Samantha Doolittle


Ruthvi Tadakamalla

“[My biggest challenge] is balancing school work, friends and family in high school. [When] you go to school, you learn a lot, you go home and you have so much homework so you have no time for family or friends. In life, you need a good balance of everything. When you have so much homework, it’s really hard. Sometimes I don’t get all my homework done and then there’s consequences later. I’m still working on that. Usually, I go home and I try to take a break for a while. I’ll talk with my family, go on my phone and have a snack. Then, I’ll try [to] get some homework done. If I don’t get all that done, I tell myself it’s fine and I go to sleep because getting a lot of sleep is important.” – Samantha Doolittle, 9