Scholar Bowl participants meet with club sponsor Patrick Troy for a meeting on Zoom.

Scholar Bowl season Zooms to an end

Fatema Rehmani, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief 1 day ago

Four teammates work together diligently. Hands ready on their buzzers. Eyes concentrated on their moderator. This is the scene of a Scholar Bowl tournament where students delve into the world of academic...

Pouring out sauce into individual containers, alumni Eli Basler performs this task daily. Since the beginning of COVID-19, Dalie’s stopped giving bottles of sauce to customers, and instead they must order the sauce with their food. “A lot of stuff has definitely slowed us down,” Eli said. “ We have had to do a little more work but it’s a good thing that we’re worried about our customers safety.”

The Dalie’s dilemma: How COVID-19 impacted a family owned business

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer 3 days ago

Last year, most businesses had to close their doors for a few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while others still have theirs closed today. One family owned restaurant, Dalie’s Smokehouse, closed...

Sitting in a circle of usable and broken skateboards, junior Ashton Beattie showcases his collection. Beattie has been skating since fourth grade and has kept every skateboard he owned. “I sometimes will sell my boards to people and make money off of it, but right now I am also thinking about making a table and chair out of them so that they don’t go to waste,” Beattie said.

The stories his skateboards could tell

Tre Bell, Staff Writer 6 days ago

For junior Ashton Beattie, learning to ride a skateboard wasn’t a difficult decision. After watching his father at the skatepark as a kid, Beattie knew he wanted to learn to roll, jump and flip around...

It would be remiss of me not to mention that I emerged victorious in the Pathfinder's Bachelor competition.

Thank you.

Tyler Kinzy, Managing Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2021

This Wednesday will mark the three-year anniversary of the first time a story was sent to my inbox. I distinctly remember sitting in my living room towards the end of my freshman year, editing a track...

Our social responsibility is to protect our community and get vaccinated.

We have a responsibility to get vaccinated

Pathfinder Editorial Board April 30, 2021

365 days ago we were safe in our homes. From late March to mid-May, our community experienced a stay-at-home order and, well, stayed at home. We watched Tiger King, baked banana bread and went on family...

Reaching her hand up the wall in the cafeteria, senior Bella Allgeyer places her handprint among the others. The senior hand wall is a long-standing Parkway West tradition.

Photo of the week – April 26

Maddy Truka, Social Media Manager + Video Section Editor April 30, 2021

What students don’t know about their teachers

Maddy Truka, Social Media Manager + Video Section Editor April 29, 2021
Music teacher Brian Parrish (pictured) and several other staff members respond to the question, “What is one thing your students might not know about you?”
A photo illustration featuring a transgender symbol and the transgender flag colors.

Transgender healthcare bans become a transparent threat

Mira Nalbandian, Entertainment Editor April 28, 2021

American legislature has a dark history of targeting trans people. Whether it be “bathroom bills” which try to keep trans people from using the bathroom with the gender identity they belong to, or...

After the French National Assembly proposed a ban on religious symbols for minors in public schools, young Muslim women in france started the hashtag “HANDS OFF MY HIJAB.” This hashtag has emassed over 70,000,000 retweets, and can be seen all over protest posters in France. It was started by Muslim model Rawdah Mohamed, which she has encouraged others to post in solidarity with Muslim women in France.

France targets the hijab: how does this affect us?

Sara Albarcha, staff writer April 26, 2021

When three middle school girls refused to remove their headdresses in France in 1989 while at school, the government intervened, banning hijabs in public school. After three decades, France has continued...

Advice from seniors to freshmen

Maddy Truka, Social Media Manager + Video Section Editor April 23, 2021

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