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Varsity girls soccer team kicks it up a notch to Class 4 districts

In a soccer game against Nerinx hall, senior Ashton Manwill goes up for a head ball off a corner kick. The girls varsity soccer team beat Nerinx Hall 2-1. “I was really excited because in all my years of playing Nerinx it was the first time we have ever beat them, which was just the best feeling,” Manwill said.

Abby Purdum, Convergent Media Writer

April 24, 2019

Competition emerged for the girl's soccer team as they are now competing with schools as large as 2,223 students in Class 4 district from Class 3. “Historically, all of the Rockwood schools are larger than Parkway Schools and it could be upwards of a thousand more kids than ours,” varsity socc...

Balancing between passion and demand: the student-athlete grind

Freshman Tre Bell runs the ball up the court during the Coaches versus Cancer game against Lindbergh. Bell has been playing basketball since he was six years old. “I just try to be myself. I don’t try to go out of my role,” Bell said. “I just try to make my teammates better but at the same time make myself better.”

Drew Boone and Michael Lolley

April 23, 2019

From playing catch in the backyard with friends to following a strict schedule and hoping their passion grants a way to their future, student-athletes feel the pressure from parents and coaches to take their talents to the next level. Since childhood, freshman Tre Bell has been perfecting his jump ...

Girls lacrosse program continues to grow

Stick in the air, junior Charlotte Zera follows the ball in a varsity game against Lafayette April 2. Zera first started playing lacrosse when a tennis teammate encouraged her to try out for the team. “The kind of culture I hope to inspire in the lacrosse program is one where everyone can freely make friends and help each other grow not only in lacrosse, but in their character, sportsmanship and athleticism,” Zera said.

Claire Smout, Awards Coordinator

April 18, 2019

Following the growing trend of the team’s roster increasing the past three years, the girls’ lacrosse program reached a record 60 athletes for the 2019 season. Having a larger team has consequently allowed the team to grow in other areas, improving from an 11-11-1 varsity record for 2016 to a 17...

Freshman Ella Roesch gets sent to the hospital during varsity soccer game

Freshman Ella Roesch lays in a hospital bed in the emergency room during the varsity game against Nerinx Hall, April 12. Roesch was hit during the game, and was rushed to the hospital. “I was scared that I was going to be seriously hurt. But when the CT scan came back negative, I was extremely relieved,” Roesch said.

Irene Yannakakis, Staff Writer

April 15, 2019

The scoreboard read 25:00 minutes remaining in the second half of the varsity girls’ soccer game against Nerinx Hall on April 12. Freshman Ella Roesch was sprinting towards the ball when a player on the opposition ran into her, causing Roesch to fall to the ground. Next thing she knew, she was surroun...

Teams battle over bones for bragging rights

The girls soccer program will compete against the boys baseball program in the first annual battle of the bones.

Irene Yannakakis, Staff Writer

April 12, 2019

The ultimate battle has begun. The girls’ soccer and boys’ baseball programs are going head-to-head in the first ever Battle of the Bones, a chicken wing eating contest. Battle of the Bones will take place at The Shack Saturday, April 13. The goal is to fundraise money for each program. The players were given paperwork where the...

From a failed dream to a future Olympian

During a game against the Lindbergh Flyers, sophomore Karen Trevor-Roberts guards her goal. “I do everything to make sure the ball doesn’t get into the goal, even during practice when a lot of balls are being shot against me,” Trevor-Roberts said. “[Field hockey] gives you a family. It teaches me teamwork and even helps with social skills. It also teaches me how to balance school and sports.”

Zoe DeYoung, Convergent Media Writer

April 11, 2019

"Speechless." That is how sophomore Karen Trevor-Roberts describes the moment she discovered she will be attending Sport EuroTour Drivjer GK Academy in Amsterdam, deemed to have the “top training and competition abroad,” for field hockey goalies. While eating lunch at West County Mall, Trevor...

Cradling into the new season, the girls lacrosse team adapts to new rules

Looking for an open teammate, junior Jenna Mercer travels down the field in a game against Pattonville. The game went into overtime with a score of 6-6 until Mercer scored the game winning goal. “I was so excited and surprised because I didn't think It was going to make it, but then I saw it did and hearing everyone cheer was so exciting,” Mercer said.

Kenzi Sampson, Convergent Media Writer

March 30, 2019

As another season kicks off, the girl's lacrosse teams faces the challenge of adjusting to the new rule of self-start. “I was scared because I knew it would be hard to get used to, it was a big learning curve. When I first started playing lacrosse you had to stop when the whistle blew, now that I'm u...

Winter sports recap

Putting his arm up to block the defender, junior Kyle Geraghty drives to the hole to score a basket.Geraghty averaged 6.7 points per game on 37.4% field goal shooting this season. “It’s been a rough season. At the end of the day, it was all about making relationships with the guys and the experience you’ll look back on in high school,” Geraghty said. “Even though our record doesn’t show it, I’ve had a good time this season.”

Drew Boone and Michael Lolley

March 27, 2019

Boys Basketball After struggling with a season riddled with injury and adversity, the boys varsity basketball is looking to bounce back in future seasons. “Last year we had seven wins and the year before that we had 19 wins. This was my ninth year coaching at the varsity level. We have had years that...

Redefining himself, senior Tarek Baig overcomes racism on the ice

Gliding on the ice, senior Tarek Baig demonstrates sportsmanship and drive as a team captain. As a captain, Baig attempts to create a hardworking environment to promote success for his team. “Making the right plays on the ice and working as hard as possible sets a good example of what success costs day in and day out. I tell people ‘nice play’ or lines like that so they know people are watching and are happy with how they're playing,” Baig said.

Susie Seidel, Staff Writer

March 26, 2019

‘Terrorist’, ‘number 18 is a terrorist’, ‘why aren’t you riding a camel?’ are all comments that no longer phase senior Tarek Baig as he skates across the ice. “I'm sure people say it every game, but I usually hear it every other game. People will usually say it behind your back and n...

Girls varsity basketball team looks for players to take on new roles headed towards districts

Senior guard Tess Allgeyer stands at the top of the key and searches for a play to make. The team makes a point to learn from their losses and improve their strategy each game. “We regularly reflect on our progress and talk about lessons learned from difficult losses, but also the wins.  If we continue to get better each day we play, we will be ready [for districts],” Boedecker said.

Tre Bell, Staff Writer

March 11, 2019

With the 2019 season already underway, the girls varsity basketball team is pushing players to fill new roles to end the year with a strong finish. “Our goal is to continue to focus on the regular [season] games we have left so we can then direct our attention on districts and creating a game p...

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