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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The annual buzzbook will not be available for purchase this year due to scheduling and printing errors. In the future, the buzzbook will be distributed digitally and Digital Design students will still compete to be the cover artist as sophomore Ariej Rafiq (left design) and freshman Jack Andrews (right design) did. “This was a new experience for me. I was quite impressed and surprised by all the [software] had to offer,” Rafiq said. “I feel like I picked it up quickly.”

What’s the buzz? Everything you need to know about this year’s buzzbook

Maria Newton, Features Editor March 7, 2019

Due to complications in the printing and formatting of this year’s buzzbook, an official booklet will not be distributed to the student body. However, freshman Jack Andrews and sophomore Ariej Rafiq...

Meeting her favorite band Waterparks, freshman Grace Eschbach takes full advantage of the VIP tickets her dad snatched up when they went on sale again. Waterparx decided to sell only ten more VIP passes before their concert after they sold out, and Eschbach and her father, as a result of quick thinking and collaboration, were able to buy the tickets. “It’s a surreal [experience] because [the artist is] a real person, and I can see them,” Eschbach said.

Freshman Grace Eschbach feeds passion for music through concert-going experiences

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer February 21, 2019

The lights suddenly turn off. The stadium settles into a bated silence. The countdown pops up on the vast display and freshman Grace Eschbach finds herself caught up in the wave of anticipation riding...

Hand raised after her first pin of a male opponent, Wehrmeister grins at her triumph. “I feel like I am in control of them [when I’m on top], and if I wanted to I could control everything that was happening in that moment,” Wehrmeister said. “They can’t get up if I don’t let go.”

Freshman Paige Wehrmeister finds her strength in wrestling

Nell Jaskowiak, Opinions editor February 1, 2019

Freshman Paige Wehrmeister had not always seen herself as a strong person—then she started wrestling. Joining sophomore Emma Carter as one of two female wrestlers in Parkway, Wehrmeister has already...

Sitting in front of the Hindu Temple of Saint Louis, freshman Brinda Ambal dons traditional attire. Ambal has been a member of her temples Youth Group since 2016. “In St. Louis I can make [Hinduism] my own. The small things arent that important, its about how you live your life and follow the religion as a whole,” Ambal said. “A lot of our Holy Texts have stories about courage and trusting yourself so that you are best able to serve others.”

Freshman Brinda Ambal models her religion with integrity

Bella Hatzigeorgiou, Convergent Media Writer January 23, 2019

Walking through the Hindu Temple of St. Louis, freshman Brinda Ambal leads a group of tourists through the maze of deities, showcasing the religion she follows: Hinduism. “The values of Hinduism are...

INSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT, freshman Zoe Deyoung sends a text. As part of her New Years resolution, Deyoung plans to encourage someone through a note or text daily. “Everyone’s got their own story,” Deyoung said. “I think that everyone can use a little encouragement.”

Freshman Zoe Deyoung spreads joy through her New Year’s Resolution

Kelsey Long, Staff Writer January 29, 2018

In a season of resolutions, freshman Zoe Deyoung decided her New Year’s resolution would be to send an uplifting text or note to someone every single day. “We have this opportunity to talk [to...

Freshman Max Werner holds one of the succulents he brought in for the club, adorning a jacket with patches and pins, one of which being a succulent pin. Succulents are very easy to care for and are pretty, Werner said. The soil is the hardest part of caring for a succulent. You have to get a special kind.

Freshman Max Werner’s love for succulents blossoms

Sydney Kinzy, Photo Editor September 22, 2017

Over the last year, Tumblr has become obsessed with the tiny, delicate plants called succulents, which are now peaking the interest of young gardeners. Freshman Max Werner is one of these succulent lovers. “They...

Reema Alhachami and her family are heading to Dubai this spring break, but faced many political complications along the way.

Freshman Reema Alhachami faces repercussions of Muslim Ban

Carly Anderson, Staff Writer March 14, 2017

What was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime is now quickly becoming an issue as freshman Reema Alhachami struggles with her international spring break plans. Alhachami was going to visit both Dubai...

Senior Abby Allgeyer poses with a group from the Life Teen program in Haiti.

Students spend spring break on mission trips

Emily Wind April 21, 2016
While some West students spent their spring break catching rays on the beach and relaxing, seniors Abby Allgeyer, Jacob Cupps, Rachel Osborne and freshman Natalie Butler spent their time off sharing their Christian faiths on mission trips, both abroad and locally.
Freshman Cody Corbin skates around the bowl.

Flip kicking on a homegrown board

Bridget Noonan, Staff Writer April 3, 2016
Refine Skateboard Co. began three years ago when freshman Cody Corbin and his dad, Mike, decided that they would rather skate on boards that they made than the boards you could buy in the store.
Going in for a layup, freshman Tess Allgeyer makes the shot.

Freshman Tess Allgeyer scores a place on the varsity team

Bridget Noonan, Staff Writer February 19, 2016
After two years of not having a freshman make the girls varsity basketball team, the pattern was broken.
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