Sarah Burnham

Sarah Burnham, Staff Writer

Grade: 11

Extracurriculars: rowing

What do you like about The Pathfinder? I like how the newspaper is actually successful among the student body. Many school newspapers are pretty much disregarded by the students, but since this one is online, accessible, and has interesting stories, it is really intriguing and relevant to the students.

How would you describe yourself? Hardworking and driven. I like the satisfaction of winning and feeling successful, I am very competitive, and I like taking on a challenge and honing my abilities.

Favorite Quote: “Paper burns at 451 degrees, water boils at 212 degrees-- not 450, not 211. Those exact numbers have to be met for the paper to burn and the water to boil, just like how you have to take that one extra step to be successful”--some dude on tumblr (paraphrased and condensed)

Where do you want to go to college? I’m not totally sure, but my top choices are University of Wisconsin-Madison, Clemson University, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and The University of Alabama with Cornell University as my “reach school”.

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Sarah Burnham