How to make the most of summer weather in quarantine


Leah Schroeder

With warmer weather on the horizon, obeying the stay-at-home order is getting more difficult. There are many ways to enjoy the almost-summer weather.

As temperatures rise, the sun comes out and summer feels closer and closer, it can be hard to keep from wishing that you were catching sun by the pool. While the current stay-at-home order prevents us from cannon-balling at the neighborhood pool, there are a bunch of ways to enjoy the warmer weather while still obeying St. Louis’ guidelines regarding COVID-19. Here is a list of fun ways to celebrate the almost-summer weather.

  • Double-check your local guidelines

The first and most important thing to check off the list before you go outside is reviewing your local guidelines regarding COVID-19. After you’re positive that you can go outside, ensure that you are symptom-free and you haven’t been in contact with anyone that has been infected with the coronavirus. Once this step is completed, the only thing you need to worry about is making sure you stay six feet apart from anyone outside of your family. 

  • Bring your workout outside

Working out is a great way to stay active and happy in the midst of this pandemic. Moving your workout outside makes it even more fun! Whether you choose to take a walk or a jog around your neighborhood, complete a workout video or follow a completely different workout, this is a perfect way to spend some much needed time outdoors while staying fit!

  • Have a picnic

Eating is an essential part of any day and can become even more exciting if you take your meals outside. While the stay-at-home order prevents us from dining at restaurants, changing up your scenery and enjoying your food outside is a great alternative. So, pack up your lunch and a picnic blanket and dine in your backyard!

Kelly Bowen
A chalk design drawn by a student.
  • Have some fun with chalk

Travel back to your elementary school days with a little bit of chalk. Whether you write an inspiring message or just draw a flower, drawing with chalk is a good way to brighten up your neighborhood and let the artistic side–that you didn’t know you had–shine. 

  • Take eLearning outside

It can get pretty monotonous working on schoolwork for hours on end while the weather is perfect outside. Taking your schoolwork outside is a fun way to brighten up your math worksheet while getting some sun.