No gym, no problem: easy at-home workouts to stay fit during quarantine


Susan Albarcha

Running, whether on the treadmill or outside, is a great way to exercise and get your heart rate up.

Quarantine, boredom, social distancing and gym closures may tempt us to just curl up on the couch and binge on TV, or scroll endlessly through our phones all day, but exercising and staying active is essential in keeping you energized and healthy.


 Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Go outside and jog, bike, or walk with your family to combine both family time and exercise. If outside isn’t an option, there are many online streaming services that provide step-by-step cardio workouts, many of which don’t even require equipment. 


Streaming services

  • Orangetheory––45 minutes of intense workouts
  • Peloton––at home, real-life instructors who teach everything from yoga to strength-training
  • Planet Fitness––focuses on stretching and muscle movement
  • Gold’s Gym––personal trainers help viewers create workout routines
  • Lifetime Fitness––converts in gym workout classes to online, such as Zumba, core, strengthening, etc. 


If videos aren’t for you, there are many daily core and strength training exercises you can do from the comfort of your room, basement or even kitchen, all of which you can use everyday household items to complete. Below are some additional links to websites that give you many more strength and core training exercises that you can implement into this routine. 


  • Core–– focuses on strengthening the core, which is essential in your balance, posture, and stability.
  • Strength training––helps build muscle strength and muscle mass and preserve bone density. 

If exercising, in general, doesn’t seem too enticing, playing simple games with family members at home can replace daily exercise routines. 


Cardio inducing games

  • Scrimmage soccer––constant walking, jogging and running helps keep heart rate up, providing cardiovascular exercise.
  • 1v1 basketball––strengthen all parts of your body, especially your core muscles, neck, lower back, and arms.
  • Tag––running provides cardiovascular exercise
  • Baseball––by throwing and batting, it strengthens the arms and legs


These tips and exercises can help you and your family stay active, fit and healthy throughout this pandemic and beyond. Look at this time as an opportunity to create a new healthy routine in your life, or continue one that you were already exploring. You are worth it. Take time for self-care.