Geranium brings boutique twist to West County Mall

Geranium brings boutique twist to West County Mall

Tori Downar

Opening its doors in November of 2013, the new boutique Geranium has brought a local twist to West County Mall.  One of two locations, both in St. Louis, Geranium at West County markets mainly to young women.

After working for a clothing and handbag designer, Geranium President Tina Anthon wanted to put her energy into working on something related more to her own personal style.  She opened the first boutique in 2010.  Geranium began with a main focus on artisan made jewelry, and while this is a still a main focus of the store, they also sell clothing, home decor and some cosmetic products.

The circular structured store design allows for customers to see every product that Geranium offers.  The mixture of warm and bright colors used in their clothes, decor and cosmetics welcome customers in a friendly way.  Whether you are a returning customer or a newcomer, the store is easily accessible and laid out with noticeable store sections.  Both handmade and manufactured jewelry, specialties at Geranium, are laid out simply on a large center table to immediately attract customers. The focus is never far from Anthon’s original vision.

The simple and rustic atmosphere that Geranium provides is less for urban styled and more for girls with a comfortable style.  Customers will spend around 40 dollars for a dress and 20 dollars for a necklace, on average.  As long as you are willing to spend the amount of money you would at any other average priced St. Louis boutique, Geranium is a store worth spending time in.

A quick success, Geranium has also been featured in St. Louis Magazine, Good Housekeeping, St. Louis Business Journal and Great Day St. Louis.