Olympic Rowing Development Camp trains junior Emma Wistuba for success

Aside from learning rowing techniques and mindset skills, junior Emma Wistuba also spends time bonding with friends during her month-long stay. The girls resided in dorm rooms and spent breaks getting to know one another. “There are always going to be people that you don't get along [with] and ODP helped me overcome that. I knew I wasn't going to [immediately] get along with everybody, so I went out of my way to be nice and do things,” Wistuba said. “One night, the whole floor came into my room, and we started making friendship bracelets. That's what we did, and we just had fun. That's important for my future because I'm going to have to do that around people who I really don't like, and it's important that you can take those people and turn them into people that you can be friends with.”

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

September 6, 2019

An email pops in junior Emma Wistuba’s inbox from the US Rowing Olympic Development Camp (ODP). “Congratulations,” it reads, “You’re accepted!” Submitting an application led to Wistuba’s invitation to spend a month in Philadelphia, where she focused solely on getting fitter and faster. “I got ...

From a failed dream to a future Olympian

During a game against the Lindbergh Flyers, sophomore Karen Trevor-Roberts guards her goal. “I do everything to make sure the ball doesn’t get into the goal, even during practice when a lot of balls are being shot against me,” Trevor-Roberts said. “[Field hockey] gives you a family. It teaches me teamwork and even helps with social skills. It also teaches me how to balance school and sports.”

Zoe DeYoung, Convergent Media Writer

April 11, 2019

"Speechless." That is how sophomore Karen Trevor-Roberts describes the moment she discovered she will be attending Sport EuroTour Drivjer GK Academy in Amsterdam, deemed to have the “top training and competition abroad,” for field hockey goalies. While eating lunch at West County Mall, Trevor...

Senior Gabi Vieira swims to success

Senior Gabi Vieira swims backstroke at the Parkway Quad Swim meet on Jan. 8 at Parkway North.

Claire Smout, Staff Writer

February 18, 2016

In addition to club swimming, Vieira also swims for West’s swim team. Between both teams, Vieira participates in 11 practices a week.

Evie Pfeifer attends Irish Nationals follow-up

Sophomore Evie Pfeifer competes at a swim meet.

Claire Martin, Staff Writer

April 15, 2015

Sophomore Evie Pfeifer attends Irish Nationals in swimming to represent the USA team and will compete in Ireland against other countries.

Sophomore nears Olympic future in swimming

Sophomore Evie Pfeiffer stands by her grandmother, Ardeth Mueller's, exhibit at the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  Pfeiffer's grandmother went to the 1956 Olympic Trials in Detroit for the 100m fly, placing eighth in the nation.

Sarah Burnham, Staff Writer

February 6, 2015

Taking the national spotlight, sophomore Evie Pfeiffer is training for the June 2016 Olympic trials.

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