Quaran-time to give back to the community!


Illustration by Leah Schroeder

Whether you are at a loss for what to do during the ‘stay-at-home’ act, or you feel stressed about the Covid-19 situation, helping out your community is a perfect way to keep occupied and reduce any stress or anxiety you may feel.

In efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, St. Louis has issued a stay-at-home order, effective until April 22. While this order will greatly reduce the impact the virus will have on St. Louis citizens, it has left many in need of help. From those unemployed as a result of the Coronavirus to students with no access to food, there are many individuals that need your help. Below is a list of easy ways you can help out.

  • Donate money

Probably one of the easiest ways to help your community right now is to donate money. You can support nonprofits without even leaving your house. Even just your extra change can help the many organizations that work to treat coronavirus patients or help to slow the spread of the virus that are struggling to support the rapidly growing number of people in need. Some nonprofits that are welcoming donations are the CDC Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Center for Disaster Philanthropy Covid-19 Response Fund, Direct Relief and Feeding America

  • Support your local businesses

Another great way to help out locally is by supporting small businesses in your neighborhood. With the stay-at-home order, individuals are discouraged from eating out at restaurants or shopping, which means some local businesses are struggling to stay open. While it isn’t a good idea to eat in your favorite restaurants currently, you can still order food for delivery or pick-up and purchase gift cards to use in the future. Click here to read about local businesses you may not have heard of, or support one you know and love!

  • Help feed those in need

There are many situations in which individuals could be struggling to get food during the Coronavirus outbreak. If you are fortunate enough to not have to worry about having access to food during this trying time, donate! You can donate food products or money to local food banks and help to keep people in your community fed. If you are unable to donate to local food banks, don’t worry. Another way you can help is by spreading the word about places where children in need can get free meals locally

  • Foster or adopt shelter animals

As social distancing measures are encouraged, local animal shelters are seeing fewer volunteers and adoptions and are struggling to support their employees. If you were considering adopting or fostering an animal, now is the perfect time to do so! Many local animal shelters are even offering ‘social-distancing friendly’ adoptions, where adopters don’t have to visit a public place to adopt an animal. If you are unable to house an animal, donations are also a great way to help! 

  • Spread positive messages within your neighborhood

Small actions can go a long way during this difficult time! Even a simple phrase written in chalk can help brighten the days of your neighbors and friends. You can also check in on your neighbors that may be in need of your help with errands or other tasks. Now is the perfect time to come together as a community. 


While this is a difficult time for everyone, giving back to the community can be a great way to ease some of your stress about the current situation, so go get started!