Pouring out sauce into individual containers, alumni Eli Basler performs this task daily. Since the beginning of COVID-19, Dalie’s stopped giving bottles of sauce to customers, and instead they must order the sauce with their food. “A lot of stuff has definitely slowed us down,” Eli said. “ We have had to do a little more work but it’s a good thing that we’re worried about our customers safety.”

The Dalie’s dilemma: How COVID-19 impacted a family owned business

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer 3 days ago

Last year, most businesses had to close their doors for a few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while others still have theirs closed today. One family owned restaurant, Dalie’s Smokehouse, closed...

Sitting in a circle of usable and broken skateboards, junior Ashton Beattie showcases his collection. Beattie has been skating since fourth grade and has kept every skateboard he owned. “I sometimes will sell my boards to people and make money off of it, but right now I am also thinking about making a table and chair out of them so that they don’t go to waste,” Beattie said.

The stories his skateboards could tell

Tre Bell, Staff Writer 6 days ago

For junior Ashton Beattie, learning to ride a skateboard wasn’t a difficult decision. After watching his father at the skatepark as a kid, Beattie knew he wanted to learn to roll, jump and flip around...

Taking a selfie with fellow teachers, librarian Lauren Reusch displays her vaccination card. Reusch travelled with English teachers Erin Fluchel and Shannan Cremeens to Illinois to be vaccinated. “I am most excited to go out to eat in an actual restaurant with my husband,” Reusch said.

The vaccination situation

Leah Schroeder, Features Editor April 29, 2021

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, more and more individuals have gained access to a vaccination. However, the experiences of students and staff have varied greatly. From types of vaccines received,...

Paraprofessional Chris Powers poses with one St. Luv’s treat bags and one treat.

New Vegan-nings

Kathryn McAuliffe and Jordan Scales April 27, 2021

Mixing vegan chocolate chips, powdered sugar and peanut butter together, paraprofessional Chris Powers crafts a new treat for his vegan business St. Luv. Outside of class, Powers runs a vegan bakery and...

Posing with their prom dates, senior Luke Lung and his friends celebrate planning their own prom. The group dined, danced and sung during the night. “My favorite moment of the night probably had to have been when we did karaoke. Everyone in the group has amazing voices and we had a blast singing and just enjoying the night,” Lung said.

In a year without Prom, seniors plan their own

Madi Michajliczenko, Staff Writer April 27, 2021

Glamorous floor-length dresses, laundered tuxedos and limousines have all come to be staples for a high school rite of passage: Prom. Prom dates back to the 1900s, becoming more extravagant in the 50s...

Waltzing with the chambelanes, May Trejo-Vasquez and her court perform the second dance in her quinceañera. Although everything played out smoothly in the end, Trejo-Vasquez and her court had some problems performing the waltz in the rehearsals leading to the big night, due to Trejo-Vasquez’s ball gown. “It was pretty difficult, the boys kept slipping on [the dress] in our last practice but we got it down,” Trejo-Vasquez said.

The Finale

Ashlyn Gillespie, Staff writer April 21, 2021

The week leading up to the quinceañera was filled with last minute preparations. The Trejo-Vasquez family did not have a planner to make sure they checked all the boxes, but they had some guidance from...

Acting in a scene together, alumni Carson Lolley and Charlie Foy lead the show for Missouri State Improv. Lolley joined fall 2019, and helped recruit Foy who joined fall 2020. “Over the summer, I saw Carson post about it and I had reached out to a few other members of the team about joining,” Foy said. “You don’t really understand how refreshing it is to know someone on the team you want to be a part of, and she really made the team way more welcoming for me.”

Alumni Charlie Foy and Carson Lolley steal the show on Missouri State Improv

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer April 16, 2021

From high school co-captains of the Running with Scissors Improv team to college presidents of the Missouri State Improv team, alumni Carson Lolley and Charlie Foy lead the Missouri State Improv team together....

Activities secretary Joyce Debenport enjoys decorating her yard with a variety of plants and flowers.

Students and staff spring into gardening

Ulaa Kuziez, News and Sports Editor April 15, 2021

As we enter spring, many are welcoming the new season by gardening. From landscaping and flowers, to fruits and vegetables, students and teachers are working in their homes and at school to fulfill their...

Surrounded by mountains of shoes like Nike SB Dunk Chicago, Yeezy 350 Bred, Jordan 11 Concord and Jordan 4 Raptor, sophomore Nick Malchanav uses his basement to store his inventory. Through pulling off great deals with resellers, collectors and consumers, Malchanav has been able to attain the skill of negotiating. “Whenever I negotiate with people, I just ask them the price they're looking to get the shoes for, so I can know if we're on the same page,” Malchanav said. “But if they don't give me a price that they're looking for, I just throw them a low balling offer just to see where the dice rolls. Because if they base their emotions, I can see how negotiable they're going to be on the deal.”

Making the big bucks: sophomore Nick Malchanav and his pathways to fortune

Anijah Wilson and Hannah Choi April 14, 2021

All it took was a global pandemic for sophomore Nick Malchanav to begin his journey to making thousands. With extra time on his hands, he began to search for ways to make money and was able to find great...

Proud of the new school store renovations, School Accounts Secretary Denise Heinle sits in front of her desk. Over the summer, Heinle added some flavor to the office with the help of three bus drivers and her late husband. The room was transformed by a paint job, new furniture and hand created decor. “I wanted it [the room] to be more spirited. The school store just had all these college posters in it and they were old and nasty,” Heinle said. “It had never been decorated until I got there.”

Rocking Kindness

Bri Davis, Staff Writer April 13, 2021

When life gave School Accounts Secretary Denise Heinle a curveball, she knew there would be a lot on her plate. From her husband passing from cancer, family members struggling with COVID-19 to undergoing...

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