Protest walk out for social equality


Debra Klevens

During Lauren Bernstein's Spanish III class, sophomores Grant Cline, Alyssa Jackson and Victoria Marston participate in a silent written debate about the Michael Brown case. "It's ironic this is falling on the same day as the scheduled walk-out; that was not intentional," Bernstein said.

At 10:45 a.m., on Friday, Dec. 5,  students will be silently walking out of their fourth hour class to protest social inequality, lead by sophomore Alyssa Jackson.

“I feel like the issue is bigger than people portrayed. It’s not just Michael Brown. It’s not just any other case that gets publicized in the news. It’s about unity and coming together. I want to emphasize that in our school,” Jackson said.

Jackson came up with the idea two days ago while sitting on the bus with friends.

“We were talking about issues in our city and the country and I wondered, what if we do something about it. The next day at school I walked up to one of my friends and said, ‘Hey we had this idea.’ She said ‘Let’s go to Dr. Mitchell about it.’ We went to talk to Dr. Mitchell about it and he supported it 100 percent. He said that he loved the idea and that we should go forward with it,” Jackson said.

However, Jackson wants to emphasize that this is a peaceful, silent protest.

“Multiple schools in other areas decided to just walk out of class. Some were disruptive and some were violent.  I thought that if we did a silent protest and linked arms, then we could show unity and show that we’re all coming together as one,” Jackson said.

Despite her good intentions, Jackson was met with some negative feedback.

“Some people just didn’t understand it and some people were opposed to the idea because they had a different perspective on it,” Jackson said.

Jackson is anticipating a strong turnout and plans to continue to spread the word.

“I hope that a lot of people do it. I’ve texted some people and they’ve gotten the word out to their friends. We’re also making posters tonight,” Jackson said.