After its release on Sept. 7, the iPhone 5 has been a let down. Sure, the phone is sleek and slender, but the battery is weak and the bugs are frustrating.

Drum roll, please! Wait, stop.

Suspense for the iPhone software update, the iOS6, led all the way up to its release date.

Apple’s new software, iOS6, was a huge disappointment. On Jan. 1, iOS6 users noticed something strange…. People were not contacting them. The bug? The “Do Not Disturb” setting on their phones did not comply with its timer, meaning the setting did not turn off at the times it was supposed to. Important calls were forwarded straight to voicemail without the phone’s user even knowing. In addition to the “Do Not Disturb” setting, many Verizon iOS6 users experienced huge data over usages due to a Wi-Fi bug. The problem was that the phone would disconnect secretly from a Wi-Fi connection and use the phone’s cellular data plan. The phone would continue to alert users that it was connected to Wi-Fi but actually use data instead. Customers were unaware of their problem until their bill was received. Fortunately for the customers, Verizon is not charging any of its customers for accidental overuse due to the iOS6 error.

Additionally, some families found that when they updated their software, their iMessages began to send from their siblings’ or childrens’ phone numbers. Basically, you would receive an iMessage from your BFF Jill…but it was sent from her brother Alex’s phone. Before it could be fixed, users who had this problem had to turn their iMessaging off and switch to plain old text messaging. Guess you might as well break out the carrier pigeons!

As if the Wi-Fi and iMessaging were not enough, the iOS6 update also included a serious map bug. The map application was supposed to be updated and more accurate than ever. Instead, it ended up misleading users. The maps take users through bodies of water, not over them.

In addition to the iOS6 update, the iPhone 5 has been a huge let down. Yes, it’s sleek and quick but it’s bugged.

The iPhone 5 has a limited battery life. Apple claims that the battery has improved, supposedly lasting 225 hours on standby. While the browsing time is supposed to last up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi, the phone quickly dies in just a couples hours. All of the tips to limit your battery do not help the iPhone 5. Keep squinting due to your low brightness, limit your texts and finish your Ruzzle games quickly because your iPhone 5 will crash fast!

Despite the four-inch screen and ultra-thin body, the iPhone 5 has been plagued with bugs and defects. Don’t be fooled by its dapper, slender body. You might be better off with a 4S or waiting for the 5S to release in Spring 2013.