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Members of the Investment Club review their trading software for the Wharton Global High Investment Competition. By discussing next year’s economic projections, the group can predict how the stock market will change. “[During the meeting], we talked and got our thoughts together. It’s really important that everyone shares their ideas and we’re able to form a solid plan for the future,” student leader and senior Rohan Daggubati said.

[Photo] Calling all clubs!

Lily West, Staff Writer
January 12, 2023
Using Starbursts to represent a caption, freshmen Kate Hardy and Julia Kiffer recreate a yearbook spread with food. Convergence Journalism 1 students learned how to design yearbook double-page spreads using various snacks and candies to represent different design elements. “It helped me see the layout and learn how to set up the page myself,” Hardy said. “It was challenging but worth it in the end when we got to eat it all.”

[Photo] Photo of the Week – Dec. 2

Kelsea Wilson, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief
December 2, 2022
Editors for the Parkway West Pathfinder help organize the Pathfinder product drive. The team collected and sorted donations from each English teacher’s room after school from Nov. 14 - Nov. 21. “Our goal was originally to give each family seven additional items for the month of December, and we have far surpassed our goal now,” Pathfinder editor and senior Elle Rotter said. “We passed that goal by the third day of the drive, and it was amazing how many people donated.”

[Photo] Food feuds: you made an impact

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-In-Chief
November 30, 2022
Sophomore Lila Hartle and other Bollywood night participants mirror sophomore Triya Gudipati’s moves during the first dance class. Hartle liked seeing her friend teach a different dance style. “As someone learning [this style] for the first time, [Gudipati] made it easy and friendly to follow along,” Hartle said.

[Photo] Bollywood boogie

Achyuta Ambal, Sports Editor
November 16, 2022
Sophomore Sadie Burgess

[Photo] Sadie Burgess

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief
September 23, 2022
Carrying the ball forward, left defender and junior Ella Mercer dribbles away from Parkway Central seniors Kaylee Canoy and Brooke Taeckens. Mercer has played soccer since she was five years old and is a three-year member of the varsity team. “Soccer has always been a huge part of my life. I love using it as a way to de-stress and get exercise. No matter what I have going on outside of soccer, as soon as I’m on the field it disappears and I forget about it for an hour and a half,” Mercer said. “Soccer is both a mental and physical sport, you always have to be thinking about the next play, and where you need to be and where the next ball needs to go. I love getting to incorporate both the mental and physical aspect on the field.”

[Photo] Photo of the Week – April 5

Kathryn McAuliffe, Managing Editor-in-Chief
April 9, 2021
Conferencing with his coach after a meet, sophomore Jack Windler reflects on his performance from the previous event. Due to the many doubts about if there would even be a season, Windler felt grateful that he was able to swim for his school. “Receiving the news from MSHSAA that there would be a season was relieving,” Windler said. “This year really gave me a chance to reconnect with the team [as]  a whole.”

[Photo] Photo of the Week–Oct.19

Drew Boone, Staff Writer
October 23, 2020
While Cadet Teaching in Culinary Arts, Zander Lionelli stirs homemade spaghetti sauce.

[Photo] Cooking with passion

Sophia Ferretti, Convergent Media Writer
December 14, 2018
Sorting through canned goods Nov. 19, freshman Brinda Ambal participates in the West County Interfaith Alliance Thanksgiving drive. Members from the Hindu, Islamic and Jewish temples came together alongside Catholic and Christian church members to better understand each others faith and provide canned food for the Parkway Food Pantry. “In a world where there is so much religious conflict, it is really great to see people come together,” Ambal said.

[Photo] Photo of the week – Nov. 19

Caroline Judd, Social Media Manager
November 20, 2018
Representing West, sophomore Sabrina Bohn participates in a Parkway student-led press conference surrounding gun violence. Along with speaking at the press conference, Bohn is currently helping to organize the March for Our Lives and school walkouts. “I am passionate about stopping gun violence because I believe that no other students should have to be in fear of dying or seeing their friends or teachers die,” Bohn said. “I think this is the perfect time for every student to demand change and let their voices be heard.”

[Photo] Photo of the Week – Feb. 19

Carly Anderson, Conceptual EiC Intern
February 23, 2018
Dignity Period administrator Jane Unger, Mariam Seba, Freweini Mebrahtu and senior Mariel McMindes pose for a picture after Mebrahtu’s speech.

Dignity Period speakers visit West

Debra Klevens, Convergent Media Writer
May 4, 2016
Volunteering at the Green Trails fall carnival, sophomore Sarah Habibollah tosses a bean bag to an elementary student.

[Photo] COW joins Key Club

Allie Collins, Staff Writer
September 29, 2015
Guccione crowned Mr. Longhorn 2015

Guccione crowned Mr. Longhorn 2015

Debra Klevens, Convergent Media Writer
March 6, 2015
During the 13th annual African American Read-In in the West High library, junior Donte Hopkins reads “Love Your Enemy” by Yusef Iman.  Pizza and dessert was served to all student present. “We all have to live together.  In the past there was so much hatred.  The poem is telling everyone not to forgive them for everything they have done, but instead love them.  It represented how we have to keep moving forward and love each other no matter what happens,” Hopkins said.

Love your enemy

Debra Klevens, Convergent Media Writer
February 26, 2015
Beating everyone in the business

Beating everyone in the business

Debra Klevens, Staff Writer
February 25, 2015
Typing a chapter in  From the Ashes, sophomore Allison Worth adds to her upcoming novel.

Student Spotlight: Allison Worth

Debra Klevens, Convergent Media Writer
February 24, 2015
Combating Shakespeare

[Photo] Combating Shakespeare

Emily Dickson, Staff Writer
February 2, 2015
During Lauren Bernsteins Spanish III class, sophomores Grant Cline,  Alyssa Jackson and Victoria Marston participate in a silent written debate about the Michael Brown case. Its ironic this is falling on the same day as the scheduled walk-out; that was not intentional, Bernstein said.

[Photo] Protest walk out for social equality

Allie Collins, People of West Editor
December 4, 2014
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