The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


At the Ladue Invitational, debaters compete in a variety of events. Students that qualified for the tournament had the chance to receive awards for their events through teamwork. “There was always someone willing to help you grow as a debater, and getting into the community was always such a welcoming place. It solidified being a family when we started to spend so much time together on tournament weekends,” junior Serpil Kuccukaya said.

The Rookies vs. Veterans

Samari Sanders , Staff Writer 1 day ago

The National Speech and Debate Association is an American student debating organization where students can compete in competitions covering various topics. Whether they are senior novices or a sophomore...

Librarian Lauren Reusch holds her Edible Arrangements flower bouquet and poses with principal John McCabe after announcing her winning Teacher of the Year.

Believe in your shelf: librarian Lauren Reusch wins Teacher of the Year award

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief 6 days ago

Dec. 9, school librarian Lauren Reusch was sitting at her desk when principal John McCabe and student photographer junior Abbi Vanvalkenburgh walked into the library, holding balloons and an edible flower...

After his early graduation, senior Aaron Sims poses with his friends on his last day in St. Louis before moving to Atlanta. Seniors Tommy Wehrmeister, Jacob Jehling, Emily Kerber, Aaron Sims and Cameron Jehling spent a lot of winter break together celebrating Kerber’s birthday and Sims’ soon departure. “I was worried about making new friends [in Atlanta] because I had such a great group of friends in Missouri. I was worried about learning how to interact with other people, but it turned out to be pretty easy. I miss all of my friends back in Missouri. I was happy to be able to make new friends here,” Sims said.

Moving onto new adventures

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2023

With a house that sold fast and a plan to graduate early, senior Aaron Sims and his family decided to move to Atlanta at the end of Sims’ first semester as a senior.  Sims' top choice for college...

Eyes to the sky, junior Romy Taylor stands center stage in the evening gown section of the 2023 Miss Missouri Teen Volunteer Pageant. Taylor received compliments from judges and the audience for her walk, a skill she believes this section allows contestants to flaunt. “[Walking on stage in a gown] shows how much grace someone can carry. I absolutely love it when I get to show it off on stage,” Taylor said.

The beauty behind the madness

Makinsey Drake, Staff Writer January 30, 2023

Under the spotlight, junior Romy Taylor highlights her character, dancing, fitness and fashion in the 2023 Miss Missouri Teen Volunteer (MMTV) Pageant. Pageants have been a passion of Taylor’s for nine...

Junior Sawyer Ladd lifts weights, stretches and eats to gain weight. Ladd has spent over a year practicing a routine involving eating more and going to the gym frequently to work towards his goal. “It has taken me way longer than I thought it would to gain even a little bit of weight. I don’t know if I need to change my methods, but I know I will stick with it until I reach my goals,” Ladd said.

Bulking up, not slimming down

Achyuta Ambal, Staff Writer January 24, 2023

A large culture has been growing on social media and other platforms based on helping as many individuals as they can lose weight. However, people need to recognize the struggle on the opposite side of...

Senior Lexi Lutz, junior Jayden Blount and senior Alina wear their Ms. Understood hoodies in support of eliminating sexual violence. Lutz believes that when life does not go your way, you should follow a piece of advice.“You should channel all that negative energy into your work, what you do, who you are and being passionate,” Lutz said.

Behind Ms. Understood

Claire Creely, Staff Writer January 23, 2023

During her sophomore year, now senior Lexi Lutz had an experience where a boy took her power away. Since then, she has turned her pain into self-empowerment and innovatively pushes for women to do the...

Eyes and ruler fixed towards the screen, social studies teacher Aaron Bashirian points to his Smartboard and explains the history behind his barn. Having learned the ropes of carpentry, Bashirian made structural changes to the barn by himself over the past three years. “It’s not your normal barn, but it’s cool, though. It’s got quite a bit of history to it,” Bashirian said. “It used to be a carriage house; you can see where they used to keep the horse. There’s still a grain [and] hay shoot [too]. They parked Model T-style cars [that created] all these oil slicks on the floor where they leaked. You can see that there’s a lot of history in there. I love it, [it’s a] perfect building for a history guy. ”

From shack to studio

Kristen Skordos, Staff Writer January 17, 2023

Too much time spent without music often kills the desire to play, but social studies teacher Aaron Bashirian did not lose interest. Instead, the rockstar-gone-teacher stayed in touch with his desire to...

Sophomore Lila Hartle poses before a dance recital in 2021. While Hartle’s eating disorder diagnosis prevented her from dancing, it motivated her to improve. “I wanted to continue dance as a career, and I knew that I had to stay healthy so that I wouldn’t end up hurting myself more,” Hartle said.

Problems, passion, perseverance

Nidhi Pejathaya, staff writer January 11, 2023

Eating disorders are commonly associated with body dysmorphia issues; however, for sophomore Lila Hartle, that was not the case. What started as a small loss of appetite quickly escalated. Her eating disorder...

Journalism Adviser Debra Klevens sits at her desk and reviews feedback from the JEA/NSPA Fall National High School Journalism Convention. Klevens looked for ways to share the feedback so her students could continue to grow journalistically. “Learning from industry experts isn’t something every student has the opportunity to see. My job is to make [resources] available for everyone and to deliver to the different levels of students in a way they can understand at the time,” Klevens said.

The face behind the student publications program

Lia Emry, Staff Writer January 6, 2023

“Do what you love; love what you do.” This Kobi Yamada quote hangs in Journalism Adviser Debra Klevens’ classroom. Over her 23 years at West, Klevens has taught over 1,500 students enrolled in the...

Senior Grant Meert prepares to throw a white pine Christmas tree through a netting machine. Of the many species of trees, Meert Tree Farm grows — including Scotch pine, Norway spruce, Virginia pine, Fraser fir and Michigan Scotch pine — Meert’s favorite is white pine. “Picking your tree gives people a good experience. It’s something that everyone needs to do at least once,” Meert said. “It gives customers a family memory and bonding time. I like having that time [with my family], and [we] make it a whole day.”

‘Tis the season

Madi Michajliczenko, Conceptual Editor in Chief December 14, 2022

The holiday season means something different for everyone. For some, a time to be with family and friends. For others, a time of remembrance and tradition. For senior Grant Meert, the holiday season is...

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