No cut competition: Every fall athlete will make a team amidst coronavirus regulations

Working on her ball control, sophomore Lexie Lutz practices with her field hockey team while maintaining distance. With COVID-19 regulations impacting every fall sport, field hockey is considered a moderate frequency sport so they must gradually progress into full contact with one another. “I am disappointed because playing field hockey is something I look forward to all year, so it's a big letdown to have COVID put restrictions on me and my team because it makes it harder to enjoy,” Lutz said.

Drew Boone, Staff Writer

September 14, 2020

With the pandemic having canceled the remainder of the past spring sports season along with taking away summer camps from every athlete, the uncertainty that games will be played this fall led the Parkway athletic directors to come to an agreement that there will be no cuts for the fall sports season....

Photo of the week- Sep. 8

Blowing into his trumpet, senior and trumpet section leader Karl Oswald practices his instrument outdoors at band rehearsal. Band has resumed rehearsals with restrictions put in place to adhere to social distancing guidelines. “One big limitation is that all of our rehearsals have to be monitored very carefully. That means I can't just pick a random day of the week for the trumpet section and myself to come together and rehearse; everything needs to be very planned out,” Oswald said. “This year, I'm looking forward to having an opportunity to play music in person with people I care about and [perform] my solo.”

Ulaa Kuziez, Staff Writer

September 11, 2020

Summer Plan B Story

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit communities worldwide, regular summer plans were put on hold. Amongst our community, students wrestled with breaking the spell of boredom while also adhering to national safety guidelines that are still in place. Students were left to figure out alternative ways to enjoy their summer break.

Lilly Francis, Staff Writer

August 25, 2020

Black Lives Matter and how we can create change

Walking down Baxter Road towards Parkway West Middle School, members of the St. Louis community take part in the Parkway Black Lives Matter walk. Participants kneeled at the end of the walk for eight minutes and 46 seconds to honor George Floyd and all those lost to racism and hate. “It was a wake up call. It was really reassuring to see the outcome and how many people came out to support the cause,” sophomore Lauren McLeod said. “I think that it brought attention to a lot of the racial injustice that often gets swept under the rug, and overall, I think it was one of the beginning steps to a long journey of getting racial equity in schools.”

Lilly Francis, Staff Writer

August 17, 2020

As the news and social media booms with awareness and activism towards the Black Lives Matter movement, communities across the country are taking steps to support the ongoing fight against racism.  “I would like for teachers to put their pride and beliefs aside and treat me as equal to my peers,”...

Podcast: COVID-19 and America’s teacher crisis

Teacher Andrew Van Herik protests outside Chicago Public Schools headquarters July 22.

Tyler Kinzy, Managing Editor-in-Chief

July 29, 2020

The vast majority of Americans believe teachers don’t receive the respect—or pay—they deserve, but that won’t stop the U.S. from forcing educators to work in potential COVID-19 hotspots with barebones safety protocols. Labor exploitation is anything but a new concept, and on this episode of t...

The killing of George Floyd will change society forever

Wearing a shirt in support of the protest, senior Cam Redmond shares his voice through his clothing. Redmond attended a protest held at West to support Black lives. “Crazy things that have been happening in our world have made me want to be a part of the voice that Black lives and other races matter and we all should be equal,” Redmond said.

Tre Bell, Staff Writer

July 14, 2020

As I scrolled through Instagram on May 25, I came across a sickening video of an African American man named George Floyd, laying on his stomach in handcuffs as a police officer kneeled on the back of his neck. George Floyd was unable to breathe. After the cop was told multiple times by Floyd and oth...

“dinosauce313” and an allegedly botched College Board sting operation

A parody of the “Jurassic Park” logo, created using Font Meme.

Tyler Kinzy, Managing Editor-in-Chief

May 22, 2020

Based on his tone, you would have thought he had just busted a wanted crime boss.  “It's not worth the risk of having your name reported,” he warned. Instead, he had found high schoolers. The College Board’s Senior Vice President of Advanced Placement (AP) and Instruction Trevor Packer announced May 10 that...

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