Poms practice pays off


Dallis Koch

After practicing since August, the Poms squad performed at the Aug. 24 game against Timberland. Their next performance was the Fall pep rally and Homecoming game on Friday Sept. 14.

During Homecoming week the girls practiced four hours a day Monday through Wednesday, two hours on Thursday and practiced their routine the morning before the pep rally.

“Practicing that much paid off when we were dancing in front of the whole school. It was also a lot of fun with all of us being together during the long practices,” senior Victoria Bezzole said.

The team has five new members: senior Emily Nelson, junior Jacky Noonan, sophomores Mia Hulen and Hannah Wyland and freshman Claire Dreller.

“It was a little weird at first not knowing anyone but people were really nice and welcoming,” Nelson said.

In addition to ongoing practices and performances, the team hosted a Fall Dance Clinic for middle school and elementary aged girls on Sunday, Sept. 30.

“We taught 37 middle school girls a dance and they performed with us at the game,” Nelson said.

The Dance Clinic participants performed at the halftime show of the football game Friday Oct. 5.