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Junior Lauren Barron learns the ropes of entrepreneurship through an internship

Junior Lauren Barron poses during a photo shoot for Amelia Madison boutique. The job was Barron’s first time modeling, something that had been a dream of hers since middle school. “I have always been in love with fashion and design,” Barron said. “I kind of wanted to get my feet wet in that area just so I can learn about being an entrepreneur in graphic design, and it will make me a little bit more knowledgeable before going to college.”

Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer

April 7, 2020

A day for junior Lauren Barron is much like any other student athlete: go to school, then go to practice. What separates her from the rest is that when she is not throwing around a lacrosse ball or taking notes in chemistry, she is an intern for Amelia Madison, an online boutique.  After discovering Amelia Madison in February, Ba...

Behind the scenes: Directing One Acts

Lily Briscoe, Staff Writer

March 31, 2015

Seniors balance friendships with their desire to put on a solid final show.

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