Alumnus Dr. James Forsen prepares to battle COVID-19

Standing at the top of the hill, alumnus James Forsen smiles for the camera. Forsen has not been treating COVID-19 patients, but it is likely that more health professionals will be needed on the front lines. “I think everybody is stepping up to their roles. I cannot say I have been on the front lines, so this week, I may be and probably will be,” Forsen said. “So far, I haven’t spent time in the emergency room, and I have not spent time in the ICUs. That’ll probably change this week [because] I think everybody realizes there is a risk to it.”
May 6, 2020

As the magnitude of COVID-19 increases, alumnus Dr. James Forsen prepares, as many other healthcare professionals have, to battle a global pandemic. From a young age, Forsen knew he wanted to be a doctor....

West ranked top 5 in 2016 Missouri End of Course exams

West ranked top 5 in 2016 Missouri End of Course exams
September 30, 2016

With each year, West comes closer to really being best. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores were released by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education early on the morning of...

Mandatory ACT doesn’t faze juniors

Junior Rebecca Su frowns at the familiar ACT preparatory book that students used to study for the test. This year, Ms. Witt offered a preparation course that provided these booklets to students wishing to get ahead of the game.
May 5, 2015
The ACT test conjures up images of college, future and above all, crowded, silent gymnasiums filled with scantrons and troubled students.

Standardized Stress

Students can expect to see plenty of bubbles to fill in if Amendment 3 is passed.
One question for voters may mean hundreds for students
October 2, 2014
On Nov. 4, voters will pass or deny Amendment 3, a piece of legislature that bases teacher salaries and job opportunities around standardized testing.
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