Holiday fashion lookbook

too haute to handle chp. four

It snowed two weeks ago. I can’t walk through Target without hearing “Jingle Bells” twice and “accidentally” buying three candles that smell like sugar cookies. Don’t tell me it’s too early for the holidays.

Yeah, so I may have jumped the gun on this one. Still, Thanksgiving is over, and as soon as the clock changed to midnight on Nov. 27, I was hanging the lights and unapologetically singing Christmas carols. I have all of my gifts bought and half of them wrapped. Because I’m so excited to get in the holiday spirit, I created a video lookbook especially to showcase some outfits I’ll be wearing out and about this season.

Some of the pieces you’ll be seeing in this video include turtlenecks, boots and lots and lots of layers. Layers are one of my favorite things about winter, probably second only to snoods. For those unaccustomed to the style, when I say “snood” I’m not talking about the hairnet type head pieces of past fashion, but actually of circular scarves. They can create a piled look that regular scarves lack, and I kind of think they’re basically the greatest thing to ever happen to fashion.

Outside of my lookbook, there are a ton of other styles on trend. Faux fur vests are absolutely huge. You can’t walk into a department store without seeing 15 different options. As always, anything and everything sparkly is essential for the holidays, and I was on the hunt for glittery tights. After I was unable to find a pair that suited my tastes, I ended up making some myself with luminescent glitter and spray adhesive. The whole process was traumatic. I’m still finding glitter in my house. Unless you’re prepared to have sparkles all over everything until next holiday season, I’d skip the DIY. Another trend I’ve been looking for is a sequined maxi skirt. I think there’s something very elegant about a floor-length skirt covered in sequins, and shiny accents scream holidays to me.

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for your parties this season or just gotten a little more into the spirit. If you have anything to say about what you’ve seen here, please tweet me @PWest2H2H, where I provide behind the scenes looks at the making of “Too Haute to Handle.” Happy holidays!