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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Freshman and goalie Rachel Livak reaches out to save the ball from going in the net and prevents  a point for Ladue. Livak made the varsity team and has led the St. Louis area in saves with 213. “The most memorable part of my season was when they were telling us what teams were going to be on, I honestly kind of knew when I was told to go talk to Lovercheck and Herpel, but it was still an amazing feeling to know that I did it,” Livak said.

From softball catcher to lacrosse goalie, freshman Rachel Livak defends her rankings

Tre Bell, Staff Writer June 1, 2021

In her first year ever playing lacrosse, freshman Rachel Livak is leading the St. Louis area in goalie saves with 213. “I was convinced to play lacrosse by my parents, because I love to play sports...

Freshman May Trejo-Vasquezs rollercoaster quince

Freshman May Trejo-Vasquez’s rollercoaster quince

Ashlyn Gillespie, Staff Writer April 21, 2021

Between arguing for refunds on cancellations, traveling to San Antonio, Texas and rehearsing with her friends and family, freshman May Trejo-Vasquez has been in crunch mode for the biggest event of her...

Freshman Jules Biondo is expanding her way through her boredom in these uncertain times. Biondo had a way of making cooking her hobby while quarantined. “I’m so happy that I could take my time being quarantined and turn it into something very fun, exciting and is now a passion/hobby of mine,” Biondo said.

Quarantine Cuisine: top five Italian recipes from freshman Jules Biondo

Karina Christ April 6, 2020

We all love spaghetti and meatballs, but there’s more to Italian food than just the classics. Italian food can be traced down through centuries, offering various tasty plates to the public. With Italy's...

Sewing two layers of a mask together, freshman Hannah Choi creates masks to donate to BJC hospital, the police department and nursing homes. Choi’s neighbor gave her the idea to donate masks to first responders. “This is the first time I’ve ever sewn, so it’s new to me, but sewing is helping me pass time. Once you start, it’s kind of addicting, and it takes away my boredom,” Choi said.

Photo of the Week – March. 30

Tre Bell, Staff Writer April 3, 2020

Adjusting the different pieces of her outfit, sophomore Emily O’Connor displays her style. O’Connor often finds her clothes at thrift stores, such as Avalon Exchange. “[When I find something while thrifting] I get so excited. It’s really fun and I always try to think of what would look good with other pieces when I’m [thrifting],” O’Connor said. “[Thrifting] definitely expands your life and your wardrobe.”

Students and staff express themselves through fashion

Mira Nalbandian and Leah Schroeder February 28, 2020

Using their clothes to express their feelings and personality, students and staff describe what goes into their fashion choices and the impact it has on their daily life.

Freshman Ashlynn Gillespie reads about algebra outside of her class.

Ashlynn Gillespie

Brinda Ambal and Drew Boone November 5, 2019

Despite her parents restricting her social media to keep her safe, freshman Ashlynn Gillespie feels she should have the opportunity to participate. Social media restrictions are not the only limitations...

Freshman Ibrahim Kuziez works to organize materials in engineering class.

Ibrahim Kuziez

Brinda Ambal and Drew Boone November 5, 2019

Even though his parents are fairly active on social media, freshman Ibrahim Kuziez has yet to see the benefits of using social media outweigh the consequences. Kuziez instead places higher importance...

Fresh off their first performance at Red and Blue Night, freshman Kelsea Wilson hugs her sister, senior Kristin Wilson, excited that they completed their first routine together. Both tried out for poms and were excited to make varsity, it being the only year they will both be on the team. “My favorite part is the games, getting ready with her beforehand and having our parents get to watch us both perform,” Kristin said.

Senior Kristin Wilson and freshman Kelsea Wilson take advantage of the chance to dance as teammates

Susie Seidel, Convergence Media Editor September 11, 2019

Sisters share lots of things, whether it be clothes, shoes, a car or even a room. This year, senior Kristin Wilson and freshman Kelsea Wilson are sharing a one time experience of dancing on the varsity...

Landing her triple jump, freshman Laurel Rakers competes in a track meet against Parkway South, April 10. Rakers worked with both coaches and older teammates to perfect her jumps and cites senior Tess Allgeyer as one of her role models on the team. “I just started this year. I really liked long jumping, and my coach wanted me to try the triple jump. I loved it, Rakers said. The support from [the team] and the coaches keep you going.”

Photo of the week – April 8

Emma Caplinger, Podcast Artist April 12, 2019

Matthys-Pearce shows off a skill she’s been working on to take to the regional competition April 13. Visualization and repetition are tools Matthys-Pearce uses to help her pin down her skills during practice, along with keeping a positive attitude. “I have a script written out that I say of all my mental cues, so I don’t get in my head and worry. I do this in practice too, so it’s the same. I really work to keep it more consistent. I started it this year and have already seen a huge improvement in my consistency,” Matthys-Pearce said. “During the routine I tell myself to just breathe and enjoy it because you don’t get to do gymnastics all your life. It’s a very limited time, so you’ve just got to enjoy it.”

Freshman Paige Matthys-Pearce brings dedication and perseverance to Regionals

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer April 12, 2019

The gym is a blur of activity, a whirlwind of nerves, excitement and raw competition. In the midst of it all, standing proud in a pink and black sparkly leotard, is freshman Paige Matthys-Pearce: winner...

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