Courtesy of Meghan Leahy

Senior Meghan Leahy poses with friends on the swim team.

Megan Leahy

Without plans to get the vaccine any time soon, senior Megan Leahy is grateful that vaccination is not currently required. 

“I am not planning on getting the vaccine at this time. I might later into the summer or if my college requires it, but until then I’m not planning on getting it,” Leahy said. “I think that it’s something that people should get if they have people they know that are at risk or are worried about getting [the virus], but for me I am not worried about getting it because I wear a mask, am healthy and I don’t have any at-risk family members or friends.”

While numerous studies have been published about the relative safety of the vaccines, Leahy remains apprehensive that the relatively new vaccinations may be accompanied by long-term side effects.

“I am worried that because [the vaccinations are] so new, they won’t necessarily know all the long-term effects. Plus, one of the vaccines did just get recalled, so it’s something that I would want to wait on,” Leahy said.It’s just something that I’ve been watching unfold around me and I’m glad it’s out there for anyone to get and I’m also glad [I’m] not forced to get [it].”

As a current senior, Leahy felt some of the effects of the pandemic on students firsthand, but feels that the vaccine would not have had an impact on these effects. 

“The most disappointing impact of Corona would be that my whole senior year was taken away. Getting the vaccine wouldn’t change that because it is in the past and can’t be changed,” Leahy said.

While Leahy personally does not plan to receive the vaccine, she believes the decision should be made on a case-by-case basis. 

“I wouldn’t encourage or discourage anyone from getting it. I think that decision should be made based on everyone’s personal situations and I don’t think anyone should be shamed for not wanting to get something that is new when they don’t need it,” Leahy said. “I would also never tell anyone not to get it because everyone’s personal situation is so different.”

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