What does the D stand for? Sophomores strike a deal with SunnyD

Modeling their SunnyD hoodies and T-shirt, sophomores Ethan Deulca, Chris Roy, Basil Metroulas, Patrick Chen, Chris Woodcock, Shiv Sharma, Jake Rushing and Jack Maniaci advertise a beloved childhood beverage. “[Sunny-D] is a very nostalgic drink for me. I remember going out to my fridge and getting a refreshing bottle of Sunny-D when I was little,” Rushing said.
November 9, 2020

Thanks to a $10 for 10 deal at a local Dierbergs, sophomores Patrick Chen, Ethan Deluca, Nick Malchanav, Jack Manicai, Basil Metroulas, Andrew Navazhylau, Chris Roy, Jake Rushing, Shiv Sharma, Aidan Stillman...

Fulfilling his passion: junior George Guerra casts out COVID and reels in enjoyment

Fishing in the middle of the night on the beaches of Naples, Fla., junior George Guerra holds a 39-inch Common Snook he caught. There are a lot more fish in the oceans of Florida where it’s tropical, than there are Missouri. “In Florida, there’s a bigger variety of fish to fish for, and they are way bigger than the ones you catch in Missouri,” Guerra said.
November 3, 2020

Since his childhood, junior George Guerra has reeled in fishing knowledge from YouTube and family members to become a fishing fanatic.  “I started [fishing] with my dad when I was young, but didn’t...

Inside look at virtual learning: Students and Staff share their e-learning setups

Working at his virtual teaching setup from home, math teacher Patrick Troy prepares for the day with his Border Collie, Luna, laying behind him. Troy feels there are multiple benefits to teaching on a computer opposed to writing on a whiteboard. “My setup allows me to work on the computer, instead of writing on a whiteboard or paper behind me,” Troy said. “It allows me to directly look at my students while I'm teaching.”
October 29, 2020

Junior Allie Judd: While many students have multiple fancy monitors and keyboards for their setups, junior Allie Judd says all she needs to be successful is her school-issued Chromebook and a good...

Getting busy-ness: Students share their entrepreneurial pursuits

Sketching on a white canvas, junior Grace Fassler hand designs a canvas with a collage of personalized pictures for each customer. As an entrepreneur, Fassler faced challenges along the way, such as dealing with unresponsive customers. “Sometimes people message me wanting one and when I message them back, they leave me on seen. This irritated me because I didn’t know if I needed to get any supplies or save any,” Fassler said.
October 28, 2020

Men in suits. A boardroom. That may be what comes to mind when you think of business. However, these three female student entrepreneurs portray their beginning from the comfort of their own bedrooms.

Virtual connection: Student interactions during online school

While completing online schoolwork, seniors Irene Yannakakis and Anna Pavilsin share a laugh. Yannakakis has been seeking hangouts as a way to connect with her friends during virtual learning. “I have done online school with my friends a couple times, but it's basically just us sitting on our computers with our headphones in,” Yannakakis said. “Although it's nice to have someone next to you, it would be way better to be in school.”
October 6, 2020

To counter new COVID-19 rules students are finding ways to remain connected in the virtual world of learning.  Junior Ella Mercer: As students miss eating lunch with their peers, junior Ella Mercer...

New football coach and alumnus Mario Patton, despite strict COVID-19 rules, still makes connections with athletes

Standing on the practice field after an intense scrimmage, new football coach Mario Patton is adjusting to the new playing style at West. Patton energizes the team everyday with his personality. “ I want our kids to think of me as one of the most passionate coaches that they have been around, also someone who truly cares about the best interests of kids,” Patton said. “When it is business time I think the kids know the difference.”
September 18, 2020

Handing off his knowledge to football athletes, coach Mario Patton is the new running back coach. Patton has coached for 16 years, but this year is more meaningful than others. “I had an opportunity...

Summer Plan B Story

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit communities worldwide, regular summer plans were put on hold. Amongst our community, students wrestled with breaking the spell of boredom while also adhering to national safety guidelines that are still in place. Students were left to figure out alternative ways to enjoy their summer break.
August 25, 2020

No fears here: junior Donnovan Denham braves the pandemic to serve communities

Scott Credit Union provided junior Donnovan Denham’s organization St. Louis Food Rescue a donation of $1000. Denham receives food donations from the Parkway Food Pantry and Einstein Bagels to deliver to people in need. “The news attention brought more interest and more people want to help out. So we can get more food to more people in need and so we can expand our range to help out more people,” Denham said.
August 24, 2020

While most teens are hitting the couch, junior Donnovan Denham has been continuing his food rescue even during a hard time in the world.  “Delivering food is much different during quarantine because...

Safety first: Athletics Director Brian Kessler plans return to sports

Planning for a safe return to  sports and activities, Athletic Director Brian Kessler sends out new information to parents and students. As back to school approaches, Kessler worked with MSHSAA and other districts to decide the best way to continue with sports and activities. “The workload has been immense, the changes to the schedule have been a lot and then there’s a lot of fatigue,” Kessler said. “It’s hard to think what’s right for your community at this time because things can change quickly.”
August 22, 2020

As professional sports teams around the country struggle to create safe seasons, Athletic Director Brian Kessler works with the Missouri Sports High School Athletic Association (MSHSAA) and other groups...

A warm welcome from Link Crew

Link Crew coordinators begin to prep commissioners and leaders for this year's group of freshman through virtual meetings.
August 19, 2020

As the new school year comes into view, Link Crew is working to welcome the freshmen as the next chapter of their life begins: high school. Despite the global pandemic, Link crew still plans to welcome...

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