Kindred tour review

As the lights dimmed and the silhouette of lead singer Michael Angelakos appeared on stage in sync with the instrumental intro of fan favorite “Little Secrets,” the crowd pit turned into a monsoon of hype.

Aiming the microphone to the audience to sing along to this popular track, Angelakos knew exactly how to engage his fans. Excitement bubbled like a champagne bottle ready to burst.

Although the tour was focused on their latest album Kindred, the setlist had a good balance of songs from each album. After performing “Little Secrets” from their first album Manners, the band dove into their new music with “Lifted Up (1985),” the first track on the album.

Angelakos approached each song enthusiastically, jumping around like a little kid on Christmas morning. Even if you tried to make up the lyrics to a song you weren’t familiar with, Angelakos always unified the crowd to make them feel included.

Following the band’s farewells to the crowd after another classic hit, “Take a Walk,” we knew the night would not be complete without hearing number one track from first EP Chunk of Change, “Sleepyhead.”  

After several seconds of chanting “Encore!” which gradually faded into chanting “Sleepyhead!,” Angelakos returned back onto the stage with his band members, raising one fist in the air. The lights dimmed once again setting the mood for the most popular favorite, and excited the crowd for one final song.