Showing a picture of an editing screen, senior Vince Knight made a thumbnail for her YouTube 101 video. Knight records her videos with her phone and a ring light, or in front of a window. “As much as I like creating the video in the moment, sometimes I stumble over my words or stutter or there are long moments of silence, so I might have to say editing is my favorite part. That’s where things start to come together to create a fun video,” Knight said.

Senior Vince Knight presses play on content creation for YouTube

Annie Reiter, Staff Writer February 16, 2021

What began as performing shows for her mom with her siblings at age 11 evolved to Barbie-themed improv and morphed into a YouTube channel for senior Vince Knight. After receiving a camera at age 12, Knight...

During the early stages of starting their podcast, seniors Lauren Barron and Peyton Harris pose for their podcast cover photo, taken in Hilton Head, S.C. over the summer. Through the making of the podcast, they were able to learn how to manage their responsibilities. “Motivation is key,” Barron said. “We have been taking a hiatus since school has started which was super unmotivating. Having a healthy life and work balance is so important to find.”

An invitation to Lauren Barron and Peyton Harris’ podcast journey

Hannah Choi, Staff Writer February 9, 2021

A studio, microphones, bright lights, editors and producers. You may think all these things are necessary to produce a great podcast. But seniors Lauren Barron and Peyton Harris proved otherwise as they...

2021 Senior send-off map

2021 Senior send-off map

As seniors commit to post-high school plans, we want to share their journey! Check back here over the next few months as we continually update this map.
Paige Matthys-Pearce, Staff Writer January 25, 2021

Freshmen Katie Wallace and Cora Tiemeier spend a windy day outside at O’Day Park in O'Fallon, Mo. Nov. 15. Wallace has been spending time with her friends outside and masked, finding new activities and rediscovering old ones. “When I went to have a picnic with my friend, we went on the playground too, even though we're in high school. Just think outside of the box,” Wallace said.

Safely spending time with friends: winter edition

Ellie West, Staff Writer December 1, 2020

With December approaching, dropping temperatures are posing a new challenge to students who are having socially distant get-togethers with their friends. Rain, cold fronts and temperatures falling well...

Using Procreate 5X, senior Rebecca Vierck demonstrates how attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and social anxiety can make someone feel like being watched. Vierck’s piece conveyed the alienation felt from their peers. “A lot of media representation about ADHD is built upon stereotypes. Because of the comorbidity of my ADHD and social anxiety, I tend to feel anxious to stim in front of people in fears of seeming weird,” Vierck said. “I've had to cut off friends because of their disrespect for my sensory triggers. As a child, I would have multiple breakdowns a week over the texture of dinners that I was made to eat.”

Students showcase their ‘draw dropping’ artwork

Addie Gleason, Staff Writer November 6, 2020

Through a combination of mediums, students from Katy Mangrich’s AP 2D Art and Design class, Ashley Drissell’s Design Arts class and Kat Briggs’ AP Drawing class made pieces that investigate cultural...

Sketching on a white canvas, junior Grace Fassler hand designs a canvas with a collage of personalized pictures for each customer. As an entrepreneur, Fassler faced challenges along the way, such as dealing with unresponsive customers. “Sometimes people message me wanting one and when I message them back, they leave me on seen. This irritated me because I didn’t know if I needed to get any supplies or save any,” Fassler said.

Getting busy-ness: Students share their entrepreneurial pursuits

Hannah Choi, Staff Writer October 28, 2020

Men in suits. A boardroom. That may be what comes to mind when you think of business. However, these three female student entrepreneurs portray their beginning from the comfort of their own bedrooms.

While the coronavirus has been a communal situation for the global population, each individual has experienced it differently. These are the stories of three students, regarding their quarantine situation.

Students share how they have been affected by quarantine

Leah Schroeder and Mira Nalbandian May 14, 2020

Currently, St. Louis is in the process of reopening, following a ‘stay-at-home’ order, in order to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Though everyone is experiencing this order, its effects...

Senior Mohammed Kuziez leads the assembly right before dismissal. Kuziez co-teaches with senior Ridwan Oyebamiji at Al-Iman Saturday School. “They recite what we assigned them in class, and we give them a grade on that,” Kuziez said. “Based on their grades throughout the semester, we give them a final grade for the semester based on different categories. There’s behavior, classwork, homework and pronunciation.”

Seniors Ridwan Oyebamiji and Mohammed Kuziez teach Qur’an

Lydia Roseman, News and Sports Editor May 13, 2020

After school and on the weekends, seniors Ridwan Oyebamiji and Mohamed Kuziez teach Qur’an in Arabic to students between seven and 12 years old. As an action that their prophet Muhammad did, it is important...

Sitting in her bedroom, junior Zoe DeYoung writes in her notebook while in quarantine. DeYoung won first place in the Senior Poetry Division of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s “Express the Music” writing competition. “The poem was so different from everything I’d ever written before,” DeYoung said. “It made me proud of taking that leap and writing something like that.”

Junior Zoe DeYoung wins St. Louis Symphony Orchestra “Express the Music” Senior Poetry Division

Lydia Roseman, News and Sports Editor May 11, 2020

Out of 2000 participants, 476 submissions and 47 finalists, junior Zoe DeYoung won first place in the Senior Poetry Division of “Express the Music.” Express the Music is an annual writing competition...

Take advantage of this time of isolation by trying new music, movies, shows, podcasts and more!

You have the time: media for when there’s nothing else to do

Lydia Roseman, News and Sports Editor April 27, 2020

With the Stay Home Missouri Order in place until at least May 3, we are all in desperate search of something to do. I’ve been curing my boredom with a variety of activities such as walking my dog, biking...

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