculars. And you were vice president of the sign language club. How was your experience been with those activities and working with hearing peers?

Interpreter for Kate 3:57
Well, before I was the vice president, but now I’m not someone else’s. But that really helped me to make friends and get to know different people. And also just to be around people here, you know, to just know people.

Raj Jaladi 4:16
Perfect. And what do you like most at West so we mentioned that you liked their program, but what do you like most?

Interpreter for Kate 4:29
Oh, my mama. I like that there’s a great support system here. That it’s easy to understand everybody.

Raj Jaladi 4:42
That’s wonderful. And so what do you think it’d be different and better at West if you have any suggestions?

Interpreter for Kate 4:54
Um, gosh I think If the teachers are willing to work with us, like the gen ed teachers would work with us maybe. And learn some sign language that would be great. It would be easy or easier for us to communicate and work together.

Raj Jaladi 5:21
Well, thank you for that. We really learned a lot from this and guess what are you doing the rest of the day? Anything special?

Interpreter for Kate 5:28
No. Just doing some just working like normal.

Raj Jaladi 5:33
And then have a great day. Thank you everyone for listening.

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Experience a Day in My Life: A Day in Silence