West ranked top 5 in 2016 Missouri End of Course exams

With each year, West comes closer to really being best. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores were released by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education early on the morning of Friday, Sept. 30. West is also ranked second out of all high schools in Missouri on  SchoolDigger.com.

At West High, the test scores used were the End of Course (EoC) exams taken in the spring of 2016, with approximately 300 students testing in English, science, math and social studies. West was ranked fifth in the state in English, with 93.2 percent of students scoring proficient or advanced on their EoC, 4th in science with 87.8 percent at proficient or advanced and 15th in social studies with 81.1 percentat proficient or advanced. In addition, West High is now ranked first in the state in mathematics, with 93.8 percent of students scoring proficient or advanced on their EoC exams. As a district, Parkway is ranked between fifth and 10th for each individual subject area.


Around a month from now, cumulative results of what high schools are the best in Missouri based on test scores will be released, but for now everything is purely by subject area.

“These [results] are important, and we want them to be good, the numbers, the data, number one, number two, but what is more important is that we are working well with students, and students are working very hard, very diligently, and I see that every day. Teachers come in from other schools and they’re amazed at how hard the students work,” Principal Jeremy Mitchell said.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch published a breakdown of student performance on a district-by-district level that can be viewed on their site.