Evie Pfeifer attends Irish Nationals follow-up


Peter Pfeifer

Sophomore Evie Pfeifer competes at a swim meet.

While attending the National Club Swimming Association (NCSA) Junior Championships in Orlando, Florida over Spring Break, sophomore Evie Pfeifer, took the final spot on the USA Team.This will allow her to compete in Irish Nationals with 25 other girls from around the country. The team will compete against Germany, Sweden, Finland, Scotland and potentially others.

“I swam the 100 freestyle, 100 breaststroke, 200 freestyle, 400 individual medley (IM) and the 200 individual medley. I was selected for the Ireland trip based on how well I did in the 200 and 400 IM and 200 free. I placed fourth overall in the 200 IM and sixth overall in the 200 free,” Pfeifer said.

The first Championship meet of the season was held in Jenks, OK, and was only regional. The NCSA was the second meet.

“This meet was national, so it was the one I was most excited for,” Pfeifer said.

Pfeifer was excited to get the final spot on the USA team and hopes to gain experience.

“I’m pretty nervous but also really excited to meet new swimmers who are as fast as me or faster. I hope to learn a lot and gain some more experience,” Pfeifer said.

The Irish Nationals is a ten day long meet, beginning April 26 and ending May 5. It is hosted in Dublin, Ireland.

“I have to fly to New York by myself before we continue on as a team to Ireland. I have never left the country before so that’s exciting but scary. When I get there, I know the first few days we have team practices, and then later in the week is the meet,” Pfeifer said.

Pfiefer wants to qualify for Olympic Trials, and this meet has similar time trial requirements.

“Many of the swimmers going on this trip will also be competing at trials for their own teams in hope of making the Olympic Team. Otherwise, Olympic Trials are held in Omaha, Nebraska, so it is very different from International meets. Also, Olympic trials are open to any age including college swimmers. Irish Nationals is just for 18 years and under swimmers,” Pfeifer said.

At Irish Nationals, the pool is similar to an Olympic size pool which is 50 meters long.

“The pool is long course meters which is Olympic size, and the qualifying times are set specifically for this length, so any American that makes that time will qualify for trials,” Pfeifer said.

Pfeifer has been preparing for 10 years to have this experience.

“I usually have eight practices a week, two of those being before school. They are about two hours long in addition to dry land work which is 30 minutes,” Pfeifer said.

Even after qualifying, Pfeifer continues to set more goals for herself and have national rankings in multiple events.

“This summer I hope to make more trial cuts. Also, to place well at the national level meets at the end of the summer. The goal is always to do the best I can, and achieve the most possible,” Pfeifer said. “I have already been to national level meets and I am very excited for my first international meet.”