Week three: Fantasy football start or sit

For most players, week two was very hit or miss. A lot of players put up career-high numbers, and a lot of players had career lows. The beginning of this season has been everything but predictable. Calling the shots for fantasy teams has been a bigger struggle than ever.

Quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers have all been a question mark these last two weeks, and it’s looking like week three will stay the same. With all of this mystery coming into the new week, let’s look into the big names for who should start and who should sit.


Jumping straight into the action, let’s talk about Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kyler Murray, who is my personal favorite for MVP. Murray, through the two weeks, is averaging more than 33 points per game and outdoing his projected points by almost 12 each week. Traveling to Jacksonville, Florida, Murray and the Cardinals elite receiver core is going to torch the Jaguars poor defense. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Kyler Murray on their team should be starting him this week.

After two weeks in a row of below-par performances by the Cleveland Browns quarterback, Baker Mayfield, it may be time to sit him. The former Heisman Trophy winner has played disappointing so far this year, especially with all of the pass-catching weapons he has. Putting up less than 35 combined points this season, Mayfield should see your bench in week three.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has been picking apart defenses so far. Averaging over 25 points per game, Hurts is heading to Dallas to play the Cowboys, who are ranked eighteenth among all defenses in the NFL. After throwing for 190 yards against the 49ers (ranked nine among all NFL defenses) Hurts should be fun to watch on Monday night, and should start on your team this week.

Running Backs:

Week Three: Fantasy football start or sit. (Infographic designed by Michael Lolley.)

Derrick Henry is back to doing his thing. The Tennessee Titans leading rusher went off against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, putting up 182 yards on 35 attempts. Henry put up 41.7 fantasy points after finding the endzone three times in his monumental game. After his shaky week one performance, Henry was questionable if he will continue his greatness, and the 27-year-old proved he isn’t backing down yet. King Henry should be starting in every league this week.

Moving to the City of Angels, the Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler has had two good games against two tough run-stopping defenses. Ekeler averaged 55.5 rushing yards per game and was involved in the passing game in week two, seeing nine targets. Going into Kansas City, who has struggled to stop the run against the Browns and the Ravens, Ekeler is a good choice to start in week three, as it will be hard for the Chiefs to stop him.

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara has been stifled all season. Against Green Bay, he averaged just barely over four yards per carry, and against Carolina he only had eight rushes for five yards. Until Kamara can break free and have a big game this season, I think his best use is warming up the bench on your fantasy lineup.

Wide receivers/tight ends:

George Kittle needs to start playing like George Kittle. The once arguably best tight end in the league San Francisco 49er doesn’t even look like himself anymore. Who once was compared to some of the greatest tight ends to ever play is now just a mediocre tight end. Kittle has scored a measly 9.5 combined points in fantasy so far, with 7.8 of those coming in week one. As good as he once was, Kittle should be seeing everyones bench until he can prove himself worthy.

On a much, much happier note. Los Angeles Rams wide receiver number one has been going off through the beginning of this young season. Cooper Kupp through two games has caught 16 passes, combining for a whopping 271 yards and three touchdowns. With his new quarterback, Kupp has been able to prove his value to the whole NFL, shocking many fans along the way. Cooper Kupp is the man to have this season, and that’s why he should be starting.

Moving away from California, let’s talk about Pittsburgh’s new offensive threat. Everyone knows about Juju Smith-Schuster and Chase Claypool, but how about the Steelers second-year receiver, Diontae Johnson? The stud is making a name for himself. While being surrounded by two other elite pass catchers, Johnson has still found a way to make himself noticeable, scoring an average of just over 10 fantasy points per game. Diontae Johnson has been underrated this season, and a good candidate for a starting role on your team.

Now that we have our starters in the game, and our sitters on the bench, it’s time to sit back and (hopefully) relax while the games unfold. Good luck to you and all of your starters, as we kick off the third week of NFL action.