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“Sophomore year is going pretty well. I like how theres more freedom and electives [that] you can choose rather than freshman-year electives [that are required]. Im taking Intro to Culinary Arts, German, and Interior Design. Next semester Im taking Design Arts. A good part of freshman year was my fashion class and [how] we learned how to sew pillowcases and then used a sewing machine. We also learned a little bit about interior design. My favorite part though, was joining the water polo team. I like how its a tough sport that makes you train really hard, but [also helps to] push yourself so you dont give up easily. My parents kind of dragged me into it. They [suggested] that I should do it, and kind of pressured me a little bit. At first when I joined it, I hated it so much. But then, eventually, I grew to love it.” - Katie Morelli, 10

Katie Morelli

Gabriella Pupillo, CJ1 Writer December 4, 2023

An arrangement of fashion-related magazines is displayed, with white text reading Microtrends in the lower right corner.

Maneuvering microtrends

Emily Early, Editor-in-Chief September 6, 2023

Looking back at the history of fashion, several trends can be defined by a decade: babydoll dresses were a staple piece of the 1960s, bell-bottoms revolutionized the 1970s and leg warmers will take you...

Junior Neil Dhiman strikes a pose by shifting his weight to his right leg and looking down at his left heel. The words Longhorn Lookbook are displayed against a blue background.

Longhorn Lookbook: Neil Dhiman

Serena Liu, Editor-in-Chief May 29, 2023

Donning a long, draping, vampire-esque coat, junior Neil Dhiman walks through a crowded school hallway. Dhiman’s gloomy appearance, made complete by an ornate silver pendant, certainly stands out against...

In Fashion Merchandising on Tuesday, students worked on designing unique dresses for Barbie. After taking the Fashion and Apparel class, junior Alia Hammad found herself deeply interested in learning more about fashion and wanted to continue expanding her knowledge and practice. “It is a huge hobby for me,” Hammad said. “I designed this dress in pink because it was for a Barbie, and Barbie’s are always pink for me. [I wanted to make] a fancy design, so I added a bit of sparkle and made it off the shoulder.”

Photo of the Week – April 14

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief April 14, 2023

Freshman Clara DAquino Lazarini cuts out pieces of a magazine to make a vision board in her Fashion Apparel and Housing Design class. Following a recommendation from her sister, senior Luisa DAquino Lazarini, Clara was thrilled to start the class at the beginning of the semester, looking forward to having an elective class where she can learn, grow and be creative with her friends. “I am a more creative person, but sometimes it is hard to be creative. I like getting to sit around and explore. Fashion is one of those things I like to explore and get to know more [about]. I think [the class] is very fun because we get to create [our] own things,” Clara said.

Photo of the Week – Jan 27

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief January 27, 2023

As environmentally friendly practices — as well as the ways that companies shortcut them — become more prevalent in many areas of consumerism, student consumers need to inform themselves of these two “sus”-tainable practices to reduce their contribution to the impending effects of climate change.

“Sus”-tainable fashion

Pathfinder Editorial Board November 28, 2022

In the modern global market, environmentally-friendly products are rising to the top of fashion trends. Whether it’s a hunter-green backpack or the trend of ‘thrifting,’ many teens find it fashionable...

Posing for a picture, junior Lexi Lutz wears thrifted clothes to promote her brand, Divine Minds. Junior Thomas Anderson and Lutz ran similar businesses and collaborated to advertise each others items. “[In Spark!] we get unstructured business time to work on our business, so Claire [LeDuc] and I went out and did a photoshoot in our clothing,” Lutz said.

A passion for fashion

Ava Prsha, CJ1 Writer February 9, 2022

When junior Lexi Lutz and senior Claire LeDuc went shopping, they felt like they couldn’t find what they wanted. So they decided to create it themselves. LeDuc and Lutz started a clothing business through...

Math teacher Patrick Troy poses in his virtual teaching attire.

Patrick Troy

Leah Schroeder and Mira Nalbandian December 22, 2020

What makes your style unique?  “I wear a lot of button-down shirts and jeans normally. My students will often say I wear ‘graph paper shirts’ because I'm a math teacher and I have a lot of checked...

Sophomore Mitchell Harms displays his virtual learning attire.

Mitchell Harms

Leah Schroeder and Mira Nalbandian December 22, 2020

What makes your style unique? How would you describe your style? “The thing that I think is unique about my style is that I usually mix it up. I sometimes wear polo shirts and khaki pants, but a hoodie...

Adjusting the different pieces of her outfit, sophomore Emily O’Connor displays her style. O’Connor often finds her clothes at thrift stores, such as Avalon Exchange. “[When I find something while thrifting] I get so excited. It’s really fun and I always try to think of what would look good with other pieces when I’m [thrifting],” O’Connor said. “[Thrifting] definitely expands your life and your wardrobe.”

Students and staff express themselves through fashion

Mira Nalbandian and Leah Schroeder February 28, 2020

Using their clothes to express their feelings and personality, students and staff describe what goes into their fashion choices and the impact it has on their daily life.

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