What’s the buzz? Everything you need to know about this year’s buzzbook


Images courtesy of Jack Andrews and Ariej Rafiq

The annual buzzbook will not be available for purchase this year due to scheduling and printing errors. In the future, the buzzbook will be distributed digitally and Digital Design students will still compete to be the cover artist as sophomore Ariej Rafiq (left design) and freshman Jack Andrews (right design) did. “This was a new experience for me. I was quite impressed and surprised by all the [software] had to offer,” Rafiq said. “I feel like I picked it up quickly.”

Due to complications in the printing and formatting of this year’s buzzbook, an official booklet will not be distributed to the student body. However, freshman Jack Andrews and sophomore Ariej Rafiq are still being recognized as this years cover-contest winners.

At first, I thought [my design] was just average because it was one of our first projects. Some of the people that were in our class seemed to be more advanced in Photoshop than me so I figured I had no chance,” Andrews said. “In the end, I think that it helped me because when my design won, I saw my future designs in a better way and more positively.”

Cover design is the first assignment for the Digital Design class taught by photography teacher Katy Mangrich. She narrows the submissions down to 10 and then the West Parents Organization (WPO) select the winners.

“I think it is valuable to the students because it gives them a goal to reach for, as well as motivates the students to work hard,” Mangrich said. “It is always exciting for those that win to get to see their work published or displayed.”

Going forward, the WPO is selling next year’s buzzbook in an online format. Parents will be able to purchase and download the file. Digital Design students will still be able to create the covers using digital design.

“I don’t have a preference on the digital version [over print, because] it doesn’t really affect us,” Mangrich said. “The cover that is designed will still be used in a digital format. I think in general it is more applicable to today’s world.”

Despite the buzzbook not being distributed, the artists’ work can be viewed on the Parkway West Pathfinder.

“It’s pretty exciting. I’m quite honored to have my work featured,” Rariq said. “I worked hard on it and it is nice to see that hard work being translated into something that is presented to the whole school.”