Senior Kristin Wilson and freshman Kelsea Wilson take advantage of the chance to dance as teammates


Caroline Judd

Fresh off their first performance at Red and Blue Night, freshman Kelsea Wilson hugs her sister, senior Kristin Wilson, excited that they completed their first routine together. Both tried out for poms and were excited to make varsity, it being the only year they will both be on the team. “My favorite part is the games, getting ready with her beforehand and having our parents get to watch us both perform,” Kristin said.

Sisters share lots of things, whether it be clothes, shoes, a car or even a room. This year, senior Kristin Wilson and freshman Kelsea Wilson are sharing a one time experience of dancing on the varsity poms team together.  

Coming from a competitive dance background, Kelsea was eager to try out for poms as a freshman. Kristin, having taken a year off of poms her junior year, also tried out for her senior year. 

“Kristin did it her freshman and sophomore year and she loved it, and I love to dance and have since I was little,” Kelsea said. “Since it’s her senior year, I want her to have a good time and enjoy it.”

Kristin said her previous experience allows her to help Kelsea adjust to being on the team. 

“I decided to try out again because Kelsea was interested, and two of my really good friends are the captains,” Kristin said. “Since I’ve been on poms before, I can show her the ropes and help guide her during her first year.”

Both sisters agree that there are advantages and disadvantages of being teammates. 

“With Kelsea on the team, we can help each other practice dances at home, and we have the same schedules,” Kristin said. “What comes with that, though, is that I’m with her a lot more, so we can get agitated with each other.”

Senior and captain Sadie Hershenow recognizes differences in Kristin and Kelsea’s personalities, as well as dance abilities.

“They are very different. Kristin is very calm, and Kelsea is more outgoing,” Hershenow said. “Kelsea is also a very technical dancer, where Kristin is really strong in hip hop, but a good thing for them is that they’re able to go home, practice and help each other out.”

Kelsea thinks that she and Kristin can balance out their differences in order to work better together.

“Kristin is super compassionate and super caring toward everybody, which I am not always the best at,” Kelsea said. “I’m really hardworking, and I think together we make a good team.”

Kristin said she looks forward to getting ready before games, performing and spending time with Kelsea through poms before she graduates. 

“Next year, I won’t be here and see Kelsea as much,” Kristin said. “Being on poms is a great opportunity to be close with her and make memories.”