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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


“I like that Im able to socialize with all my friends at sports practices. I would say one of my biggest setbacks has been the summer between seventh and eighth grade when I injured my foot and I was unable to play with my soccer team [during] state cup for two games. My soccer team. That [experience] was definitely [a bad time for me] and it really did not make me feel good. [During this period of my life], A piece of advice [was given to me by] one of my soccer coaches who told me to ‘have the memory of a goldfish’. So the idea of this is that its good to learn from your mistakes, but you can learn from them too much [and not value the life lessons in the midst]. Thats really changed how I go about school sports, friendships, all that sort of stuff because you cant live in the past [and will have to move on to the future]. I think that getting past mistakes and moving on from them can really benefit you in the long run.” -Cal Kampelman, 9

Cal Kampelman

Dono Qualls, CJ1 Writer February 7, 2024

“[I want to do something in life] that interests me. [I’m] going to keep that [same mindset throughout my] life for a long time and [am] probably going to have a job related to [my interests]. You have to do things that you enjoy, and that makes you happy because that is what you’ll be putting your life and all your blood, sweat and tears into. If you don’t you could end up in a bad situation. You need to [prepare yourself], learn about the subject [that intertwines with your interests] and prepare yourself for what could be coming [in the future].” - Puneeth Thotapalli, 9

Puneeth Thotapalli

Hrushi Eluru, CJ1 Writer February 2, 2024

“My biggest passion is graffiti. I love putting my name on stuff. I love the style, and the improvement [I make]. People overlook it, but once you start trying to do it, its a lot harder than it might look. I love creating art. I love making new designs, sketching my notebook and painting. I think that making art in general, is what makes me me. I think other people think Im unique because I have an interesting history and an interesting life because not a lot of people are into [things that I’m interested in]. My history was sour, but I think its what made me. I dont care about how Im perceived. As long as [people] like me for me. I want [to be surrounded by] the type of people that bring me up, [and rely on them to] help me back up if I fall down.” - Ryan Mues, 9

Ryan Mues

Quinton Wallace, CJ1 Writer December 7, 2023

“Something exciting in my life right now is cheerleading. I have been [doing competitive cheer] for five years. I always wanted to be on a high school cheer team and be a part of that [community]. Even though cheer is something I look forward to every day it can clash with some of the other things I really enjoy doing. For example, when I want to hang out with my friends after school I can’t because I have [practice]. Time management and balance are things that get pushed to the side because of it too. Sometimes I can’t get all of my homework done in time and that is something I’m still trying to work on. But I think with practice and more time I will be able to get a good balance on everything.”-Zowie Hrabak, 9

Zowie Hrabak

Penelope Kilgore, CJ1 Writer December 5, 2023

”High school so far has been fun. Its not as stressful and Im not as nervous as I thought I would be. My favorite part about high school so far has been journalism. I like journalism because it gives you the freedom to use your strengths in different ways. I also enjoy algebra. Not a lot of people like math, but I find it really fun. I have a really good teacher and I think that helps a lot with liking a class. I play golf, soccer, and volleyball. Soccer probably [means the most] because Ive played it for a very long time. [It is special] because I can relate to people in my family. My brother plays soccer, my dad used to play and its fun for the whole family to go watch it or play it together. Something thats important to me is getting good grades because I want to go to college. I want to have the best grades that I can [have] so I can set myself up for success. As of right now, I want to be some sort of photographer. Right now Im really into concert photography [because] it looks really fun. Photography is special to me because you just get to capture moments in time and you can share things that people don’t get to see.” - Laney Thomas,  9

Laney Thomas

Ramielle Sanna, CJ1 Writer December 1, 2023

“[High School] is definitely better than middle school. [I’ve been on] the step team [since middle school]. It’s been around for many years. What [we] do as a team is a form of cultural African American dance that originated in the 1800s to communicate without words. It has been used by sororities and fraternities for 50 plus years. In elementary, they came to perform at my school. So [then] I was interested in it and it made me want to join when I got to sixth grade. My mom has supported me every step of the way since I was in sixth grade. And she intends on doing it until I decide I don’t want to be on the team anymore. I look up to my mother because she has always put 10 toes down [ & devoted herself ] to me, and she just supports me in every way. She always has my back. [Step has] impacted my life, Ive made new friends, of course. Ive actually learned more by being on the step team. Education wise, it has [even] helped me get my grades up.” - Trent Young, 9

Trent Young

Niharika Vaidya, CJ1 Writer November 8, 2023

 “Its nice having [my dad, senior principal Mario Pupillo] in the building, [but] Its kind of funny [because] everybody knows who he is. I [could be] walking to lunch [and see] him in the hallway. I stay after school and sit in [my dad’s] office and get most of my homework done between 2:30-4:30 p.m., [because I have] cheerleading [soon after]. [It’s good because] the workload and the amount of homework is a lot. Im taking a few honors classes, but [they are] pretty manageable. I try not to procrastinate my homework [because] I would like to have all As and Bs. So, [going to my dad’s office after school] is really nice because I can get a lot of [homework] done before going to practice [by] having him here.” - Gabriella Pupillo, 9

Gabriella Pupillo

Sophie McCarthy, Staff Writer October 23, 2023

My favorite part of being on the softball team is definitely just having fun with all the girls. It’s so fun talking to them about everything and especially school-wise, because they’re older. So they can kind of help and answer questions because most of them have been in the same position. I would say I look up to all of them. I feel like they [are all] role models for the freshman. I think the hardest thing about playing softball is definitely the mental side of it. Its really hard not to [bring yourself down], but I think you just have to be confident and that will help a lot. When I have a slump, its really difficult to get out of it. The upperclassmen, coaches, and my parents have helped a lot with my [struggles] . I feel like you just have to surround yourself with the right people that will help you. - Kennedy Shea, 9

Kennedy Shea

Rylee Fahs, CJ1 Writer October 20, 2023

“I’m really enjoying my band classes. Im taking both Concert and Jazz Band. Im really having fun playing in both of those and having that community. I am in marching band and so having been able to meet people before the school year and go around the school and meet actually a couple of my teachers. It was just kind of special and nice to be able to form those relationships and be able to know who I can truly come to if I need to. I guess [people who inspire me are] the  upperclassmen who Im friends with. Just being able to see them work through like their own work and talk about the classes that theyre taking and seeing them do their work whenever  they can. I guess its one of my big motivators because it kind of gives me a look into what Ill be expecting over my next four years, and it just gives me a bit of a view. - Rowan Ravenscraft, 9

Rowan Ravenscraft

Anna Wunsch, CJ1 Writer October 18, 2023

“[My biggest challenge] is balancing school work, friends and family in high school. [When] you go to school, you learn a lot, you go home and you have so much homework so you have no time for family or friends. In life, you need a good balance of everything. When you have so much homework, its really hard. Sometimes I dont get all my homework done and then theres consequences later. I’m still working on that. Usually, I go home and I try to take a break for a while. Ill talk with my family, go on my phone and have a snack. Then, Ill try [to] get some homework done. If I dont get all that done, I tell myself its fine and I go to sleep because getting a lot of sleep is important.” - Samantha Doolittle, 9

Samantha Doolittle

Ruthvi Tadakamalla, CJ1 Writer May 31, 2023

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