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Tune into “Parkway West Coaches Corner”

Softball coach Jeff Chazen and boys basketball Coach John Wright pose with Tim Corteville, a retired teacher and coach of boys basketball, boys track and boys volleyball. Chazen and Wright began a podcast over the summer after discussing the idea together. “It’s fun to look at current and past coaches and players from Parkway West athletics. There are some great stories and memories that are shared,” Chazen said.

Leah Schroeder, Staff Writer

September 9, 2019

Upbeat music plays as head boys basketball coach John Wright and varsity softball coach Jeff Chazen introduce their guest star in their new podcast, “Coaches Corner.” This podcast covers a variety of topics, ranging from coaching philosophies to athletic happenings at West.  History teachers John Wright and...

Cross country team comes together by practicing in the off-season

During Red and Blue night on August 27  the boys’ Cross country team came together for their first race of the season. Before racing against each other, the team captains divided the teammates into red, white and blue teams. “My teammates definitely motivate me to get better, whether it's through giving encouragement or making plans to train together,” senior Dawson Ren said.  “I'm really glad to have such awesome teammates, and I've grown really close to them. Racing with them is another joy, because we can spur each other on during competition.”

Jacob Stanton, Staff Writer

September 6, 2019

Waking up with the sun, athletes on the boys and girls cross country teams unite at 6 a.m. to begin their weekly practices in hopes of improving for the upcoming fall season. “The thing about running during the offseason is how well it prepares you for the regular season,” senior captain Emma Ca...

Olympic Rowing Development Camp trains junior Emma Wistuba for success

Aside from learning rowing techniques and mindset skills, junior Emma Wistuba also spends time bonding with friends during her month-long stay. The girls resided in dorm rooms and spent breaks getting to know one another. “There are always going to be people that you don't get along [with] and ODP helped me overcome that. I knew I wasn't going to [immediately] get along with everybody, so I went out of my way to be nice and do things,” Wistuba said. “One night, the whole floor came into my room, and we started making friendship bracelets. That's what we did, and we just had fun. That's important for my future because I'm going to have to do that around people who I really don't like, and it's important that you can take those people and turn them into people that you can be friends with.”

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

September 6, 2019

An email pops in junior Emma Wistuba’s inbox from the US Rowing Olympic Development Camp (ODP). “Congratulations,” it reads, “You’re accepted!” Submitting an application led to Wistuba’s invitation to spend a month in Philadelphia, where she focused solely on getting fitter and faster. “I got ...

Sophomore Paige Wehrmeister develops wrestling skills at National Championships

Watching teammates wrestle from the bleachers, sophomore Paige Wehrmeister and teammate Emma Cole bond through their common interests. Following the trip to Fargo, Wehrmeister continued to spend time with the friends she made during her trip to Fargo. “We were all representing the same state, and after all that time together, I developed close friendships with some of the girls,” Wehrmeister said.

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

August 22, 2019

The stadium seats rise up around her with the capacity to seat 19,000. On the mat wrestling at the U.S. Marine Corps Junior Nationals, also known as Fargo, is sophomore Paige Wehrmeister. Wehrmeister traveled with her team, consisting of around 100 boys and 56 girls, to Fargo, N.D. from July 12 to 19 in ho...

Sophomore Ella Roesch utilizes grit and God to win soccer championships

Posing with her team on the champions stage, sophomore Ella Roesch holds one finger up, indicating that her Lou Fusz Blue team won first place in the US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional Championships June 26 in Saginaw, Mich. Roesch’s team beat out teams from 15 other states, all located in the Midwest, beating Iowa Rush 3-1 in the finals. “The first goal of the game was my favorite part because I got the assist. The one who scored was one of my good friends on the team and ran right to me. We practice our celebrations, so we showed off to our parents. It was a lot of fun, but after celebrating, it was back to game time,” Roesch said.

Claire LeDuc, Staff Writer

August 19, 2019

Looking at the field in front of her, sophomore Ella Roesch hears the first whistle blow in Saginaw, Mich. for the final game that week during the US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional Championships. Roesch’s Lou Fusz Soccer Club team is taking on Iowa Rush in the Championship game. Roesch’s team played f...

Baseball team celebrates another season of superstition, awards and hot wings

Finishing his swing, senior outfielder Jackson Barnhart gets a base hit to centerfield. Barnhart and his fellow “troops” defeated Ritenour High School on their senior night 18-2. “I like to be the trendsetter. I like to pick our guys up while we are down, and I like to just have fun with it,” Barnhart said. “I specifically remember this game I was having more fun playing than usual because it was my last senior night, and I was dancing and singing in the outfield, just doing my best to help us play better.”

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer

May 16, 2019

From pregame rituals to weekly awards, superstitions have been a part of the baseball program. Each level of play has their own unique awards and rituals. On the C-team, there are three different awards given out every week: a “Silver Stick” for the best batter, “Gold Glove” for the best ...

Freshman Benjamin Noonan leaps over the competition

Winning second place at the Jump Star Horse Trials Sept. 27-28, freshman Benjamin Noonan and his horse jump over obstacles on a set course. Noonan rode for two hours that day in preparation for the first part of the competition. “I messed up my dressage score, I scored a 33.1, but you want to be anywhere in the low 20’s. For my next competition, I had to sit down and tell myself to relax once I started riding, so I don’t overthink and mess up this score,” Noonan said.

Samantha Schultz, Convergent Media Writer

May 15, 2019

Braiding his horses hair, freshmen Benjamin Noonan listens to classical music to calm his nerves and get his head into the game before the dressage, the first phase of the horseback riding competition. As the dressage begins, Noonan must forget everything. He must stay calm in hopes of keeping his hors...

Football beyond Friday nights: senior Jackson Barnhart’s journey to Lindenwood University

Under the lights of the crowded stadium, senior Jackson Barnhart watches junior Luke Ward make a tackle after a passing the ball to him. Barnhart scored 124 points this season and 1054 rushing yards this season. “I was worried about the running back getting through me and having to make the tackle,” Barnhart said.

Ross Harter, Staff Writer

May 10, 2019

You might know him from his name being called over the loudspeaker during Friday night football games after a complete pass, or for winning first in districts wrestling. What you do not see is the player staying after practice in hopes of making a career out of football. Senior Jackson Barnhart recently committed t...

Senior Erika Anstine signs to Quincy University

Warming up before the game against Fort Zumwalt East, senior Erika Anstine, the varsity goalkeeper leads her team to a one to zero victory. As of April 11, of the seven games played [and won], Anstine has only had four goals scored against her. “I'm really excited for this season, I think there is a lot of skill on this team and we are off to a really great start, being undefeated. I think this season will definitely be a good one and I'm excited to see where it goes,” Anstine said.

Ella Mercer, Convergent Media Writer

April 25, 2019

Playing soccer since preschool, senior Erika Anstine decided that she wanted to continue at the next level and carry forward on her soccer journey. “I was really excited when I found out about the scholarship [to play at Quincy]. I had not decided I wanted to play in college until late freshman year...

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