Students learn life skills working part-time


Tonya Ferretti

At the two year anniversary party of Circle 7 Ranch, Marquette senior Caroline Harms, sophomores Demi Ferretti and Alyssa Fleming greet and seat customers.

From hostessing to working at retirement homes, students learn responsibility, develop organizational and time management skills, as well as begin to save money for college.

For sophomore Hannah Bozue, working also means learning about the lives of elders.

“I love hearing all the interesting stories the old people share with me when I serve them their dinner at Briarcrest Estates retirement home. The majority of them are so sweet, which makes it much easier to come to work everyday. They open my eyes to a much bigger world than I pay attention to on a day to day basis,” Bozue said.

On the other end of service, sophomore Liam Mayse washes cars at Waterway.

“I love cars so working at Waterway has been a good fit for me. Usually my job is not too bad. However, one day, I was pulling a car out of the car wash and I almost hit my manager because he was not paying attention. I was so embarrassed, but everything turned out fine in the end,” Mayse said.

For junior Bailey Rathert, going to work was a struggle until a new opportunity arose.

“I have been working at a little boutique, however, I just went in to quit. I have now begun working at Fit Flavors. I enjoy working at Fit Flavors a lot more. The atmosphere is more upbeat and I stay entertained throughout my shift from my co workers,” junior Bailey Rathert said.

Senior Stephanie Quoss has worked at Fit Flavors for almost 10 months now.

“I spend my time putting labels on containers, and eating day old meals. It is really fun because I work with a lot of friends,” Quoss said.

For two, going to work everyday is a little different, because their fathers own the restaurant in which they are employed.

“When I am at work it is apparent that some of the servers treat me differently than they would every other host. They want me to talk highly of them to my dad, which can be kind of annoying, but I understand where they are coming from. Other than that, I love working at Circle 7 Ranch. It really feels like home because I am there more than my own house,” sophomore Demi Ferretti said.

Junior Andrea Gordon’s family just opened Zydeco Blues.

“At Zydeco Blues, all of the servers call me ‘princess’ because they say I am too specific about my food orders, and I am the owner’s daughter. However I do not mind because I get to see my dad everyday I go to work,” junior Andrea Gordon said.

Sophomore Clayton Greene believes his experience working at a car dealership will prepare him for the real-world.

“By working at Gateway Buick & GMC, I get to experience the business world and learn a lot about dealing and communicating with a variety people.  I know I will further my success in the business world in the future,” Greene said.