The turf wars continue as the seniors take on the juniors Thursday, Sept. 15

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The turf wars continue as the seniors take on the juniors Thursday, Sept. 15

Hope Sanford

Hope Sanford

Hope Sanford

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The annual Powder Puff game: it is a homecoming tradition that brings out the rivalry between the junior and senior classes. On Thursday night, the senior girls will take on the junior girls in a game of flag football.

“I’m especially excited to destroy the junior class, but Powder Puff is just a really fun way of getting involved with the school and showing class pride. I love it because it’s a tradition that has always been part of Homecoming week and without it, it just wouldn’t be as fun,” senior Grace Folkins said.

With the game approaching, trash talk between the junior and senior class is elevating.

“I’m ready to get down and dirty,” senior Abby Kottmeyer said. “We suffered a pretty tough loss last year, but that is in the past and we are ready to finally come out with the win.”

The first practice for both grade levels took place on the stadium turf on Sept. 7.

All the girls were so excited and we wouldn’t stop talking. Then the coaches made us run, and it shut us up. They were a lot more organized than I thought they would be,” junior Lisa Savage said.

The junior and senior football players serve as the coaches of the girls in their respective grade levels.

“I’m excited about teaching the girls the game of football. They aren’t going to be NFL stars, but we’ll see how it goes,” senior Nate Hughes said. “I think we will win because we put up a good game last year, and I don’t think the juniors are that talented. We have experience and we know what we are doing this time around.”

Due to rain on Sept. 8, the second practice was cancelled but rescheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 13.

“Only having one practice last year really hurt us. I blame that as to why we didn’t score any touchdowns. We were really discombobulated and just an unorganised mess, so it’s a good thing it’s being rescheduled this year,” Folkins said.

Juniors Sarah Bonnett and Julia DeFrank found both the referees and announcers for the game. Math teacher Kevin John and Latin teacher Tom Herpel will be the referees. Social studies teacher Melvin Trotier and science teacher Tony Piccini will announce the game.

“Julia and I put a lot of time into it with the shirts and everything. I’m excited to finally get to be out on the field playing, I feel like a legit upperclassmen now,” Bonnett said.

There will be a $3 charge to get into the game. All proceeds will be donated to the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition.

“I really like how Powder Puff brings our whole grade together, even with the guys as coaches,” senior Jenny Chai said. “It’s really cool that we can do fun things like this and it benefits our community with the money going to a charity.”

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