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Grade: 11

Years on Staff: 3

What has been your favorite quarantine hobby? Working out and baking!

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Nope

Who is someone that inspires you? Elle Woods

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Illustration representing the Twin Towers and the unity in the aftermath.

9/11: 20 years later

September 10, 2021
Senior Emma Pence smiles and poses after receiving her first dose.

Emma Pence

April 29, 2021
Senior Meghan Leahy poses with friends on the swim team.

Megan Leahy

April 29, 2021
Librarian Lauren Reusch receives her first dose at a Walgreens clinic.

Lauren Reusch

April 29, 2021
Looking at the camera, junior Megan VanValkenburgh receives the vaccine at a Mercy Clinic.

Megan VanValkenburgh

April 29, 2021
Pulling down his mask for a photo, senior Justin Xu smiles with his dog.

Justin Xu

April 29, 2021
Math teacher Christy Moellering displays her statement earrings.

Christy Moellering

December 22, 2020
Business teacher Kelly Kennedy smiles with her laptop in preparation for a day of virtual teaching.

Kelly Kennedy

December 22, 2020
Math teacher Patrick Troy poses in his virtual teaching attire.

Patrick Troy

December 22, 2020
Sophomore Mitchell Harms displays his virtual learning attire.

Mitchell Harms

December 22, 2020
Smiling at her Zoom screen, junior Tiffany Ung tutors a middle school student. Ung began tutoring this week and hopes to make a difference in the mindset of students regarding virtual learning. “I know everyone’s struggling in their unique situations right now, so I figured by tutoring, I might take some things off people’s plates,” Ung said. “I want kids to feel confident in their school work so they don’t feel bogged down by everything going on.”

Photo of the Week- Dec. 7

December 11, 2020
Posing for a photo, senior Taylor Fisher smiles while in quarantine.

Taylor Fisher

May 14, 2020
Focusing on a problem, sophomore Zina Alsheklee works on her e-learning school work.

Zina Alsheklee

May 14, 2020
Displaying a tattoo of a lion, junior Joel Ottensmeyer says that his tattoo was designed for him by his sister. Despite some disagreement on his decision to get a tattoo at a young age, Ottensmeyer continued his family’s tradition of getting tattoos because it was something that he cared about a lot. “[My tattoo] means [being] strong, prideful and protecting the people that you love,” Ottensmeyer said.


May 6, 2019
With the word “loved” made to look like a cross, senior Katharine Segrave exhibits her tattoo. Segrave faced hardships last year and relied on her faith to guide her through the adversity. “I shut everyone out of my life, and I felt like I didn’t have any hope. I wanted something permanent on my body to always remind me that regardless of what my mind might be thinking, I can’t wipe away the fact that He loves me,” Segrave said. “This tattoo means a connection to God that I can never take away because it is a permanent thing on my body, and it’s very special to me.”


May 6, 2019
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