Path-stay on that grind-er at home workout


Susie Seidel

Due to quarantine, efforts to stay busy and active are heightened. Although, most workouts require less equipment than what would be found at a gym.

With lots of time on my hands during quarantine, I have been painting, completing my e-learning, FaceTiming friends, and of course, vegging out in my bed and watching all of “Tiger King.” In addition to this, something that has helped me create somewhat of a routine and feel good is being active. With gyms and even parks closed, one can only go on so many walks up and down the street or complete the Alexis Ren ab workout so many times before it gets old.

That being said, today I bring you a 30 minute no equipment High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that can be completed in your home, backyard, or wherever you have room to move—the only thing you need is your body! Check out the following video wherein I conquer this workout right along with you or save the following image to your phone. Either way, I hope you challenge yourself and work up a sweat!

Susie Seidel
HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training which targets an increased heart rate to work up a sweat.