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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


“I need to get better at time management and spending my time wisely because I have to go to soccer after school and I find that I don’t have enough time to do my homework or study for my tests. I need to get my schoolwork done before I watch TV or go on my phone so I can get my work out of the way and relax. I want to keep everything organized to keep my grades up. My grades are important to me because I feel like your high school life are the stairs that bring you up and make you able to go to college and do what you want in your life. So, if you don’t do good in high school then you might not be able to follow your dreams.”
-Julia Kiffer, 9

Julia Kiffer

Juli Moellenhoff, Staff Writer April 19, 2023

“I first got interested in baking when I was in third grade. My aunt is a baker and she would always come down to teach me. I started out with cookies and cupcakes then as I got older, I wanted to look more into pastry baking like strudels, croissants, and macrons. I really like the science behind it, like knowing why the ingredients react or dont react with each other. Baking just makes me happy. I like to share it with people and then its always a good gift to give to somebody or just a good way to get to know somebody if you dont know them that well. Make something for them to learn what they like,” - Haven Suzda, 9

Haven Suzda

Hannah Jacquin, Staff Writer March 26, 2023

“We have a lot of expectations now that we’re in high school; people can drive and get jobs. There are a lot more responsibilities, especially if you have younger siblings who you have to babysit. Some people have a lot of chores they have to complete on top of homework and extracurricular activities. Starting freshman year, you start thinking about college so much more. Grades now are so important. They werent as important in middle school, but now, you have to consider GPA, all your school involvement and clubs.” - Sydney Caudill, 9

Sydney Caudill

Ruthvi Tadakamalla, CJ1 Writer March 13, 2023

“I like to spend time with my family. My sister, [junior Yena Ahn, inspires me the most]. She just always does the right thing. Even when she’s around her friends, she sticks to her morals. I admire that a lot. I like that I can both learn from her and teach her things. Everything she knows, does and experiences, I am able to know the same through her and vice versa.” - Yein Ahn, 9

Yein Ahn

Emily Early, Features Editor January 18, 2023

Celebrating her journey, freshman Alexis Briner beams brightly with her family. Briner appreciates her parents greatly for their support during her journey with anorexia. “I was still in the depths of [the eating disorder] around the holidays. So there were a lot of meals and I remember I kind of panicked at a few of those. And so I would have to take time out and sometimes wed have to leave the parties early. And then my parents would be upset because it was very time consuming, [but] they were troopers,” Briner said.

Diet culture triggered freshman Alexis Briner’s eating disorder

Cindy Phung, CJ1 Writer February 15, 2022

Growing up under the influence of diet culture was a base for freshman Alexis Briner’s healthy lifestyle to become harmful. In the summer of 2019, innocent thoughts to have smaller portions of food ultimately...

Freshman Samir Shaik practices the piano during Academic Lab time.

Freshman Samir Shaik arranges future plans to become a composer

Lily West, CJ1 Writer February 11, 2022

Not many young students dream of becoming a professional composer for a living; among the few is the freshman Samir Shaik. Shaik started his composing journey in the sixth grade, including not only...

Working on code with his dad, freshman Sasha Tripathi continues to fix some bugs on his project after winning the Congressional App Challenge for creating an app that detects skin cancer. “It makes me proud because I put my own hard work into it, and it just feels really good to have [it all] pay off,” Tripathi said.

Freshman Sasha Tripathi wins Congressional Award for life-saving app

Gabbie Kerber, Staff Writer January 26, 2022

After browsing the internet looking at a forum for computer science, freshman Sasha Tripathi stumbled upon a Congressional App Challenge. Looking for something to do during COVID-19, Tripathi decided to...

Freshman Sabrina Urdaneta and her friends pose in front of her house in Cuba. The house was where Urdaneta lived before she left for America, close to the city of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. “All of the walls were rusty and the tiles were falling off. The floor was dirty, but in Cuba - where I lived - my house was considered a really nice house which is crazy to think about, coming to the United States and seeing what a house here looks like,” Urdaneta said.

Año nuevo, vida nueva

Elizabeth Franklin, Staff Writer January 21, 2022

Most people in America would think a pink toothbrush printed with beaming, blushing Disney princesses on the side is nothing out of the ordinary. Most people wouldn’t think twice about seeing a new electric...

Freshman Brenden Porter relaxes after competing in the Stan Nelson Invitational Saturday, Sept. 11. “I was proud of myself for doing a good job. Also, [I have] respect for all the other [runners], because it’s definitely not an easy thing to do,” Porter said.

Freshman finishes first at first-ever cross country meet

Tiffany Ung, Staff Writer October 8, 2021

High schoolers from all over the state stepped foot on Northwest High School’s 5k course to compete in the Stan Nelson Invitational. Freshman Brenden Porter finished first amongst the 73 freshmen boys...

Freshman Raj Jaladi and senior Sri Jaladi pose for a photo after tennis practice. The brothers and teammates had high hopes to play in state but ended their season losing to Priory’s doubles team in the second round of districts. “It’s not like we don’t get along at home, but we communicate best at a tennis match,” Raj said.

The dynamic duo: Jaladi brothers ace the season

Elle Rotter, Awards Coordinator June 2, 2021

Working side by side for their varsity tennis season, freshman Raj Jaladi and senior Sri Jaladi were the top two players on the team. They got to play as a doubles team in districts but their season ended...

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