Freshman Jack Mullen takes on a new role as a Muny Teen


Tristan Caudill

Freshman Jack Mullen sings “Man of Constant Sorrow” at his singer’s choice performance.

Ten years ago, Jack Mullen started his journey as an actor. Today, as a freshman, he continues his career as a Muny Teen.

Mullen started performing at the Muny six years ago, where he participated in the show “Wizard of Oz.” Since then, he has completed 12 more shows.

“My first time [performing] was when I was nine-years-old, in front of 11,000 people. So not only was I excited, but I was also very nervous,” Mullen said.

Behind the scenes, a lot of hard work goes into the shows performed.

“[The hardest part of being a Muny Teen] is staying on my A-game, but it’s only hard if it’s not what you want to do. It should be easy if you have a passion for it,” Mullen said.

The Covid-19 pandemic halted Mullen’s performances.

“During the pandemic, I completely fell out of [acting]. I was very distracted and scared, but there was no excuse. There was room to grow during the pandemic, and I am trying to prove to my 5-year-old self that I can do this again,” Mullen said.

At the Muny, it is not just about the acting. The community and friendships are a large part of the experience for Mullen.

“I think the best part is the community. We get to experience and meet the best people in the field, but we also get to bond and have experiences outside of theater, which is friendship. We’re not just robots on stage,” Mullen said.

The Muny Teens organization offers opportunities for young actors, both in and outside of the program.

“I have met so many people, [such as] Taylor Louderman, the voice of Boogie Man, and there are so many things I can do with this opportunity. [Because of the Muny, I have received] equity access, [performed in] trouping shows, and made connections and memories. I am grateful for the Muny, and it has been an amazing six years so far,” Mullen said.